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  1. bn2189

    GO Transit

    I noticed GO 667 (MP40PHT-T4AC or whatever the new ones are) was out behind GO 665 on one of the Lakeshore West L12 (or maybe that's LL12) sets today. Lance Gleich, Toronto ON
  2. bn2189

    GO Transit

    Both the Wiki and the recently-released Bible, er, Trackside Guide show the current GO Transit passenger car orders as standard coaches 4000-4054 and accessible coaches 4500-4504. However, accessible coaches are up to at least 4514 based on these pictures I took at the TMC earlier in the month. Personally, the highest-numbered non-accessible coach I've seen has been the 4018. I presume the proportion of each within the order has been adjusted. Could anyone share the new distribution? Lance Gleich, Toronto ON
  3. bn2189

    GO Transit

    Great tip! Thank you!
  4. bn2189

    GO Transit

    Does anyone happen to know the location/status of GO 664 #SantasOtherRide for this weekend? I'm hoping to catch it this season. Thank you, Lance
  5. bn2189

    Streetcar News

    Reportedly at Lambton Yard in Toronto tonight, not where the Yardmaster (West Tower from Agincourt Yard) thought it was, and the T15 local crew looking for it... Lance Gleich, Toronto ON