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  1. Funny thing is, it doesnt even take the bus being full for people to stand in front of the white line. Just this morning I experienced a fellow passenger who literally decided to stand right in front of the front doors while the bus was still traveling so he could prepare to exit the bus. The bus was still literally 300 metres away and this guy was just standing in front of the doors as if he was waiting for the doors to open while the bus was travelling @ 50km/h so he can jump out. The driver told the genius to get back until she reached the bus stop.
  2. Appreciate the clarification on that, however, I thought the proposed permanent bus terminal at Islington back in 2007-2010 would have been located where the current kiss-and-ride is and not on the ground floor of the office structure. Specifically, I am referring to this terminal:
  3. Ah, so back to the original plan that they had way back in 2010. It's pathetic that we've had such a significant delay for a project that was supposed to be complete nearly 10 years ago. I made the decision back then to keep the original open house flyer just to see how long the whole situation would drag on for, maybe one day ill mail it to the TTC and Metrolinx so they can add it to their historical collections.
  4. The TTC hasnt even come up with a concrete plan to replace the current bus terminal at Islington, which is pretty mystifying. The Kipling regional hub is due for completion in 2020 which would take care of Mississauga buses at Islington. The Six Points reconstruction is also due for completion in 2020. I cant recall where I saw the plan, but there was a temporary plan to deal with the 110, 37, and 50 if the existing bus terminal is shut down. The issue is, how long would the 37, 50, and 110 be disrupted for? It would take at least 2-4 years from whenever an actual concrete plan is released to replace the existing bus terminal, and for a new bus terminal to be put in place at Islington. Royal York has been chaos for the past 1+ years with the on-street bus loading, but I cant imagine TTC passengers having to endure that kind of set-up for 2-4 years at Islington. The TTC and City are really pushing it with regards to the AODA deadline, and whether the current bus bays at Islington will hold up for that long. If for whatever reason the current bus bays dont hold up until 2020 and there are more forced closures of bays (ie: before the completion of both the Kipling regional hub and Six Points Reconfiguration), we're really going to be in for a complete disaster.
  5. The government (particularly Ford) cant just wake up one day and decide to scrap the ADOA. He would be opening himself, and his party up for various lawsuits, severe Human Rights complaints, legal ramifications, etc. As for transit in Etobicoke, its just an absolute mess and it all stems from a lack of options and alternative options. If something goes wrong in any given location, the next available option is either: unreliable, too far, or time consuming. In South Etobicoke, people are forced to rely on near crush-load buses, or low frequency routes which get passengers to the subway if going northbound. If one is heading downtown, it almost feels like winning the lottery if one is not delayed on either the Bloor-Danforth line or Yonge-University line. The 501 is practically useless for traveling to the core so it's not much of an option. The GO train is only an option if one lives close to a station, if not, people are just wasting their time backtracking before ultimately heading to their destination. Central Etobicoke obviously doesn't have many problems with transit at all, the subway line is right by their doorstep and they dont have to worry about bus connections which just add to one's commute. The only thing they have to deal with is with subway delays, which can be crippling if they result in trains crawling all the way to the core North Etobicoke on the other hand is just a disaster plain and simply. Most east-west routes (ie: Lawrence West, Finch West, Wilson, etc.) are just crammed to capacity, unreliable, and slow. North-south routes just take far too long to get to and from the subway since they are too far out. The GO Train isnt even an option in this area. To make things better there are no improvements on the horizon for any of these situations with the exception of the Park Lawn GO station. Asides from that, the problem will get perpetually worse as more people move in to Etobicoke and pack up roads. Congestion which practically never existed on streets like Kipling and Islington, get worse each and every day, while buses are getting increasingly packed to capacity. Welcome to Etobicoke where the status quo for transit infrastructure is king.
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    Year 20XX
  7. Very tangy situation, especially for those that have to deal with the garbage service out in that area.
  8. The problem with a single service to Long Branch is that we know that the TTC will use that as an excuse to provide piss pour service along Brown's Line saying that "ridership does not warrant frequent or reliable service". It would suffer from a neglect in service similar to what the Queensway bus operates with. As for the loop proposal, that's actually not a half bad idea, but then again it leaves out riders along Brown's Line and Long Branch and forces them to transfer buses while the TTC once again using that as a reason to provide piss pour service from Long Branch to Sherway (ie: every 20-30 mins all day).
  9. lip

    TTC in the news

    At this point I wouldnt call it a rumor. It's common practice for individuals to leak news to the media, some (such as in politics) do it just to gauge a reaction of a planned implementation, while others do it because they already have the knowledge and are willing to share that information in exchange for anonymity.
  10. lip

    TTC in the news

    Here's the proof https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2018/07/09/rick-leary-tapped-for-top-job-at-ttc.html
  11. lip

    TTC in the news

    ^Well so much for that "international search", Rick Leary will be the new CEO. By international, if they meant American import already in Canada with the TTC, then they certainly got their man. I'm expecting much of the same stagnant ongoings pre-Byford with Leary at the helm, especially as evidenced by his lack of communication.
  12. Couldnt agree more, the 123 as is, is just a messy route which doesnt meet the needs of anyone using the service today. As you said, there are 3 groups of people using the service: the first group being the industrial workers along North Queen and East Mall, the second being those who go to Sherway and the SmartCentres shops west of the 427, and the third being those who are going to Brown's Line and Long Branch. The 123F should be it's own independent route, no need for it to be intertwined in the 123 madness. The 123C should continue as is (re-letter it to 123A or what have you). The 123B should serve Long Branch and Kipling via East Mall and North Queen without the connection to Sherway, no one on East Mall or Evans connects to Sherway so it's just wasteful to continue that service. The 123D (although I understand the route's intention) should be eliminated and redeploy those resources to the new 123B. The end result would be a 123A (current 123C) via North Queen to Sherway and Long Branch, 123B (current 123B/D) to Long Branch via East Mall and North Queen with no Sherway connection, and 1XX (to Sherway via West Mall). This would accomplish 3 things: the first being more reliable and frequent service along Brown's Line with a quicker more direct connection from Long Branch to Kipling, the second being more reliable service along North Queen and Shorncliffe, and the third being reliable service for riders who are shopping. For entertainment purposes I did a quick ugly sketch of what I mean: 123A in black, 123B in red, and 1XX in blue
  13. lip

    Streetcar News

    At this rate the TTC should have the option of getting those potential 60 streetcars from Bombardier for a 50% discount minimum. It just never ends with that company.
  14. Pretty ironic you just mentioned that, as it currently has a mechanical problem that's been holding up service for the past 30 mins. This may very well be the next ALRV to go, someone may want to keep watch over it's status.