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  1. We're talking about a bus loop here; we've seen same the same kind of non-sense with the Royal York bus roadway reconstruction which nearly took the same amount of time as this one will take. In Royal York's case, it makes more sense because they had to incorporate the elevator structure into the existing framework of the station. But in the case with Don Mills it is not as complex of a project as what you're letting on. What i'm suspecting is that they're stretching out the cost of the project for as long as possible for whatever reason (be that limited cash flow, to reduce total expenditures, etc...). There's no way in hell that this is complex to the point that it should take nearly 2 years to complete.
  2. That's the whole point, the TTC is involved which is why the project will take so damn long.
  3. Only in North America will you see it take 19 months to reconstruct a concrete bus roadway (especially when government money is involved). If this was the private sector the time would easily be cut in half, and if this was in Europe there's no way in hell it would take them over 1 year either.
  4. Maybe it's to announce the cut they've made to Metrolinx' operating subsidy because they're "for the people" 😉
  5. Many TR's have had their side destination signs activated. Problem is, some of them have been showing inconsistent destinations between cars; for example one car on a train will show "Line 1 towards Vaughan", while another car will show "Line 1 towards Union". Pretty pathetic that this has been worked on for months, and they still cant even get it right.
  6. Trust me with Bozo the Clown in charge, I wouldnt rule out a big dismantling of service within the GO Network as a whole. With him anything is possible (including cuts to GO Train service along the busiest corridors). Heck, I wouldnt even rule out Metrolinx selling off the rail corridors they've been buying over the years if they were ordered to by Ford. Yes all this sounds like fearmongering, but we're not talking about a normal person running the province here.
  7. A lot of the moves dont make sense, so I feel like there's going to be changes between now and 2020. Unless the clown who came up with the idea of screwing the windows shut on buses is the same as the one coming up with garage allocations.
  8. This might need to catch some fire over social media so it will force the TTC to reverse their pathetic decision making skills. It's been a while since they've had a good kick in the a**.
  9. Looks like @Bus_Medic was right. Whoever came up with this idea and approved the implementation deserves a stupidity award and medal of honor. Unless there's some kind of safety reason for it, this is the most ridiculous policy implementation i've heard of in the past 10 years.
  10. Are they legitimately screwed shut, or is it the auto-lock that comes on when the A/C is turned on?
  11. Cool story, post it here next time:
  12. The 2002-2009 Orion VIIs dont have that issue at all. The A/C (when working) provides more than adequate cooling and proper air circulation for the entire bus. The RTS had some pretty bad A/C, probably almost at the same level as the LFS. However due to it's design, the air circulated much better in the RTS than in the LFS. If this is true, this is probably one of the dumbest initiatives i've heard of in a long, long time. Realistically speaking, they arent going to be saving a whole lot of cash this way (I dont care what the penny pinchers told them). It's so dumb I really cant see this rolling out system wide on a full scale.
  13. ^Fantastic, looking forward to the cesspool of warm air over the summer months every summer! Nevertheless, appreciate the heads up on that.
  14. Does anyone know what the deal is with the automatic locks on the windows with the new Novas? I'm referring to whether they are an option spec'd by the TTC or if they are just a new feature with the LFS in general. It really doesnt seem like the best thing to do at this time (although I get the idea why they did it) due to the airflow/patchy NovaBus A/C system.
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