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  1. Thats so kind of them to mark the almost 10th anniversary of the first time they said they would look into this:
  2. Its about time they put an end to those silly destination signs with the small route numbering. Honestly, they make no sense.
  3. It was one of the more ridiculous delays the TTC has had. Unfortunately I was stuck in the delay and it took nearly an hour and a half to get from Spadina to Royal York. At some point shuttle buses shouldve have been called, at least after 7pm when the rush started to die down because this "delay" was equivalent to a service suspension.
  4. *they're silly more times than not
  5. Im sorry, is this not the same guy who canned the DRL in favor of Dumbtrack? Now he's pounding at Queen's Park door demanding for funds for the DRL. Here's an idea for him: start by increasing property taxes to at least get the ball rolling.
  6. I guess my sarcasm didnt come across good there, I'm well aware of that.
  7. Are the D40LF's still sitting outside by Mount Dennis? Let's bring them back for one more ride, because bus service tomorrow will be a mess. In all seriousness, I dont think things will be back to normal until Sunday at the earliest if the update is smooth. They will probably do a fair bit of testing once the software update has been applied anyways.
  8. ^I dont think anyone wants Novas in Toronto. Both drivers and passengers alike don't like them.
  9. This is too good to be true, Ed are you sure that you're not joking around because of today's date? The fact they completed it is shocking enough, but a next vehicle display as well?
  10. Speaking of New Flyer vs. NovaBus does anyone have the TTC's boarding standards for the LFS vs the D40LF's? Something tells me the D40LF had a greater capacity overall, which would be yet another reason to end this NovaBus non-sense. Of course the D40LF is no longer in production, but the XD40 has essentially the same capacity.
  11. What I dont understand about this new livery is why they chose they chose black (one of the heaviest paint colors) to put on an aircraft. I guess they're keen on increasing they're fuel expenses and passing out these costs to passengers.
  12. I'll be cut and dry here; this livery is flat out dull, boring, uninspiring, and unoriginal. A student in grade 5 could have come up with this design as all they did was add black to an otherwise white aircraft, to the underside of the fuselage, engines, and tail, then followed that up with slapping the maple leaf on the aircraft. If a few planes had this for the Canada's 150th birthday I wouldnt mind, but to roll this out on mass is a joke. The 1964, 1993, and current liveries are all better than this non-sense.
  13. Somewhat related, I wonder how much diesel exhaust riders from the TTC and other municipalities are exposed to. There are times you can smell diesel fumes inside some buses unlike the GO Train where you cant smell a single thing.
  14. T1 5137 has external side destination sides and new TR chimes installed.
  15. It's also not uncommon to see 4 501L's pass by within a 5 minute span, followed by a nice 20 minute gaps in service. Yes the service provided by buses is faster since the accelerate faster, and they can get around all the obstacles streetcars cant, but it's still pathetic how the TTC cant spread the buses out more evenly. To put it in perspective, I rarely see buses that dont travel in at least pairs with this route.