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  1. Spotted the ex-ttc orion v 9424. Good to see that it is getting some use. Now it sits on Norfinch between steeles and finch. Spotted it from hwy 400, it was behind some building.
  2. I can confirm that I did see them. I saw 1095 and 1096. 1095 was on layover near Mcdonalds on Bathurst and Steeles. I saw 1096 at Drewry and Bathurst going Northbound. Sorry for the pic. Didnt have enough time to actually get out and take a proper one. (1095 on Layover)
  3. Oh I see how it is. I never knew that. Thanks for the info!! Would I be able to get in touch with them and ask which Scrap Company they recently sold to?
  4. Quick Question: Does anybody know where TTC or YRT go to scrap their buses?? Would love to find some old parts!
  5. Hello Everyone! I was wondering if the TTC will be having their Harvey & Duncan Open house again this year. If so, when do they usually set dates? Hoping to get a glimpse of the Gm T6H-5307N New look. Hopefully they finish but I doubt they will. :/ Thanks!
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