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  1. That's pretty much an excellent summary of the mess that is the 123 route.
  2. That's a very fair point there. The Downtown Express routes are a different beast. The TTC intentionally numbered them and named them separately as a way to advertise that these are distinct premium express routes.
  3. The Shorncliffe is already confusing enough for most riders, add another branch and it makes the situation even worse. Since i'm a betting man, i'm 99% sure it will be a branch of the 123 since the service is scheduled to run as peak only. I highly doubt they would introduce a new route number and name to a peak only bus service.
  4. TTC in the news

    I'm just looking forward to the amount of cars that will be driving into Humber Loop once it's completed. It's going to make for some great entertainment and i'll certainly have my popcorn ready.
  5. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of this because service along the route is just laughable. As I said before, and like you've pointed out as well, this is just plain poor utilization of resources and how the TTC ever came up with implementing this kind of garbage service is beyond me. Even if the service is headway based, there is no reason for having 4 buses running back to back practically during all times of the day followed by a 20-30 min gap.
  6. ^Maybe you should send this off to the Toronto Star, i'm sure they would be thrilled to do a story on this on their "Fixer" articles. The 501L service is a shameful embarrassment plain and simply, and is just a waste of resources. Either they spread the service out more evenly, or they deploy these buses to other routes, there is no reason for this to be happening on a daily basis. This kind of nonsense happens all day and night with that route. During the day its very common to see 3 buses traveling in a pack, while during the night (ie: at 1am) its common to see 2 buses traveling in a pack followed by a nice 30-40 min gap in service. I dont know who's responsible to monitoring service levels during the day for this route, but they should be out of a job. If you cant learn to adequately space service out then what are you doing with your time?
  7. Good to get your point of view on the matter. Of course seeing things and experiencing them first hand are two different things, so it's good to get your perspective.
  8. TTC in the news

    Its too bad he didnt meet his new friend close by called the third rail. That would've jolted some common sense into his immature head.
  9. Future TTC Bus Orders

    Seems like it could be a very close competition in the near term. Both are rushed projects which just came out of the blue, Metrolinx has been having their hydrogen fantasies for the past 10+ years while the TTC is "piloting" the electric buses. If Metrolinx goes full steam ahead with their hydrogen fantasy, it would be a colossal disaster just based on the sheer scale of the project.
  10. GO Transit

    Always good to see the provincial government waste taxpayer money on worthless GO stations in the middle of nowhere. They should give themselves a good pat on the back.
  11. Very interesting, because when I did the measurements myself I got about an inch or two of difference albeit that was with an OG VII but I dont think there's a difference with the NG VII. Looks like I have to learn how to use a measuring tape again. In any case I have no reason to doubt your measurements that's a good update. It must be how the interior is angled that cause a mobility devices to catch on the Novas front wheel well, contrary to my earlier belief. In any case, I definitely notice an increase in difficulty maneuverability for mobility devices in Novas compared to other vehicles with the aforementioned wheel catching being the biggest issue.
  12. The left side of the Nova (where the diver's area and seat are) really limits how wide of a turn a wheelchair or mobility device can turn, which is why I was pointing out it doesnt matter how wide they make the door it's the design of the front that just impedes movements with wheelchairs and mobility devices. If a passenger stuck to the far right side while entering the vehicle (ie: right by the front right wheel well) they would be impeded by that left outer lip where the drivers area and the passenger seat is located. If a passenger stuck to the far left side while entering, they would hit or rub on one of the two wheel wells. It's a difficult one to explain, but it's more of an observation that you have to see first hand to understand. Exactly the same observations i've seen with the Nova. That and the numerous amount of devices that i've seen have gotten caught on one of the edge rails of the ramp (the point where the ramp meets the platform of the bus) due to how these passengers have to position their devices while they're exiting the vehicle. I havent seen this problem occur nearly as much with the VII or even the Xcelsior.
  13. TTC in the news

    True enough, but the low suite security that's currently around the area is basically like an open door for anyone to go in the tunnels around there.
  14. I pick on Novas because it's easy to point out how flawed their product is. The front wheel wells are closer together in a Nova compared to an Orion by a couple of inches, and every inch counts for a mobility device. Those couple of inches allow a mobility device to angle itself towards the ramp easier. The interior path of Novas are angled inwards all the way towards the wheel wells, compared to the Xcelcior and VII which have a much sharper angle at the front. This complicates the range of motion for mobility devices. The Novas overall are narrower in design at the front wheel well compared to the VII and Xcelcior due to the awkward front design of the bus. The floor to ceiling height is also obviously shorter compared to the VII, but it is also shorter compared to the Xcelcior but that's a whole other matter altogether.
  15. TTC in the news

    Maybe it's time the TTC upgrades their low suite security fencing around that Islington portal. That's unless of course they want more of this kind of non-sense to happen on a regular basis. The same goes for Keele Yard, i'm surprised there hasnt been a case of significant vandalism there either.