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  1. That must've been a fun deadhead for the driver.
  2. It amuses me how many idiots there are who dont know the height of the vehicles that they operate, along with the potential clearance issues of their loads. I think it's time the city looks into this issue more seriously, to avoid a Burlington Skyway type incident. It's clear those cute height caution signs dont do much, and it's only a matter of time before we have an incident where service is severely crippled for days by this kind of event.
  3. ^Well that's exactly what the analysis is for. To determine the cost-benefits of each option, along with the feasibility.
  4. There are quite a host of issues with the section north of Ellesmere station: -That tunnel north of the station is only big enough for an SRT vehicle, and a bus would require more clearance on the turns compared to the SRT vehicles which can navigate slightly tighter turns. It could work for uni-directional travel but it just adds complexity to the shuttle operation. -Buses on the elevated structure would need access points to and from the structure (the space required would be significant and costly) -Midland station would effectively have to be demolished and rebuilt no matter
  5. ^True it's not to say the whole entire corridor could be used, however there are significant sections which could be used for that purpose.
  6. To some of the so called experts here who were saying the the SRT ROW couldnt be used for buses since it's too "narrow", the TTC is considering using it for the temporary shuttle service (these are the routing options being explored, taken from the survey): Additionally they are exploring the streets below:
  7. If Del Duca comes into power he'll be looking to extend the subway all the way through into Kirby. His stupidity has no limits.
  8. ^Oh you know they will. That's why i've been "clamoring" for an impenetrable barrier to be constructed at the end of Vaughan Metropolitan station, and for the Richmond Hill Centre station, that's literally the only way to stop the line from being extended further. With our endless supply of idiot politicians, there will be calls to extend this thing into Barrie. And for those who think i'm kidding, just look at how Doug Ford mused in the past about extending subways to Pickering. As realistic or not you may think that may be, it's not beyond the realm of possibilities in Ontario transit b
  9. The B-Line as it currently stands subsidizes other routes in the city and the corridor generates significant $$$ for the HSR. Sure they'll be on the hook for operating costs, but the costs of the LRT are more than manageable. That's an argument that the idiotic suburban councillors often make, which is funny because their bus routes are the ones draining HSR finances. Not that it really matters because both the HSR and the city has been neglecting the entire system, and the moronic area rating system is still being used.
  10. I'll just leave this here: Work has already started on moving buses to the south end of the terminal. This would allow for the existing bus bays, and the bus concourse to be demolished. Nothing will be built atop of the new bus terminal.
  11. If Hamilton blows this again, just let them live with their antiquated 1970's styled bus service which continues to decline year after year. Actually i'll go one step further, the province shouldnt consider funding a single transit project from them for the next 15 years if they screw this up again. If you're willing to say no to free money, it really shows how idiotic Hamilton politicians are.
  12. You're much more likely to see poor Air Conditioning on a newer NovaBus compared to an older Orion, and you can chalk that up to poor airflow management and the amount of heat allowed to be passed through the rear of the bus among a couple other things.
  13. I havent taken him seriously since the words "SmartTrack" came out of his mouth.
  14. I dont know where the carbon breakeven point lies but from a political perspective, the Feds are just looking to peddle themselves as being environmentally friendly at every corner they can. However true it is or not. I mean just look at the announcement they made for the 60 streetcars the TTC wants to order. The Feds "are supporting the procurement of 60 zero-emission streetcars". I mean im sorry, are there streetcars that produce emissions that we're not aware of? They are just looking to pump themselves as doing more for the environment then they actually are. One could always argue th
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