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  1. What does this even mean?
  2. And what makes it worse is that it was the community who brought up the idea of setting aside a piece of land exclusively for the community hub. It it wasnt for them, Metrolinx would have used the entire plot for the MSF and they wouldn't have even had the opportunity to sell anything. But this is a clear directive from Caroline Mulroney and the Ministry of Transportation, and since Metrolinx can conduct their business under closed doors, they can get away with doing things as secretly and sleezly as they want. Unfortunately the Conservative government has no shame whatsoever, and will do anything to help developers get what they want, when they want.
  3. lip


    Can the TTC take MiWay's old Presto readers? At least they actually provide useful information compared to the useless ones the TTC has installed.
  4. Mike Harris was one of the biggest crooks out there, destroying everything in sight with no regard whatsoever. The cuts were so bad that transit is still suffering from the effects of those devastating cuts more than 2 decades after his time in power. Now he's off to biggest and better things....destroying long-term health facilities (in particular, Chartwell) while collecting his fat paycheck for doing so.
  5. Nice to see the HSR is slowly inching it's way into the 21st century. Now if only they could act like a normal transit authority and move quit their rear door wheelchair boarding, create an actual half decent transit website, and create proper visible bus stops with actual useful information, then we'd be actually getting somewhere.
  6. Of course I dont have my camera on me when I see it, can confirm it was on the 110B just about an hour ago. What's up with the hybrid bus runs in South Etobicoke lately?
  7. Guess I can be pretty innovative every now and again, I'll be sure to submit to Webster's Dictionary for consideration.
  8. Sure i'll play: -80 Queensway is a joke with its 30 minute headways -52 Lawrence West has one of the most irreliable service i've seen out of any route in the city -501 Queen as the TTC still cant operate the route properly along the central portion *These are all pre-pandemic notes
  9. The only reason a sale in this particular instance would be harder/more challenging to do is if the city starts attaching contingencies into the sale (ie: including certain city services within the development), or if a prospective developer wants to assemble more property (ie: along Dundas St). The parking lot to the north of the terminal has already been assembled by a developer. The market has changed over the past 10-20 years, and over the same period of time the amount of land available to develop has steadily decreased in the downtown core. Honestly it wont be difficult to flip the property; it's probably been more of a tricky sale because it's directly under the Sick Kids flight path.
  10. The Coach Terminal is going to be redeveloped there's no question about it. It's just a matter of when; the city was looking to depose of the land as early as 2021 but that may change of course with Covid-19: "610 Bay Street (and adjacent 130 Elizabeth Street) are City-owned assets under the operational management of TTC. The facilities are currently leased-out for the delivery of inter-city, inter-regional and inter-national bus services, which are expected to relocate to Union Station in 2021. As a result, 610 Bay Street and 130 Elizabeth Street are considered to be underutilized City assets with higher use potential to deliver City building outcomes, while respecting the heritage components of the site. " - Report from the Chief Executive Officer, CreateTO on ModernTO: City-Wide Real Estate Strategy and Office Portfolio Optimization https://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/mmis/2019/ra/bgrd/backgroundfile-137925.pdf The city wont have any trouble finding any takers for the property, as land is becoming increasingly scarce in the downtown core.
  11. Like I was saying earlier, the 508 operated seemingly whenever the TTC felt like providing the service (around February). How do I know this? I used the service basically every day after streetcar service returned, and there was consistent streetcar service for the first few weeks up until around mid-February. That's where things started to get screwed up for whatever reason and there would be either: no streetcars/buses at all on the 508 at all at certain peak periods, RAD buses that would replace the streetcars along the actual route, RAD buses that would do some kind of odd diversion via Queen and Dufferin, or actual 508 streetcars operated as scheduled. There would be things happening where there would be something to the effect of: 2 days of 508 streetcar service, followed the next day by no 508 service, than 508 streetcar and RAD bus service, etc.. Point i'm making here is that 508 service was really hit or miss, all or nothing. When 508 RAD buses were being used, they usually operated via Park Lawn. There would be the off occasion they would use Windermere and Lake Shore, but 95% of the time it was through Park Lawn, as a result Humber Loop was skipped entirely. The 508 is horrific in the PM Rush Westbound. Blame this on the TTC's ridiculous schedule padding which screws up operations at terminals. That and the fact there are some moronic operators who choose to park the streetcars in front of a 508 car, instead of using the loop to park while they are on a break so they can allow the 508 to proceed. There are times the 508 is held up for 15-20 mins waiting to get through the loop because there would be 4 cars ahead of it.
  12. Even when demand was relatively normal prior to Covid-19, the 508 operated seemingly whenever the TTC felt like providing the service. There would be 2 days where you see service, then the next day there would be nothing, then all of a sudden the following day there would be buses. I have a feeling the TTC will cut the 508 yet again with this goof Leary running the show.
  13. It would put an extremely slight dent into it, but not significant amount. Metrolinx should really be expanding service to various mobility hubs within Toronto (ie: Renforth, Yorkdale, STC, etc..) irrespective of if the TTC already operates service there, especially since the TTC has proven to incapable of operating adequate service on various routes within the city. Not only would in provide another alternative, but it could cut the commute time down for many commuters.
  14. All valid points, however nothing would stop all of the aforementioned from continuing in operation. Main Street is a stone throw away from Hamilton GO Centre, so even if a new transit terminal were located just north of there, riders could easily connect to the 1, 5, and 10 in order to go eastbound. Heck, King Street isnt even that far from Hamilton GO Centre, and the westbound 1A, 5, and 10 could dip down to meet the new terminal if it was really warranted to capture those connecting passengers. As it currently stands, those buses are already laying over on King Street around James half of the time anyways before continuing westbound, so having buses dip to the new terminal wouldn't add any additional travel time.
  15. Hamilton GO Centre is located in Downtown Hamilton, so locating a terminal around there would actually centralize bus operations to/from the core for the most part. I could care less for having a terminal for photos, it's about having a terminal that can handle a large amount of customers at any given point in time where customers can easily transfer between routes without crossing the street, and having a proper enclosed shelter one could actually use to walk in a climate controlled area and easily transfer between routes while waiting for a bus. MacNab as currently designed has a piss pour capacity limit and as i said before, its essentially a glorified bus shelter. As for the Mississauga City Centre, yes it is a mess of a facility. That's why i said Mississauga has realized that they key to being able to attract more riders to the system is by replacing it.
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