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  1. Yes, in the next millennia. It's been in the planning since God knows when and it's the city's never ending list of approved by unfunded projects. Sadly, no not really since the TTC likes to screw with streetcar operations.
  2. Well let's just ask the bus drivers on the 501, they've got plenty of time to layover and do as they please because management doesnt give a damn what they do. They can layover for 20+ mins if they want since they can travel in packs all throughout the day and game the already very generous scheduled recovery times. Some routes have recovery times where drivers are literally in paradise, others make very little sense as to why the run time is limited so it eats into the recovery time. That's TTC line management for you, absolutely clueless.
  3. That was part of the intent, but of course the TTC cant use a system that has live information on where each vehicle is properly. Which makes it even more baffling how route management has somehow got even worse from the TRUMP unit days.
  4. Route management doesnt exist system wide. I can provide a whole list of routes whose service has been perpetually screwed for years, and frankly it's a joke. Just for fun here's a few: -7 Bathurst (despite literally running right by transit control) -50 Burnhamthorpe -52 Lawrence West -63 Ossington -80 Queensway -501 Queen (The TTC will never get this route managed properly) -927 Highway 27 Express Supervisors are getting paid handsomely for not being able to manage anything, and transit control is pretty damn inept. Pretty standard stuff from this horridly run organization. Funny thing is they're always begging for more money, but they cant manage the resources they already have.
  5. The TTC's NFI order includes 363 additional options which could be exercised in the next 4 years, in addition to the 202 firm orders: 134 Xcelsior forty-foot hybrid-electric buses, 68 Xcelsior sixty-foot hybrid-electric buses. The two four-year contracts include options for up to an additional 263 forty-foot hybrid-electric buses and 100 sixty-foot buses, respectively.
  6. Something may be up with 608, serious smoke/soot damage of some sort all over the front of the unit. Was parked outside of Willowbrook during the PM rush.
  7. Denzil Minnen-Wong thought it was an absolutely fantastic idea though, which coming from him means absolutely nothing since he's one of the worst city councilors in this city's history. At least he's finally getting out of city politics so there's one less idiot to generate an idea like this.
  8. There's no point in me continuing since you have your own set of beliefs regarding Mississauga. If you think Mississauga is built out and wont grow, I wont stop you from believing that. I guess that's why all the condos sprouting out all over Mississauga will be empty huh? And all the redevelopment taking place in the waterfront isnt needed, and they're just doing it for fun to push around dirt. Clearly the people who study population growth in the province think differently. We'll go along with your point that Mississauga wont need additional growth buses once construction wraps up on the LRT, because they can divert the buses that were used on Hurontario onto other lines in the city.
  9. Here's an official chart that the province uses to chart growth in the province. You can do some deductive reasoning from there. You do realize Mississauga is short on buses, and there are many routes that arent operating a pre-pandemic levels? And you also do realize, that those "dozens of buses" would do wonders for routes that are operating at capacity at various points in the day. Apples and oranges. Mississauga is not Dallas, Dallas is not Mississauga. Speed and capacity are the 2 reasons the Hurontario line is being built. Do you really think there wouldnt be additional ridership on a line that sees larger vehicles run along the spine of a city that is seeing mass development? Ok, so if ridership is already too high on Hurontario, what does that tell you? You just defeated the point of your own argument. Additional Light Rail, and bus service would all improve overall MiWay service. Thus going back to my earlier point, how would investing in more buses be a mistake?
  10. Metrolinx and their idiotic stupidity when it comes to station naming. How many naming conventions are they going to come up with/pay their consultants for? I thought transit was for going from Point A to Point B in the most efficient manner, seamlessly without any confusion? This is exactly why we now have idiotic things like 3 Eglinton stations in completely different locations (1 on the Crosstown, 1 on the GO Network, 1 on the Hurontario Line), the "Hazel McCallion" Line in Missisauga, East Harbour station (in Toronto) and West Harbour station (in Hamilton), etc. A big part of the blame is on Metrolinx for this nonsense, but another part goes to Doug Ford directly and his sheer stupidity.
  11. Huh to invest in more buses would be a mistake? How? You do realize Mississauga is growing, and the LRT is only going to bring more ridership right? Which means Mississauga will need more buses for feeder routes
  12. Without a doubt he is, he couldnt care less and that's exactly what happens when people vote for a majority government. Doug can just strong arm his way through anything (as evidenced by his lack of having public consultations before enacting controversial Bills). If this were a minority government, the horrible PR around both the Crosstown's recent announced delay combined with a potential GO Transit strike would be enough of a mess politically to at least initiate talks of toppling a government. That wouldnt happen since we're just had a provincial election, but no government wants to deal with that. But since Doug has his majority, there's no consequence to him and he can just hold the line and blame whomever he wants for the strike action without any consequence to him.
  13. Ask yourself why the Toronto Police would ever want/need to use streetcars for any kind of reason, and then you'll have your answer.
  14. Yes Hitachi has been selected, but it's up to them to best determine the vehicle that will fit Metrolinx' service requirements (which are optimistic to say the least). In short, we dont know for certain. Based on the platform length it's likely and obvious that would be the # of cars.
  15. There was an utility cut made from around the sidewalk area over to where the switches were installed, but as was mentioned above this might've only been for conduits for future motorization installation. I'm not holding my breath on this one though.
  16. The Crosstown line wont be open until at early 2023 at the earliest. Metrolinx and Crosslinx havent announced any updates on that late 2022 date, but realistically that's what we're looking at.
  17. Most dogs are actually pretty damn intelligent, and especially much more so compared to the "CEO" currently employed with the TTC.
  18. Good on you for trying to make things personal. Funny thing is, i've never applied to MiWay. Pretty happy with my job, but thanks for the offer maybe one day.
  19. I'm sorry, so you enjoy having some lackluster service throughout the GTAH? If you enjoy the sorry state of affairs with the way service is operated with certain municipalities, then there's nothing for us to discuss. I'm sure management would love extra pats on the back so feel free to give it to them.
  20. Or they could, I dont know, finally spread out the schedules between the routes instead of having them idiotically clustered together.
  21. Ah great so they're adding curves to places which will never see active service, but yet refuse to add curves in places which would actually see service and act as perfect service redundancies. Honestly how stupid are the people who draw up these plans. I cant think of a situation where the TTC would ever run a Kipling-Long Branch shuttle period.
  22. Surprise, surprise. Another TTC project that hasnt entirely finished on time. Anyone have any idea when the speed restriction between Dundas West and Keele will be over? It was supposed to end by the end of July. We're in the middle of August now... Funny enough there was a train I was on which flew through the construction site at regular speed about a week ago.
  23. All this is wishful thinking, but grey is the final colour for both the Finch and Eglinton LRVs. Let's remember Metrolinx is about as "arm-length" from the government as one's nose is from their face. It remains to be seen what we will see with the Hurontario *cough Hazel McCallion" and Hamilton lines, but it's very likely Hurontario's LRVs will be grey while Hamilton's is really up in the air. There's no confirmation with those lines yet.
  24. MiWay isnt helping themselves with applicants who may not get through the first initial rounds of the process; they reject them and they dont continue on in the process. I've heard of other municipalities (ie: Waterloo) who re-open and reconsider certain applicants who may have been rejected.
  25. Just so everyone is on the same page here, it was Metrolinx (and not the TTC) who decided to paint the LRVs grey. The reason was so they could have the same appearance as "heavy rail". As to where they got the idea from, they paid their consultants handsomely for it.
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