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  1. ^Fantastic, looking forward to the cesspool of warm air over the summer months every summer! Nevertheless, appreciate the heads up on that.
  2. Does anyone know what the deal is with the automatic locks on the windows with the new Novas? I'm referring to whether they are an option spec'd by the TTC or if they are just a new feature with the LFS in general. It really doesnt seem like the best thing to do at this time (although I get the idea why they did it) due to the airflow/patchy NovaBus A/C system.
  3. ^They've been ordering CNG buses since 2015, and all future buses orders for the foreseeable future will be of this type. The reason why there was a pause before that was because the HSR was evaluating the sustainability of continuing with CNG bus purchases for a couple reasons (mainly HSR CNG related infrastructure issues, and natural gas prices).
  4. I'm not too familiar with the MTO certification process, so you'd have have to ask someone who's a little more familiar on that one.
  5. The official "documented" length of the LFS, XD40, and Orion VII are all 40 foot. However put you actually went out and measured these 3 models, you would find the XD40 is actually 41 feet in length while the Orion VII is 42 feet long. Hell you dont even need a tape measure, just take a look with your own naked eyes and you could tell that the other 2 models are longer. So there are the facts for you.
  6. You realize the 8400-8617 are even more deficient than the "crappy" 81XX you refer to right? For starters those Novas are king of air flow issues with air seeping through the doors like no mans business due to the horrid door design. Then add the bad A/C which cant circulate air properly, warm air generated by the engine which one can feel on the rear seats of those vehicles, rear windows which cant open, reduced overall capacity (seated+standing) due to shorter bus length and you get the idea. It would be a blessing from God if those Orions were transferred to Queensway.
  7. ^I wouldnt really describe underground LRT as being short changed, but the short answer to the question is no they dont realize that. As far those constituents are concerned, anything that's tunneled is a "subway" whether its an LRT vehicle, a boat, a bus, or pixie dust.
  8. It's ironic that DoFo along with his brother were the ones who were responsible for selling off the Richview Expressway lands which couldve been used to save billions by trenching the LRT, and now he wants to pay a premium of billions by tunneling the whole damn thing. So much for "respecting the taxpayers dollars". It's too bad half these taxpayers are clueless as to how much money the guy goes around wasting unnecessarily. Dont mind these Central/North Etobicoke voters, most of them love to complain about how things are but yet are myopic as to why things are the way the are and arent improving for them.
  9. With the PC faithful being dumb enough to vote him in as leader the first time over Elliot, dont expect their intelligence to all of a sudden to shoot up and force Ford out in favor of her. Granic Allen probably has a better chance the way those people think.
  10. Now this is a proper and comfortable rear seating layout, one that we havent seen since the Orion VII NGs. Ample leg room, no damn protrusions in the middle of the aisle in the rear, and a bit more room to stand without hitting your head on top of the damn sidewalls. It's amazing what an extra 12 inches of overall length can do for a bus.
  11. ^Trust me, im well aware the hot box bench that is the rear seats of the NovaBus. Durigng the winter they act as tush insulators, during the summer they're like a sauna.
  12. The air circulation system on all Novas is just bad plain and simple. It may vary depending on the type of HVAC system that is used (ie: Carrier vs Thermo King) but in general i've noticed that the Carrier system is just messed up. For starters the cooling doesn't reach all the way to the rear of the bus, which doesnt help at all since the extreme rear windows cant be opened up at all. Then add to the fact that the amount of cooling one can actually feel can vary dramatically where one is seated/standing onboard the bus (literally if someone is seated or standing on the sides of the bus they can feel cool air blasting on them, vs. when one stands in the center when they feels blasts of cool air vs random warm air patches). Heating is another issue altogether and really varies based on the bus. Some blast heat like has been mentioned above, while others actually function like a normal heating system. The one thing i will say is that on the older Nova models (84XX-85XX and 90XX-9152) is that the bad door design allows air to seep into the bus like no mans business. This is especially noticeable during the winter time. As i've said before, how Nova has gotten away with the bad air circulation on their buses for all this time is beyond me. What's more striking is that I dont know how this could even escape various engineering tests that they do.
  13. It's clearly their long term plan to use it in conjunction with the subway/streetcar map. However, as we can see, its just poor execution (as per usual with the TTC)
  14. I'm aware that this problem exists in other communities in Canada and North America, but I'm referring to the 905 in particular here. In Hamilton's case, there is a clear transit divide between the outer suburbs and inner suburbs/city centre which doesn't exist in other 905 communities to the extent that it does in Hamilton. For example, Burlington as a whole just couldnt care less about transit and would do anything to sabotage ridership throughout the entire city. Mississauga has seen an uptick in ridership virtually everywhere within the city (ie: not just limited to the core or outer city limits), Brampton has seen increases throughout the city, etc.. Once again, i'm aware of ridership differences that exist in different geographic areas of various cities. My point was, the divide is much more evident to see in Hamilton compared to other cities in the 905 (ie: Mississauga has large pockets spread throughout the city where you can see car ownership is much higher compared to transit ridership, while in Hamilton it's entire boroughs). Regardless of if other transit agencies in the GTHA have had minimal growth in ridership, the point is that there was still an increase in ridership. In Hamilton's case there has been a clear and significant decrease in ridership. The TTC's stagnation/decrease has only been a recent thing (if you take their numbers over a 5 year period there has still been an increase in ridership, unlike with Hamilton). I'm unfamiliar with YRTs numbers so I cant comment there. I cant find it now, but there was a chart from a couple years ago floating around where it showed that every transit authority in the GTHA had increases in ridership, all except for the HSR. Hamilton is the only transit authority in the GTHA that i'm aware of that goes with an all perimeter seating layout throughout the entire length of a bus (with the exception of their artics). In Hamiton's case it's a particularly bad choice as legs protrude into the aisle throughout the bus and causes passenger flow issues. It's even worse considering the fact that they go with rear wheelchair ramp option which just makes for a mess of a situation when mobility devices board the bus, and half of passengers in the front section of the bus have to get off to accommodate it. It's difficult to explain, but it's more of something you have to see in action to explain. Basic point is, the layout doesnt work for Hamilton's needs (usage of mobility devices in Hamilton is pretty significant compared to MiWay buses, TTC buses, etc...) I completely agree here, there are definitely other matters in play which are affecting ridership numbers in Hamilton. My point here again, is that certain riders (we dont know what number/percentage) definitely have their preferences in vehicle type due to factors that are more specific in scope (ie: Inability to open rear windows, seating layouts, etc..). For example, there was a time a few years ago when Hamilton had issues with the backrests that were used for mobility devices on newer bus models (XD40s). Mobility device users frequently complained to the HSR about the issue and were asking why they weren't like the ones on the older bus model (D40LF).
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