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  1. WMATA just had a system pick for September service changes and West Ox was not apart of that pick.
  2. West Ox closed for Connector as well ?
  3. 4500's appear to be coming soon
  4. yup as of 3/14/21 WMATA will be leaving West Ox
  5. 5500 and 5503 are at Bladensburg & Someone forgot to remove something haha
  6. 2822 and 2824 appear to back at Bladensburg from Four Mile
  7. 7090 has indeed been painted back into the local scheme
  8. 3309 parked at Bladensburg today
  9. Had 3288 yesterday on the 80 not much of a difference to me besides the mirrors and the extra air vents for the operator and the floor switches for the turn signals and when the wheelchair ramp is deployed there are lights that flash at the doorway and a announcement saying caution ramp is deployed , I had 2819 on my second block and WOW that Voith transmission! 2819 was definitely a joy to operate.
  10. a couple of new 2020 XN40's are at Bladensburg (can't use my cell phone on the lot so no pics) but I suspect those are probably at Blade to knock the last few Metro Extra 2600's out.
  11. It was just one XD60 there and several XN40's and XD40's no pics sorry.
  12. Saw NF XD60 5500 with short roofline and NF XN40 33xx's at Andrews Division as well as the new XD40's today. Still kind of meh about those new non opening windows though.
  13. or maybe they can speak or read the official language but to a degree that they understand 100% , TTC seems to be doing the right thing by catering to the community around the garage as other members have stated. TTC is being a good neighbor by printing in the language of the community of the particular area , I live in the Washington DC area and majority of the times notices are printed in several different languages ( spanish, korean ,vietnamese etc ). to reflect the diverse community being served despite english being the official language. Its 2020 not the 80's anymore
  14. Any chance any of the New Flyers recently ordered will come with Voith transmissions ?
  15. Hello, does anyone know why WMATA decided to go with sealed windows for it's order of XD40's, and I've noticed the older XDE40's are bring rehabbed and they have sealed windows as well. Are sealed windows going to be standard on all new bus orders ?
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