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  1. John Tory represents status quo, he wont change a lick of anything unless his hand is forced.
  2. Well that was quite the rant. All i'll say here on the topic is that TTC operations are screwed up system wide (bus, streetcar, and subway) and the inept fool of a CEO Rick Leary has jacked up things severely. Streetcar operations in the city is a laughing joke, and I often tell people now to only take the streetcar if you want to get to your destination late because that's all they're really good for these days. The amount of slow orders, stop and proceeds, slowing down at signalized intersections, special operations when 2 streetcars meet at an intersection, etc. arent helping anyone and are just making commutes unnecessarily longer for passengers. Not that the TTC necessarily cares because as long as they can stick to their "schedules" things are all good over at Head Office. I'll give people another funny story as to how the TTC cant do anything properly. When the TTC closed down the Queensway ROW for reconstruction about 5 years ago (which at that time, streetcar service was suspended on/off so many times between 2010-2017 I've honestly lost count), the closure went on for longer then expected and the resumption of service was delayed due to an apparent water table issue. Now we would think that the TTC had time to properly inspect every inch of track work before they opened the ROW right? Apparently not because couple months later, they put in a ~5km/h speed restriction east of the Humber Loop portal because of a track defect. Fast forward to 2022 now that streetcar service has been suspended again on the 501 since 2020, logically speaking you would think the TTC would take the opportunity to fix the track defect right? Well unfortunately management doesnt really think logically at the TTC, so what's probably going to happen is that once the 501 finally resumes service, they'll shut down the line again to fix the defect that shouldve already been fixed.
  3. Line 2 was an absolute clusterf**** last night, basically there was virtually no "service" for the night. As mentioned above there was the Ossington-Jane shutdown, then on top of that the P1 at Coxwell which suspended service between Broadview and Woodbine. Then there was a "power off" situation at Warden resulting in no service between Victoria Park and Kennedy. I've literally never seen such a screwed up disaster, and it's not an exaggeration. It took a solid 10 minutes to get from Ossington to Christie alone as the train I was on took it's sweet damn time through the centre track traveling at I kid you not 2-3km/h. I wont even mention the shuttle buses which were jammed going westbound. It's been mentioned fairly regularly on this forum that service on Line 2 is a joke, and honestly i'll have to agree. I dont know what kind of idiocy is going on with management at TTC (actually i do, it starts with the clown Rick Leary), but this garbage needs to come to an end. Service all over the network is screwed up; line management basically doesnt exist, there's no fare enforcement anywhere in sight, construction management has been poorly planned, and the list goes on. Frankly I dont think i've seen things this bad since the Howard Moscoe-Bob Kinnear-Rick Ducharme era and even that wasnt this bad.
  4. Or the city could have, you know left Islington open just like they used to find a way to do for the duration of the event back a few years ago. I dont know what's necessitated the need to close Islington this time around.
  5. Yup, kids getting more stupid by the day it seems.
  6. It's been talked about and talked about by politicians for years. If it's already been adopted in the HTA, then it's up to the municipality to implement the cameras, and it wouldnt surprise me if Toronto is taking their sweet damn time with our status quo mayor at the helm: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/automated-camera-enforcement-streetcars-1.6008151
  7. To be clear, we're talking about the clown Rick Leary.
  8. Dont worry, i'm sure the TTC will come up with an idiot policy for the open cut sections of subway because of some neighborhood complaint of the wheel squeel being too bad. Or because leafs will blow onto the track and start up a fire at track level. Maybe the brake dust will magically start adversely effecting the health of people living in the open cut corridors. The point of transit is to get people to their destinations as quick as possible, as an alternative means of transport. If anyone was interested in getting to their destination at the slowest speed, they would bike or walk. The TTC clearly doesnt get it, and it doesnt help that we have a poor excuse of a CEO who increases run times on all routes in the city which just compounds an already screwed up situation.
  9. Every life is important, i'm certainly not taking away from that at all. But this is exactly my point, how many stupid policies is the TTC going to come up with because of a handful of incidents that have happened in the past? If a streetcar T-bones an idiot driver who decides to make a left turn in front of a streetcar, there shouldnt be some stupid policy instituted one after the other to screw up service by slowing it down in the name of "safefy". I dont see Metrolinx slowing down their trains at grade crossings because people decide to cross and get killed when the crossing arms go down. But yet the TTC is doing something exactly akin to this by slowing streetcars down at signalized intersections. Streetcar service in this city is already a joke as it is, and the TTC implements policy after policy which only makes the service even slower and more laughable. I wish I could do a comparison between how travel times are on various streetcars routes today vs how they were 20 years ago, because I guarantee most routes have had their travel times increase by at least 20% and it's not because of the TTC's common BS excuse of "increased vehicular traffic" (ie: the same BS they spewed to riders of the 501 for years).
  10. Well I mean of course it's going to work, that's the definition of defensive driving. If I drove a car out at 10km/h i'd be less likely to get in an accident, compared to doing around the speed limit. I'm sure if TTC buses drove around at 10km/h the accident rate would decrease as well. As I mentioned before, I dont recall there being significant issues when the TTC didnt institute their idiotic policy on straightaway intersections with no special trackwork. It's actually gotten to the point where some drivers have literally started taking it too literal and they slow down to a crawl on all signalized intersections before accelerating at regular speed.
  11. Looking forward to seeing the SOP the TTC comes up for this one, i'm sure it's going to be a great one for service.
  12. This one is one of the most idiotic of policies the TTC has. So instead of Toronto Transportation Services coming up with a proper solution, it's the TTC who devises a short-sighted stupid policy to have streetcars slow-roll through intersections. It's also clear that the TTC dosnt communicate this 10 km/hr rule clear enough, because most drivers just slow roll through the entire intersection, and then accelerate after clearing the entire thing. I'm old enough to remember the days where streetcars went through these intersections at regular speeds and there were 0 issues during the 100+ times i went through them on a streetcar. I've said it before, and i'll say it again: the TTC has some kind of fantasy with crippling streetcar operations to the point of making it undesirable. Many riders actually find bus substitutions on streetcar routes almost a blessing since they travel the same route much faster (until the TTC finds out about it and screws the replacement bus service with massively long recovery times).
  13. Artics on a run in South Etobicoke? There's our confirmation that it's really the wild wild west with the TTC and service management, this is the first i've ever heard or seen of this.
  14. Exactly. For instance last night I waited 1 hour for the pathetic 501L because the TTC simply doesnt know how to operate service. So at that point why the hell would i care if fares were $1? The ride would still take me 1 hour via transit, plus the 1 hour I just wasted waiting for the bus. If I had a car I sure as damn wouldnt care about the $1 service, when my car could get me to my destination in 1/3rd the time. Most people at that point wouldve just taken an Uber/Cab but paying $40+ again because of garbage TTC service for the Nth time in 2 weeks, i wasnt interested in that.
  15. Let's remember the policy is only supposed to last 2 years, so ask yourselves whats going to happen after 2 years? Prices will be jacked up to where they were, if not higher to compensate for the "please vote for me" bribe, I mean policy. Let's see where that money would be better put to use: 1) Having a GO-TTC Co-Fare (like the rest of the GTAH already has) 2) Further expanding GO Service 3) Giving the money to transit agencies throughout the province to improve service 4) Expanding Bike Share programs across the province So in other words there is no shortage of how else the money could be spent, that are far more effective than the idiotic policy Del Duca came up with. This is just a few ideas, which took me less than 2 minutes to come up with far more effective policies
  16. Idiot policy which makes no sense, developed by someone who's out of touch and clearly hasnt lived a life that resembles most Ontarians. Funny thing is, it's these same people who are running the province thinking that they know best for most of the population.
  17. I know we love to joke around with the Line 2 service levels, but frankly i'll agree with some of the comments that have been made about it. It's laughable how they havent increased service levels, and you can really see the effects during the evening period where there are major sports events. They should be modifying their typical seasonal service adjustment across the system because frankly, travel patterns wont be the same as what they normally forecast (ie: travel for post-secondary students will be higher than usual because of how screwed up the winter semester was, the return of more city events meaning people will want to travel more within the city, etc.) The trains are pretty much packed, but the beancounters and management are living in their own world and have been for the past few months.
  18. I'm not holding my breath for any improvements in the near term. Service is screwed up all over the system; For instance just from experience i know the 44 and 110 have been missing runs all over the evening times resulting in big gaps in service. This really has a deep effect on the 110 in particular since 110A and 110C service are interlined and if one run doesnt show up, it results in 40+ min waits for either service (which has been occurring frequently). Another example is the 501B which is a complete joke, and has been for months. Clearly management doesnt care if there's 4-5 buses laying over at the end of the lines while customers wait 20 mins for the next bus at any point during the day. During the rush hours i've seen long waits at Kipling on the 45 platform, but I cant speak much to service on that route. Needless to say, I wouldnt be surprised if service is screwed up there as well.
  19. ^TTC line management at it's finest right there. Yet another example of how they have no idea how to properly manage a route. I mean there was a shooting around Kipling and Mount Olive, and around Kipling and Finch (both werent directly on Kipling itself), but really that's no reason why for the route to be screwed up that badly.
  20. Yup it already happened, there's an idiot born every day: https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/car-gets-stuck-on-crosstown-lrt-tracks
  21. Hamilton's roads are rougher compared to Toronto, so by default buses will rattle more.
  22. More news on the TTC's NFI order. 363 additional options could be exercised in the next 4 years, 202 firm orders: NFI Group Inc. (“NFI”), a leading independent bus and coach manufacturer and a leader in electric mass mobility solutions, today announced that its subsidiary New Flyer Industries Canada ULC (“New Flyer”) has received new firm orders from the Toronto Transit Commission (“TTC”) for 134 Xcelsior ® forty-foot hybrid-electric heavy-duty transit buses, and 68 Xcelsior sixty-foot hybrid-electric buses (136 equivalent units or “EUs”) for a total of 270 EUs. The two four-year contracts include options for up to an additional 263 forty-foot hybrid-electric buses and 100 sixty-foot buses, respectively.
  23. They cant pollute neighborhoods? What are you talking about?
  24. Next time you should grab a pic of the QR code and post it here, so we can all tell management how stupid the idea is. They're busy looking at all the wrong places to be trying to save $$$.
  25. How about they adjust "service reliability" on the 501 so that riders arent waiting 20 mins before 3 buses show up at once, and there's 5 buses laying over at Long Branch. That would be a great start. I dont know how stupid this management is that they cant figure out how to operate this route properly.
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