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    TTC in the news

    If anything Tory actually deferred the Relief Line's opening by plucking staff from that project and putting them on his fantasy Smartrack project. But of course the majority of Torontonians dont know about that.
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    That's the last thing Islington needs as a whole, it's already crumbling to points beyond repair. Very interesting that the fire broke out on a bus that is practically brand new.
  3. lip

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    Well it's going to be very interesting to see if we're going be seeing another bus bay permanently closed as a result of this. I wonder how much damage was done due to the extensive heat and smoke that was filling Bay 5. Of course it's too early to speculate what will happen, but if 3 out of 7 bus bays are closed at Islington that would make for a disastrous situation operations wise.
  4. lip

    Today's Special Sightings

    For all the bus fans, 9040 is on the 501 on the section from Humber Loop-Long Branch. Catch it while you can, first time an artic has seen service in this section of the city.
  5. The way they handled the issues with the hybrid system, when it was known that there were issues with it (ie: almost as if they were ignorant about the many complaints). There could be a whole case study written about it. The hybrid issues is one of the chief reasons Orion no longer exists today, that and Daimler's mismanagement of Orion but for the sake of this thread I wont go too deep into it.
  6. Nope not a pilot, and they wont be in the same situation since Daimler (largely at fault for the hybrid fiasco) has nothing to do with the bus production this time around.
  7. A couple reasons actually: 1) The TTC wanted and needed to increase capacity of the Y-U-S line which was bursting (and still is bursting) at its seams and the TR was designed with a greater passenger capacity compared to the T1s due to the open gangways and lack of a drivers booth in each car. 2) Carhouses required pretty extensive modifications to allow for the TRs to operate, and since the TTC intended for the TRs to be used on the Y-U-S line, Wilson and Davisville were naturally the 2 carhouses that would receive the modifications. Both Wilson and Davisville serviced the Y-U-S line exclusively at the time, so that was why TR operations were based from there. Let's remember that Wilson received the substantial modifications first, followed by Davisville. 3) Greenwood hasn't received modifications to allow to the TRs to be dispatched from there yet, and that's where all trains from the B-D line come from. At the same time T1s needed to be cleared out from Wilson and Davisville to accommodate all of the incoming TRs, so as a result the T1s were moved to Greenwood. As we've gone along in the years, the TTC has started to go through the process of overhauling the signaling system to allow for ATC (which the TRs are only compatible of running) and in the end, that just solidified the separate fleets for each line since the T1s arent capable of running in ATC. However, that's not to say that TRs cant operate on the B-D line, and the T1s cant operate on the Y-U-S line. They still can, the TRs have been dispatched to the B-D line in emergencies, while T1s (in exceptional cases) have been dispatched on the Y-U-S line. However, operating the T1s on the Y-U-S line is a trickier endeavor as that involves turning off ATC and running trains in manual mode.
  8. lip


    Great stuff, looking forward to having more buses with horrid Air Conditioning for the summer months! On a serious note, I hope NovaBus can address their air conditioning air flow issues on these future buses, because it's getting out of hand. The fact that 13-14 year old D40LFs have much better air conditioning than brand new 2018 buses is pretty embarrassing.
  9. lip

    TTC Service Changes

    Management has definitely long forgotten about the Lawrence West bus; that or frankly they just dont care at all like you said. In the interim until Mount Dennis station is complete, they should run a branch from Pearson to Jane via Dixon Road, and another from Pearson to Jane via The Westway. That would allow them to eliminate the 52G service which would be redundant. In the end, they dont need anymore than 5 branches for the 52, but every single branch doesn't have to originate from Lawrence or Lawrence West stations.
  10. They're wasting their time, people seem to have trouble reading basic things these days when it is right at eyesight level, let alone on the ground.
  11. lip

    TTC Service Changes

    The Lawrence West bus is a complete disaster on all fronts and it doesn't work for any single commuter along the Lawrence/Dixon stretch. In the short term there needs to be line management plain and simple. This current game of bus service around there being screwed around with has gone along for long enough. In the long term, once the Eglinton Crosstown opens there needs to be a branch that runs from Mount Dennis Station to serve Dixon Road and the Airport. That way that section wont get tied up with all of the nonsense that goes on along the entire stretch of Lawrence. As for the rest of Lawrence, there needs to be a restructuring with the entire service there.
  12. lip

    TTC in the news

    They should follow that up with painting the entire Queens Quay ROW red since many drivers these days are just clueless and ignorant as to the basic rules of the road.
  13. lip

    Streetcar News

    Good to see the TTC's mission of perpetually slowing down streetcar service down even more is going well. Is there an actually a legitimate reason as to why there's a speed restriction in that area now? It makes sense that streetcars would have to slow down before entering that curve, but there's no need to institute a speed restriction along a good stretch of that area..
  14. lip

    TTC Service Changes

    It will probably be forever, in similar fashion of how they "temporarily" suspended the 508 due to a streetcar shortage and we've heard squat about it since.
  15. ^Just another example of if it's not broke, dont fix it at all. My understanding is that the new chimes are somehow tied into the destination signs on board, but I really dont think that was necessary to do.
  16. Nope it's not just you, it's to the point where the pressure release when the T1's are about to depart are louder than the chimes. Now I usually listen for the pressure sound as a gauge of how much time I have to board a train. We've gone from the chimes being deafening loud when they first did the updates, to almost non-existent.
  17. There are no vents in the extreme back of the bus, nothing has changed.
  18. You would think that during interior temperature testing that Nova would have found out there are issues with the cooling, because guaranteed if they took an in-depth look they would have found that their are air flow issues and various temperature differences throughout various spots in the interior. It's possible that the Thermo King's dont suffer from the same issue, and if that is indeed the case it's even more questionable why Nova would approve Carrier as an HVAC supplier without rectifying the issue. However, i'm not so sure if that's indeed the case since other issues that cause air flow problems have been pointed to with respect to the LFS itself in particular. Although MCI may have used the same approach as Nova for temperature control, it's possible that the design of their buses probably allowed for better and more adequate air flow circulation throughout the bus compared to Nova's design. I'm not even sure if the reason Nova doesnt allow the rear windows to be propped open is due to passengers hitting their head on the window. Passengers hit their heads inside the Novas all the time, and transit operators have placed stickers on the most common areas where it can occur. Passengers can hit their heads inside of Xcelsiors, but you dont see New Flyer making that as an excuse to keep the rear window locked shut at all times.
  19. Interesting, so is this more a problem with the A/C unit that is being used for the Novas (ie: because of the unit being MCC vs Thermo King's Athenia) or is this due the overall design of the LFS? Dan mentioned earlier that the insulation around the engine compartment is not sufficient, and I myself know the air flow vents dont reach all the way to the rear of the bus so I imagine part of this problem is due to the bus design itself.
  20. Would you be able to elaborate on this in Lehman's terms for people who are not well versed in how HVAC systems work. The vents on both the Orions and NovaBus stop around both the same section on both vehicles (ie: there are no vents on both the left and right sides where the last windows are), while with all New Flyer models the vents continue all the way to the back of the vehicle. Even when all the windows are closed with the Novas, that's when one can feel the poor air circulation problem the most. Sometimes you have to prop the windows open just because of how bad the cool air circulation is in certain areas of the LFS. The situation is worse with the LFS since there is not even the option to open the rear windows. With the Orions, the rear windows can be propped open if need be, and there is rear cooling (on most Orion VII's) so the problem of poor air circulation isn't a thing with those vehicles. Even though the VII is a larger vehicle than both the LFS, D40LF®, and Xcelsior models, there are no problems with the A/C reaching all areas of the bus evenly. So if one sits in one area of the bus, there is no stark difference in temperature or warm patches of air randomly hitting you over and over again.
  21. Serious question here, does anyone know why the A/C on the Novas are so damn patchy and inconsistent? By patchy and inconsistent I mean that the airflow is not even, and the cool air does not circulate well at all. Unless one sits inside the perimeter of the bus where the cold air blasts on an individual, people are constantly subjected to uneven cool air flow followed by regular warm air flows and the cycle just continues. The differences are very noticeable depending on where one is inside the bus (ie: if one is standing right in the centre they would feel the inconsistent A/C compared to someone standing close or sitting right by the perimeter). The back of the bus has by far the worst air flow experience I have ever experience on a bus, one that rivals the various bus models the TTC has had in the past. The seats are often warm as a sauna which isn't uncommon in buses in general, however, the rear windows cant be propped open which just make it feel like one is sittting in an internal sauna. Add to the fact that there are no A/C vents in the very back section, and it just makes for a complete lack of AC in that section of the bus. This Nova A/C issue isn't just limited to the TTC; i've also noticed MiWay and the HSR have the same issue with their buses. In the HSR's case, the problem may be worse with their CNG models. Every single bus in the TTC's fleet that has had A/C both past and present have not suffered from this kind of issue (this includes the D40LF, Novabus RTS, and all Orions). Heck, the Xcelsiors dont have this issue at all and I have a feeling it's due to the fact how New Flyer has angled their A/C unit and the vents actually reach the extreme rear of the bus. I dont know how Nova can claim there is "improved air circulation" in their 4th generation buses. If that's really the case, I wonder how bad things are in their 3rd generation model. I'm actually wondering what the difference in cool air flow is in the TTC's first artic bus batch which has the rear cooling compared to the 2nd batch which doesnt.
  22. Funny thing is, it doesnt even take the bus being full for people to stand in front of the white line. Just this morning I experienced a fellow passenger who literally decided to stand right in front of the front doors while the bus was still traveling so he could prepare to exit the bus. The bus was still literally 300 metres away and this guy was just standing in front of the doors as if he was waiting for the doors to open while the bus was travelling @ 50km/h so he can jump out. The driver told the genius to get back until she reached the bus stop.
  23. Appreciate the clarification on that, however, I thought the proposed permanent bus terminal at Islington back in 2007-2010 would have been located where the current kiss-and-ride is and not on the ground floor of the office structure. Specifically, I am referring to this terminal:
  24. Ah, so back to the original plan that they had way back in 2010. It's pathetic that we've had such a significant delay for a project that was supposed to be complete nearly 10 years ago. I made the decision back then to keep the original open house flyer just to see how long the whole situation would drag on for, maybe one day ill mail it to the TTC and Metrolinx so they can add it to their historical collections.