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  1. lip

    Missing in Action buses

    The amusing thing about the now retired S50's is that the heating/air conditioning system on half of them still provided better functionality compared to the brand new Novas we're getting due to the Novas garbage air flow system design, and air seeping through the rear doors.
  2. lip

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    Anyone have any information on why the TTC has begun crippling subway service by reducing speeds on all open cut sections throughout the system? There's really no reason for this since we havent had any recent inclement weather that would cause this kind of non-sense to happen regularly.
  3. Dont worry, i'm sure that thought hasn't even crossed the minds of the people over at TTC management for the slightest second.
  4. lip

    Missing in Action buses

    7879 was really going strong all day today. It was out on both the early morning and late afternoon peak and didnt sound like it had any problems (ie: the problems buses typically have when they are on their last legs).
  5. lip

    TTC in the news

    Well right now our province is being led by a buffoon, so the sky is the limit as to what is or isnt being taken over. Since Ford seems intent on screwing Toronto with every chance he can get, it wouldnt surprise me if we get the worst deal possible.
  6. lip

    TTC in the news

    Do you really think the province would take control of the subway, without taking over all of it's assets? If the province were the owners of the subway fleet, they would be responsible for replacing/upgrading the fleet when needed. Much like they would be responsible for replacing rails, signals, escalators, elavators, etc..
  7. lip

    TTC in the news

    Oh it's a big deal as to who owns the infrastructure alright (well at least with the government we have in power). With ownership, comes powers to control how system is operated, who operates it, how much money is spent, etc... Lets put it this way, if Dougy decided to hack and slash service, delay vehicle purchases, slash the State of Good Repair budget, and extend subways out to Kirby just for starters there would be nothing we could do to stop it and Toronto wouldnt have a say whatsoever. Seeing as Dougy still holds his little childhood grudge against Toronto, he would almost certainly deprive Toronto of anything good in name of giving subways to Pickering, Barrie and who knows what other places he has been fantasizing about in his delusional mind.
  8. lip

    Hamilton Street Railway

    Cool story. We're talking about whether or not New Flyer Articulated buses have been ordered, not if Nova Buses makes CNG buses and if they are a pleasure to drive.
  9. lip

    TTC Service Changes

    Apparently according to the newly reprogrammed destination signs (side sign), there is now a Pearson Airport subway station! I never thought i would be alive to see the day.
  10. lip

    TTC in the news

    Interesting note; it appears as though either NovaBus has recently changed the driver's side window compartment area or the TTC went with a different spec. I feel like it might be the latter since NovaBus is generally apathetic and slow to redesigning the LFS, but I may be wrong. The windows seem to align properly with the drivers sightlines.
  11. The fuel practices is something I know we in Toronto dont have much to really worry about (unless some moron comes by and decides to change the current practices). That decision alone would be enough to wreak havoc to various aspects of the maintenance regime. The hybrid stuff is what came as a surprise to me, so it would be interesting to know whether Montreal is *actually having problems with their hybrids or if this is just another Union vs. Employer gripe.
  12. For anyone interested, I came across this article I came across regarding hybrids; Montreal has been having issues with their hybrid buses. Although some of their issues may be related to the STM's dumb decision to fill up gas tanks before buses head out for service. It's going to be interesting to monitor if the TTC will be going through yet another hybrid fiasco with these upcoming Novas: https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/buses-towed-away-daily-because-they-run-out-of-gas-says-union-boss
  13. ^I've noted that in extreme cases some experienced drivers will take a detour to avoid seriously falling behind schedule, however in my experience it was done where stops in service arent missed. For example with the 192, ive experienced the 427 being jammed up so badly because of issues with the 401 access from the 427 northbound, so instead of sticking with the 427 drivers would take the old routing via Highway 27 and Dixon Rd.
  14. lip

    Eglinton Crosstown line

    Why dont you e-mail Metrolinx and ask? Feel free to let us know if they ever get back to you.