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  1. lip


    As if Islington wasn't crumbling enough on it's own as it is now; MiWay has been doing a good job in expediting the process.
  2. lip

    TTC in the news

    Unfortunately our dummy politicians dont seem to comprehend that simple concept.
  3. lip


    Trust me, all perimeter seating is that last thing you, or anyone would want. Sure it would help with mobility devices, but it results in less standing area than you think with all the legs protruding into the aisle and ultimately impeding passenger flow. The HSR (Hamilton Street Railway) is essentially the only municipality in the GTAH which has opted for this kind of layout, and there's a reason why they are the only ones (ie: they dont know what they're doing over there).
  4. If it's the flat wheel problem you're referring to, most cars have had the issue rectified already (as the problem dates back to the fall). To continue with the speed restriction just for a few outstanding cars is complete BS. Wheel squeal is also not an appropriate reason to reduce speeds, as the problem will occur regardless if a train travels at 10km/h, 30km/h or 70 km/h. I really dont know what management is thinking these days, but it's time they get their heads out of their a**.
  5. Enough of the he said, she said nonsense that always comes up on this forum. Serious question here: Does anyone know why this 30km/h speed limit protocol is still ongoing on the open cut sections of the Bloor-Danforth line? It was eliminated briefly earlier in the month with trains resuming normal high speed, and then all of a sudden they re-instituted it. It's really getting ridiculous, it's been more than 2 months with this nonsense. Trip times have been getting longer as a result of all this (ie: normal 3 min commutes from Victoria Park to Warden can take upwards of 7mins).
  6. lip

    Streetcar News

    Typically I would say there's no need to bring up that kind of elitism. But after I singlehandedly witnessed 2 incidents yesterday involving BMW drivers nearly throttling past open Flexity streetcar doors, and recalling a previous incident of a BMW driver managing to wedge themselves between a streetcar and a platform on St.Clair while making a left hand turn over the summer, I cant disagree with that statement. However, I wouldnt just limit these kind of stupid decisions to just "BMW drivers", it just seems like these luxury vehicle owners are more likely to be involved in incidents like this.
  7. Ford is a buffoon there is no doubt about that fact, but there is no way in hell that thought would even cross his mind. His IQ level would be basically nil if he ever came out with an idea like that. He would be way more likely to close down the Yonge-University loop on the premise that "downtown has enough subways", rather than closing down stations outside of the core because of accessibility concerns.
  8. Exactly, neither the Bloor-Danforth, nor Yonge-University lines would be considered accessible, regardless of even if they were 85%, 90%, 95%, etc% accessible. An individual would easily be able to file a valid non-compliance complaint against the TTC stating that they did not provide accessible service if one of the stations they boarded or exited did not have an elevator. I'm not sure what's going to happen between now and 2025, but i'm sure the TTC and/or province will come up with some kind of solution to the remaining stations which most likely wont meet the deadline (ie: Islington and Warden). I'm guessing there will be some kind of skirting around the AODA (ie: potential Wheel-Trans service available from inaccessible stations, but what the ultimate solution will be I have no idea.
  9. I'm too lazy to dig up the exact wording in the AODA, but it's pretty vague with certain aspects with regards to vehicles while it is more specific with others. For example the audio/visual announcements are required on all vehicles that operate on a route. With regards to vehicles, they have to be barrier free to all users (which includes those on mobility devices). So just taking that wording into account, all vehicles would essentially have to be step free. The SRT certainly wouldn't meet accessibility regulations as all stations are not accessible, irrespective of the fact that the vehicles are pretty much compliant. Parallel bus service wouldnt excuse to SRT for not being accessible, unless there was a special exemption made to run shuttle bus service which exactly matched how the SRT operates.
  10. 5204 has CCTV cameras installed but are not operational and are still in protective wrap.
  11. lip

    Missing in Action buses

    The amusing thing about the now retired S50's is that the heating/air conditioning system on half of them still provided better functionality compared to the brand new Novas we're getting due to the Novas garbage air flow system design, and air seeping through the rear doors.
  12. lip

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    Anyone have any information on why the TTC has begun crippling subway service by reducing speeds on all open cut sections throughout the system? There's really no reason for this since we havent had any recent inclement weather that would cause this kind of non-sense to happen regularly.
  13. Dont worry, i'm sure that thought hasn't even crossed the minds of the people over at TTC management for the slightest second.
  14. lip

    Missing in Action buses

    7879 was really going strong all day today. It was out on both the early morning and late afternoon peak and didnt sound like it had any problems (ie: the problems buses typically have when they are on their last legs).
  15. lip

    TTC in the news

    Well right now our province is being led by a buffoon, so the sky is the limit as to what is or isnt being taken over. Since Ford seems intent on screwing Toronto with every chance he can get, it wouldnt surprise me if we get the worst deal possible.