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  1. Honestly at this point I really dont know; and dont forget that Kipling Loop still needs track replacement. I'm not sure if that includes the intersection at Kipling, but if it does than we'll be in for even more entertainment.
  2. My goodness how many times does the Long Branch streetcar loop have to go under construction. I've actually lost count, but I know it's been at least 3 times in the past 10 years it has been closed for an extended period of time. It honestly seems like all of South Etobicoke is under construction at this point. While they completed road resurfacing on Kipling, they've now (unsurprisingly) started to cut it right back open again on Horner since the city seemingly cant coordinate anything.
  3. GO Transit

    Here are some interior pics for some perspective: To be honest I think GO still has a need for regular coach buses, especially on lower ridership routes. It's simply a waste of money to be running Double Deckers half empty throughout the day. It wouldnt shock me if Metrolinx went to an all DD fleet since they dont mind siphoning off money, but just because they can doesn't mean that it makes sense.
  4. GO Transit

    Does anyone here think GO will eventually be a customer for this new product: http://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/a-breakthrough-in-rider-accessibility-and-commuter-rapid-transit-the-new-mci-d45-crt-le-650130043.html
  5. The thing with the TTC is, there shouldnt have to be an inspector posted somewhere to ensure staggered departures. The fact that they have GPS on all vehicles and arent utilizing properly is simply embarrassing. To me it's simply a matter of a group of people who are unable (either due to a lack of skill or common sense) to space vehicles apart properly.
  6. It's astonishing that they still haven't solved this issue. Is it really that hard for management to look at a GPS map and figure out their is consistently buses traveling in packs at virtually any given point in the time during the day on the 501. All the drivers that operate the route know this happens on the regular and basically admit it to riders that ask what's going on. The TTC loves to complain that they dont have the money to do X and Y, but yet they cant figure out basic things when they're given any sum of money in the first place.
  7. Byford stated a while ago that they would be keeping 1 CLRV and 1 ALRV once most of the fleet has retired.
  8. GO Transit

    This is exactly why Metrolinx is a backwards thinking transit planning agency, or whatever you want to call them at this point. They talk about "the last mile" problem (ie: getting riders to their final destination once they reach a station), meanwhile they're in the business of making that exact problem even worse.
  9. Future TTC Bus Orders

    In an ideal world I wish the TTC got together with the larger transit authorities in North America with buying power (ie: NYC, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, etc) and forced change within the bus manufacturing industry. But clearly i'm dreaming deeply.
  10. Future TTC Bus Orders

    The recent bid that was submitted by NovaBus, (posted above) was approved today at the board meeting. I'll try and hold my tongue before I say anything I dont want to say due to my known distaste of Novas.
  11. Streetcar News

    Honestly sometimes the TTC just dumbfounds me. A celebration for the first run of a new streetcar on a route, I mean really now are they serious?
  12. Future TTC Bus Orders

    The main reason Daimler went out of business is due to the fiasco they were having with their hybrid buses and how badly they mismanaged the issues with those buses, had it not been for that they probably still would have been around. I cant speak to whether they could have done a "better job" building a bus, but they had a bus which operators actually had far fewer complaints about compared to the LFS and Xcelcior. The only complaints customers have about the Orion VII is that it's hard to reach the window latches on the lower level. Asides from that, you dont hear much about air conditioning and heating flow issues in the bus, awkward interior seating, bad ergonomics, etc... New Flyer took over basically everything Orion had so we'll never see the Orion VII again. As for any other bus manufactuer coming to Canada, the best hope we have is that Grande West develops a 40 foot version of the Vicinity. Asides from that we'll have to wait about ~10-15 years until New Flyer innovates and produces another product. I wouldnt count on anything different from Nova since they dont innovate much and have been late to the game on basically everything but continue to get away with it.
  13. Future TTC Bus Orders

    Normally i'd agree with Ed but on a bus where standing space is a premium to find when it's packed, any inch gained is really a benefit so I dont think the rear doors flinging into the passenger area is advantageous. Had they designed the doors like on the XD40 or D40LFs that would have been better.
  14. MiWay

    Those are all fair points that you raise. It's going to be very interesting what route they choose for the detour, but if they choose some sort of long winding never ending detour it would no doubt be an unmitigated disaster.
  15. MiWay

    There are two options that I can think of; the first is if they loop through Long Branch GO and board on Brow Drive just like GO Buses did when there was the Toronto flood a few years ago. The second is that the board on the opposite side of Lakeshore around 41st Street and they loop down 40th Street and exist again through lakeshore (it was either the 23 or 5 that did an unofficial detour like this a a few years ago).