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  1. I also heard Orion will most likely win the bid, since their bid (of $0) is usually lower than both Nova and New Flyer.
  2. Except it isnt really, because the coating applied only lasted a couple years (if even that) before it completely wears out and virtually becomes a regular stanchion.
  3. I think you missed the point that this is a "discussion board". Where points/ideas/topics are discussed. If you want to classify it as whining than by all means go ahead.
  4. They do, and we're all aware of those reasons it's not a secret. It's an idiotic decision; nothing more, nothing less. I've seen far more people get injured by stanchions far more compared to people flying off of rear seats. Does that mean stanchions should be removed? No they shouldnt. Actually in fact, i've never seen anyone fly off a bus seat in my life.
  5. If Mississauga really wants to start going backwards and screwing up the system that many have worked so hard over the years to improve to what it is today, that's good on them. This is by far one of the most brain numbing, stupid decisions i've heard from any Transit Authority over the past decade. Why dont they remove all stanchions too? I mean, since the risk is there that someone will hit their head on a hard break scenario right? Also while they're at it, why dont they remove some of the headlights on the Express buses? The risk is there that it might cause severe headaches and migraines to those who are light sensitive.
  6. It's no competition, this wont even make any kind of noticeable dent to Air Canada of WestJet. The way this service is being offered, along with the timing makes it clear that it's nothing more than an election bribing tactic from Ford's edict.
  7. I heard the transfers are only around for today September 1st, is that confirmed?
  8. In other words, what they are saying is that they are reallocating employees to do absolutely nothing. It's like the more supervisors there are, the more useless service becomes.
  9. Im not saying it's a good thing but that's pretty much how the TTC operates anyways. Drivers have complained about numerous issues (ie: the ergonomics of the TR's and Flexities way before, during, and after both fleets were ordered) for years but the TTC still went ahead and implemented those changes regardless of how they felt. With the mask issues in particular it's something that I feel is being overblown for drivers. Like I said they can take breaks at the end of their run, they arent being forced to wear it for hours on end consecutively. This is coming from someone who has asthma and still wears a mask regularly in various scenarios where it's uncomfortable despite the fact at time it can cause issues, especially in the hot weather. Now if a driver has a legitimate reason why they cant wear a mask, of course they should be listened to and should be accommodated. But if it's just an "oh the mask is bothering my beard and causing my face to heat up" (as an example), well im sorry suck it up.
  10. Even without this mask/no mask issue, there are still tons of drivers out there every day who are distracted/uncomfortable and are desperate for their breaks due to issues such as supervisors short-tuning buses/streetcars on short-notice. Drivers have survived being uncomfortable before the pandemic, and they will be able to do just the same today. Remember the days where drivers were (validly) complaining about the new controls on the TR's and new Flexities? Yeah, eventually most of them got over it. And that would be an issue I would be much more concerned about as it has to deal with ergonomics, not driver comfort.
  11. Yeah, hard for me to play the little violin for this. Drivers can take a break at the end of their runs, it's not like they're wearing masks for hours on end with no breaks.
  12. Asides from a medical reason, is there another reason a driver wouldnt be able to wear their mask for their shift? They can easily take a break at the end of their run and take of their mask. It's not like they're working in a hospital where they are pushing a 12-14 hour shift for 6 days a week, and have to practically wear a mask+face shield for the entire damn thing.
  13. Sure sounds like an operational disaster to me. As i've said before, it's like the TTC enjoys crippling streetcar service instead of just implementing solutions. Spadina is the perfect epitome of what's wrong with streetcar "service" in this city. Let's not forget about Toronto Transportation Services who are just an inept complete joke.
  14. That must've been a fun deadhead for the driver.
  15. It amuses me how many idiots there are who dont know the height of the vehicles that they operate, along with the potential clearance issues of their loads. I think it's time the city looks into this issue more seriously, to avoid a Burlington Skyway type incident. It's clear those cute height caution signs dont do much, and it's only a matter of time before we have an incident where service is severely crippled for days by this kind of event.
  16. ^Well that's exactly what the analysis is for. To determine the cost-benefits of each option, along with the feasibility.
  17. There are quite a host of issues with the section north of Ellesmere station: -That tunnel north of the station is only big enough for an SRT vehicle, and a bus would require more clearance on the turns compared to the SRT vehicles which can navigate slightly tighter turns. It could work for uni-directional travel but it just adds complexity to the shuttle operation. -Buses on the elevated structure would need access points to and from the structure (the space required would be significant and costly) -Midland station would effectively have to be demolished and rebuilt no matter what to accommodate bus travel which would add significantly to costs Those are the more significant ones, there are more moderate and minor ones as well.
  18. ^True it's not to say the whole entire corridor could be used, however there are significant sections which could be used for that purpose.
  19. To some of the so called experts here who were saying the the SRT ROW couldnt be used for buses since it's too "narrow", the TTC is considering using it for the temporary shuttle service (these are the routing options being explored, taken from the survey): Additionally they are exploring the streets below:
  20. If Del Duca comes into power he'll be looking to extend the subway all the way through into Kirby. His stupidity has no limits.
  21. ^Oh you know they will. That's why i've been "clamoring" for an impenetrable barrier to be constructed at the end of Vaughan Metropolitan station, and for the Richmond Hill Centre station, that's literally the only way to stop the line from being extended further. With our endless supply of idiot politicians, there will be calls to extend this thing into Barrie. And for those who think i'm kidding, just look at how Doug Ford mused in the past about extending subways to Pickering. As realistic or not you may think that may be, it's not beyond the realm of possibilities in Ontario transit builds.
  22. The B-Line as it currently stands subsidizes other routes in the city and the corridor generates significant $$$ for the HSR. Sure they'll be on the hook for operating costs, but the costs of the LRT are more than manageable. That's an argument that the idiotic suburban councillors often make, which is funny because their bus routes are the ones draining HSR finances. Not that it really matters because both the HSR and the city has been neglecting the entire system, and the moronic area rating system is still being used.
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