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  1. vvozz

    Los Angeles MTA

    So future New Flyer XN's with Voith Transmissions ? Music to my ears
  2. vvozz

    Los Angeles MTA

    With most recent bus order 1500 series they are equipped with a Voith Transmission. Will any new buses with cng engine have voith transmission as well ?
  3. Yes the Cummings I'm glad they have returned I don't particularly care for the units with the ZF transmission. I wonder what transmission the new NovaBus Artics will come with .. and I wish the county has a similar overhaul program for the buses some of those buses are downright gross on the inside and the outside .
  4. Maybe the name of this topic should be changed to Washington Metro Area Agencies since there are so many Agencies ? But in Ride On news some of the 2004 Orion VII have returned to active service 5920,5923,5928. I had 5928 yesterday and wow it was sweet to drive and hear that Voith transmission again . That whine drives me insane
  5. 6301 and 6317 are the training buses for Cinder Bed. I believe from the contract info I read on wmata's site 6301-6365 will be assigned there but some 30 FT Orion 7's
  6. On http://www.ttmg.org/nymta-volvo.html the last picture bus 5531 has the new driver's window design.. looks pretty nice. Also for the TA I work for no one has announced who won the articulated order for the BRT Montgomery county is opening in 2020 but they have updated the BRT website and it's a Novabus Artic https://www.flashbrt.com/us29/ I was hoping for New Flyer to win the order but anything is better than more Gilligs and I guess nothing is set in stone since there is no formal announcement from either the TA or either manufacturer.
  7. http://www.atulocal689.org/689-blog/arbitration-panel-rules-paul-wiedefelds-attempt-to-privatize-without-bargaining-unacceptable So does this mean contracting out the new depot has been put on hold ?
  8. So I was thinking ( my apologies if there is already a thread) but would any other fellow bus operators or rail operators want to share there run sheets, schedules etc ? I am curious to see how other transit agencies operator run/ schedules look.. I am curious because I was talking with a Wmata metro rail operator who I let Deadhead with me and he accidentally left his operator schedule on my bus and it was very interesting to see how other agencies schedules look . I have shared my schedules and the Wmata Operator schedule would anyone care to share ? I have shared a google photos link since I cannot upload the pictures .. couldn't figure out how to make them smaller lol any who heres the link : https://photos.app.goo.gl/VY2XP3HHjHgu18oY9
  9. Well for me I just don't like how the drivers area is set up its very cramped, controls are in odd places and I absolutely hate how the warning lights are above the windshield. So yeah maybe it is how my agency specified the buses but the newer ones (2016-2017) the drive like crap.Every bump in the road is felt in the steering wheel constant door problems electrical problems (maybe just new bus issues) Other than that I will say Gillig has built a good bus but I do agree that they need to start from scratch especially with the tired exterior design and the cramped drivers area. My agency only has 15 New Flyer's and as I stated before I'd rather operate those over any Gilligs much more space in the drivers area the ride is so much better than even the new gilligs. But it seems Gillig has a contract with my agency until 2020 so they will replace the remaining 15 New Flyers and 24 Orion VII we have. But I will say my favorite Gilligs in our fleet are the 2006-2007 Gillig Hybrids out of silver spring depot 5300-5311,5313.
  10. I agree with you 100% I find myself wanting to drive the 2005 New Flyer CNG's in our fleet over the newest CNG Gilligs. Gilligs just aren't comfortable at least for me. I'm hoping the agency I work for, the 60FT contract that was put out goes to New Flyer.
  11. As a operator at Ride On I welcome anything thats not Gillig, the 15 2005 New Flyers we have will soon be retired alone with the 19 ( give or take ) 2005 Orion VII's
  12. Interesting. I hope these buses come with Voith transmissions. I prefer to operate the 03-04 model Orion VII because of the Voith tranny, I feel they are much smoother than the Allison Tranny especially in the newer Gilligs. I really hope Ride On orders from New Flyers though. I do like the Gilligs but a variety would be nice.
  13. Can anyone find any info about bus orders for Montgomery County Ride On ? I know they have a contract with Gillig but that's all the info I can find.
  14. As an operator I must say the Gillig buses we have at Montgomery County Ride On are pretty good buses although some good points were brought up in a past post -Warning Lights not in the line of sign , Annoying 4 way sound, Start-up chime and stop request bell right in your ear and that weird seating arrangement but the rear door , but other than that there are pretty good buses to drive. The garage I work out of has the Hybrid and Diesel versions the older hybrids are really well-built buses but the new 2016 we just received i don't particularly care for them Steering wheel shakes and jerks whenever I go through a pothole are any bump or dip in the road, suspension seems really really stiff in the front electrical problems (interior lights not coming on or going off or the bus just shutting down with no warning has happened to me a few times) and that could be just bugs being worked out b/c they are new. I don't particularly care for the driver's area set up on any of the Gilligs but they could be the way they were spec'd by the county. I like the variety it gets annoying driving the same bus every day the garage I'm at is 100% Gillig. I like the Gilligs and I've Driven a New Flyer from an another garage once I hope the County will order more New Flyers but who knows. BTW I'm new to the whole bus scene just a casual observer these are my opinions go easy on me
  15. While I do enjoy operating Gillig's and i think they are good buses I wish Mont County Ride On would order New Flyers. It boring driving the same thing over and over again. I've attached a picture of my favorite bus in the fleet for now haha (sorry for the bad quality i had a quick layover)
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