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  1. Good thing Ontario enforces the law oh so strongly. In that case, probably 75% of plain clothes loss prevention agents/officers are doing their work illegally.
  2. I was just about to mention that. Out of the buses the TTC has operated in the last 20 years with A/C, the D40LF and NovaRTS were the ones that had similar problems with extremely warm heat issues on the rear seats. No idea what the cause of the issues were on those buses, but on the D40LF the air circulation better compared to the RTS. The NovaRTS probably had the worst issues with warm seats. They were extremely uncomfortable and although the air flow was decent, the door placement near the back (in addition to the seeping airflow inwards) caused air circulation problems at the rea
  3. The TTC operations building will be on the north side of St.Clair, not at the reconstructed station. Or maybe i'm just foaming who knows, believe what you want.
  4. ^Thanks for your contribution to the discussion, keep moving mountains.
  5. And who's to say I never drove one in the past? As someone who has driven them in the past, and who has been a regular customer on the TTC for years commuting long distances, you're damn right im passionate about ride quality. No one's saying that there are perfect transit vehicles, but Nova's have clear flaws that the company is very slow to address. The driverside window that you just alluded to, it took them what, 20+ years to address the issue? As far as i'm aware, issues were raised to NovaBus around the driver side window and for whatever reason it's only recently they fin
  6. Over the past couple of years, some of the issues i've experienced and have heard from others regarding Novas include: -The mirror placement is horrendous. It is very difficult to see passengers inside the bus, let alone if they are exiting via the rear doors (this has been improved slightly by the TTC, but other municipalities suffer from the issue to this day) -There is a real lack of leg room for tall drivers in the drivers compartment as the panel is too low -The dashboard makes it seem as though one is reading the hieroglyphics with all the symbols and as a result, drivers
  7. Nah, I prefer them not figuring it out till it's too late. Similar to how Daimler ran Orion to the ground.
  8. Doesnt mean the problem isnt gone, the drivers still have to look at the passengers who are boarding the vehicle. But you make a point, some dont even bother turning their neck and i've noticed it quite a bit. I dont know how Nova has gotten away with the design flaws in their products for such a long time. Well actually I do, it's because of Volvo's backing. Meanwhile, other manufacturers (New Flyer, Proterra to name a couple) have all changed their bus design in various ways over the years. The only notable change Nova has made was to finally rearrange the rear engine compartment, and c
  9. Honestly hope the TTC doesnt even consider the LFSe+. Does anyone know if they would suffer from the same internal heat/air flow issues as the diesel, and to a lesser extent hybrid LFS buses? I've never been on buses that literally feel like an internal sauna until Novas started to arrive. The other day I was on an LFS Artic and literally the entire rear half of the bus was so hot one couldnt sit there for greater than 5 mins before having to move up to the front half. I wont even get started on the entire rear seat row which regularly feels like a sauna on a regular basis.
  10. The rail is installed (similar to the way rail was installed on the Crosstown line). The rail is installed at the intersection (and it is raised), but it's not connected to the main line yet.
  11. Who knows this might not be the last we hear of it, more especially if the clown Del Duca (who initiated the hydrogen circus) gets elected as premier.
  12. I've been hearing the costs of staying vs. leaving the consortium are almost negligible, and the "significant" savings arent being realized due to the HSR's choice of going with CNG over diesel. Which leads to the question of why the hell not just leave the consortium, especially if one keeps discovering issues with certain aspects of the buses to which the HSR could otherwise swap out if they were out of the consortium (ie: Air Conditioning). Hamilton likes to talk a good game about improving service in the city but as long as they remain in the consortium, they are tied to whenever
  13. I'm not suggesting that it's easy, but this it isnt rocket science technology. It's technology that already exists and it's on the market, the city isnt pioneering some kind of new invention. Im saying that it's embarrassing that it even took them 4 years to get a handful of intersections up and running. Toronto likes to drag its feet on improvements that any other jurisdiction can get done in half the amount of time.
  14. Wishful thinking with Toronto Transportation Servicees running the show in Toronto. They wont even activate signal priority on existing streetcar ROW corridors. I wont even mention the fact it's taken them 4+ years from concept to finally start implementing "smart" signals in this city.
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