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  1. It would put an extremely slight dent into it, but not significant amount. Metrolinx should really be expanding service to various mobility hubs within Toronto (ie: Renforth, Yorkdale, STC, etc..) irrespective of if the TTC already operates service there, especially since the TTC has proven to incapable of operating adequate service on various routes within the city. Not only would in provide another alternative, but it could cut the commute time down for many commuters.
  2. All valid points, however nothing would stop all of the aforementioned from continuing in operation. Main Street is a stone throw away from Hamilton GO Centre, so even if a new transit terminal were located just north of there, riders could easily connect to the 1, 5, and 10 in order to go eastbound. Heck, King Street isnt even that far from Hamilton GO Centre, and the westbound 1A, 5, and 10 could dip down to meet the new terminal if it was really warranted to capture those connecting passengers. As it currently stands, those buses are already laying over on King Street around James half of the time anyways before continuing westbound, so having buses dip to the new terminal wouldn't add any additional travel time.
  3. Hamilton GO Centre is located in Downtown Hamilton, so locating a terminal around there would actually centralize bus operations to/from the core for the most part. I could care less for having a terminal for photos, it's about having a terminal that can handle a large amount of customers at any given point in time where customers can easily transfer between routes without crossing the street, and having a proper enclosed shelter one could actually use to walk in a climate controlled area and easily transfer between routes while waiting for a bus. MacNab as currently designed has a piss pour capacity limit and as i said before, its essentially a glorified bus shelter. As for the Mississauga City Centre, yes it is a mess of a facility. That's why i said Mississauga has realized that they key to being able to attract more riders to the system is by replacing it.
  4. Any amount of cash that would be used to acquire a large piece of land for a central bus terminal could be partially offset by disposing of surplus land that the current MacNab Terminal sits on. Of course it wouldn't be enough to offset the cost 1:1, but it would provide some relief to the construction costs of a new terminal. Hamitlon has a sea of parking lots in the core that they could choose from (ie: right outside of Hamilton GO Centre on Hunter for starters). If Hamilton wants to attract new riders to the system, it has to do much better. Brampton realized that and that's a big reason why they constructed the Gateway Terminal (because the solution before was woefully inadequate), Mississauga has realized that with their current City Centre Terminal, etc...
  5. Put it in the bank and let it grow some interest😉 But in al seriousness the City of Hamilton has wasted enough money with the glorified bus shelters downtown. They need to come up with plan to build a proper bus terminal for the downtown core. The current half-baked solution they've come up with isnt helping anything.
  6. Very true that "terminal" is another pathetic example of a terminus as well. Luckily for Pickering, its population isnt 500K+.
  7. They should put that money into constructing an actual proper Downtown Bus Terminal, not some glorified long bus platforms with shelters. The MacNab Bus Terminal is by far and away the most embarrassing "terminal" in the GTAH.
  8. It *feels* like the TTC is obsessed with screwing around with streetcar operations to make things slower and slower each and every single year, almost like they go sniffing around for something to mess with. That and the fact that they have some phobia of doors shutting on people; so much so they make the timing on doors closing on subways, buses, and streetcars slower with each new generation of vehicle acquired.
  9. ^And the TTC could make the case that there are numerous warnings that give said driver advanced warning not to enter the tunnel, and thus due to the driver's own negligence they ended up in the situation that they got themselves into.
  10. The solution is easy, install retractable bollards. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out a solution.
  11. Good i'm glad I sound pretty childish, and now that that's settled end of discussion. There's no need for me to waste my time with a "valid counter-argument". Dont like my comments? Dont reply to them. Time to get back on topic, there's no need for any extra comments from anyone.
  12. Hey i'm just sticking up for myself, personally I dont get butt hurt at all over any of the comments made. When you have individuals who claim they're "done talking with you", than come back and seek your comments out because they cant get enough then try to boil things up by saying " Calm your tits", than i'm sorry I ain't standing by childish nonsense like that. A comment is a comment, people have their own opinions take it or leave it. I'm not going to go around telling people to "calm their tits" and start making sarcastic remarks just because my opinion or point of view differs. I've been on this board long enough to avoid half of the childish talk that can go on here regarding foamers, etc.. When it comes to people coming at me, no way in hell i'm taking it.
  13. Coming from someone with the name @Streety McCarface that means so much, thanks! Good for you, congrats for your 13 years of experience. I'll be sure to mail you the loonie and a certificate of accomplishment. Maybe i'll toss in a participation ribbon just like high schoolers get, so you can add it to your oh so extensive trophy collection.
  14. Let's see how good your reading and comprehension skills are. Take a read, look at some photos and come back when you're done: https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2018/05/02/ttc-keeps-reports-about-scarborough-rt-safety-secret-from-the-public.html https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2017/04/18/scarborough-rt-vehicles-need-repairs-to-avoid-catastrophic-corrosion-failures.html https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2019/05/04/scarborough-rt-fleet-reached-critical-vehicle-shortage-last-month.html?li_source=LI&li_medium=star_web_ymbii --->read the part where it explicitly states "holes in car bodies that “could compromise the integrity of the vehicle structure" and "Duct-tape has been used as a sealant, electrical wiring is exposed" So much for "having enough of me" eh? You just cant seem to help yourself in replying to my posts😉 Oh, here's a photo of the door frame of an SRT vehicle (in case your reading skills arent to snuff). If you need a photo with explicit duct tape on an SRT vehicle let me know and i'll personally mail you one:
  15. A few 37 year old, crumbling rust buckets being held together by duct tape so passengers arent at risk falling through potential holes that could form on said vehicle
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