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  1. It turns out this whole thing may be a long a drawn out process. The TPS and local city councillor want to work with City Planning to determine if there can be some kind of hub model where you would see the TTC, TPS, Toronto Public Library and a potential Community Hub operate on site. We'll have to wait for some kind of TTC report to see whether they want to fully vacate the site, or move some functions to a different location and remain at Danforth Garage.
  2. Well it looks like either all of, or a significant portion of the Danforth Garage has been considered surplus as the TPS will be consolidating 55 and 55 Division at this site: https://www.insidetoronto.com/news-story/8078170-toronto-police-s-new-54-55-division-slated-for-coxwell-and-danforth/
  3. GO Transit

    And what exactly would that accomplish?
  4. Streetcar News

    Not even close to happening. Humber Loop still needs some pretty extensive work (although what the scope of the work is i'm unsure of). Additionally rails still need to be replaced in the Gardiner tunnel, and west of St.Josephs Hospital as the old tracks still havent been removed. Then add to the fact that there are some apparent water table issues around Grenadier Pond which is impacting the project, and the end result will most be buses being used for longer then expected.
  5. That was the initial plan when the TTC was acquiring the articulated buses. I lost the original list of routes, but I believe Ossington was included in the original plans as well. The plans evolved as they were acquired for a variety of reasons, much in the same way the deployment of the Flexity's have been changed. As for 40ft Novas, you will see them everywhere in the city. There wont be one place where they wont be seen.
  6. No burning in, there were passengers on there alright.
  7. I'm not sure what it could have been, but I did see a Flexity doing a run on the 506 during the afternoon peak. Not sure what the reasoning was for it to be deployed there as it's the first time ive seen one on the 506.
  8. Streetcar News

    It wouldnt be out of the ordinary these days for people in our society. They seem to like to outdo themselves on stupidity everyday.
  9. True enough, clearly I didnt get enough sleep last night at all.
  10. 7875 and 7865 were both doing runs on the 501 this morning, so this can be added to whatever list you guys may have.
  11. As much trouble as the OG hybrids are their are definitely tradeoffs. One example is the with the reduced capacity that the 40ft Novas have compared with the hybrids. Replace the hybrids with the LFS with the current TTC loading standards and you'll see buses more packed than ever in Scarborough. On the flip side of things, it may be good to actually get a reliable bus out in service that has a much reduced chance of breaking down.
  12. Streetcar News

    Honestly just fine these dummies $5000 every time they do this, and 90% of these cases would be avoided. Of course the other 10% would still happen due to other cases of stupidity (such as drunk driving).
  13. MiWay

    I dont know what you're talking about. The TTC continued to purchase from Orion up until their demise. GO stopped purchasing from Orion because they werent in the business of producing motorcoach buses which is what their fleet was made up with until double-deckers started to be purchased. Surrounding agencies were New Flyer and NovaBus dominant. The Government of Ontario had very little to do with the demise with Orion. Could they have required/subsidized transit authorities in the province to purchase vehicles from them much like they are doing with Bombardier today? Yes they could have. Did they? No. The end result was that Daimler mismanaged Orion which is why they folded.
  14. MiWay

    NovaBus and Quebec are in a league of their own so you cant really use that as a comparison. The Quebec govt likes to indirectly subsidize their homegrown companies, which is why you see every transit agency in that province being Nova exclusive. I'll go out on a limb to say that Nova wouldnt be around today had it not been for all of that subsidization, and had Ontario indirectly subsidized Orion like that it still wouldve been around today. I'm not familiar with the landscape in Winnipeg so I cant speak to that, but i'm sure their bids are all fair. MiWay didnt operate any Orion buses up until that company was about to fold, even though Orion was in their backyard.
  15. TTC in the news

    Oh there's no doubt about the physical and physiological needs that come with addiction and there comes a point in time where one needs to seek help for their condition. I'm empathetic to addictions, but not in cases where an individual just brags about their condition and is in control enough to post it numerous times on social media which is why in this specific case I have no sympathy towards the man's actions.
  16. TTC in the news

    Yes, correct it is, but I'll never give someone the benefit of the doubt for repeatedly causing dangerous situations to occur. Much in the same way I wouldnt give an impaired driver the benefit of the doubt in a collision.
  17. TTC in the news

    ^It depends how you describe sick to be honest. He openly admitted to drug use which is what was causing his behavior; normally i'd hold sympathy for cases where a mental illness was at play but this has nothing to do with that.
  18. MiWay

    ^Exactly. MTA uses duct tape for their subway trains all the time, while the TTC uses it for CLRVs and ALRVs.
  19. Spadina Subway Extension

    Interesting, that's changed from the last word I heard on this subject but i'm sure YRT would assist if the delay was significant. As a customer I would just take a cab, or some ride-sharing platform if I were headed northbound and there was was a delay affecting stations north of Sheppard West as that shuttle would take forever.
  20. Spadina Subway Extension

    YRT will be responsible for providing service from Vaughan to Pioneer Village, while the TTC will have to provide service only up to Pioneer Village. If you went to the open house a couple months ago, think of if operating just like that.
  21. TTC in the news

    For streetcar routes that have more of a local demand (ie: certain portions of the 501, and 506) and are currently being served by A/CLRVs, there's no doubt in my mind people would avoid paying. If they are only travelling a couple of stops, they wont see the need to pay especially if they barely see fare inspectors around. The 501 and 506 rarely use all door boarding outside of peak hour, so most passengers today are paying outside of peak hours. As soon as the switch is made to the Flexities they wont be forced to pay for those short trips, and as a result more of them will take their chances and fare evasion would increase.
  22. TTC in the news

    It's being done but it's not as visible for two reasons, one of which is obvious; 1) They are plain-clothed, and 2) There are more uniformed fare inspectors than plain-clothed ones.
  23. TTC in the news

    It wouldnt surprise me at all is the fare evasion rate is that high. Make no mistake about it though, the rate is definitely higher than the 2.2% that the TTC is claiming that rate is currently around and it will go up even more once the new streetcars are rolled out to all routes.
  24. Confirmed: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/retired-ttc-bus-to-be-retrofitted-to-a-mobile-shower-unit-for-homeless-1.4440653
  25. Streetcar News

    You'll have to give HCRR a call and find out, the TTC really has nothing to do with it.