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  1. Usually the engine cover should be up along with safety triangles. TTC 8635 broken down on Steeles EB west of Redlea
  2. There can be another 501 Bathurst-Church run, but that was ruined by foamers
  3. Didn't they make up an excuse to why they couldn't operate the PCC? IIRC it was because of the pantograph wires (which I hardly believe that was the case)
  4. Agreed. If it ain't broke, don't fix it (then again it looks like it worsened). The TTC really has money to spend.
  5. MiWay 1061 on 42 Derry? YRT 1061 on 42 Berczy? TTC 1061 on 42 Cummer?
  6. Did they not take out the memory of the Horizon ODK? I'm surprised the Not In Service sign is on
  7. Must be a new system update. It will soon be applied to the entire network.
  8. More so most of your posts consists of you asking the same question over and over again. You don't seem to accept the same, repeated answer given to you as well. Like @Orion V said: And who's overreacting?
  9. Go complain to TTC head office if you really want new buses delivered at Queensway. Or, go see a therapist.
  10. Maybe my sarcasm flew over your head. I was bringing in the joke from that thread. Considering how he keeps ranting about how Queensway doesn't get any buses, I tried to have a bit fun by mentioning McNicoll was getting 900... that wasn't successful but oh well
  11. It's a bus. What will be so special? The new bus smell?
  12. As if the restricted height wasn't already a reason these Hybrids aren't going... and like Queensway has buses being retired there... Malvern totally doesn't have NG Hybrids needing to be replaced
  13. @leylandvictory2mentioned in the McNicoll Bus Garage update thread that 900 may go to McNicoll when it opens. The 8000s may still be around at that time
  14. Not 6ixbuzz worthy, Saugabuzz ehh
  15. Sounds like Brexit. So is it stay or go? Make up your mind!
  16. On a Sunday... I smell bullshit
  17. TTC 612x deadheading EB Spadina via Line 2 platforms, heading to the Line 1 St. George platforms
  18. I think we know about it by now, it's been mentioned a few times
  19. Birchmount was used for dead buses. They have a separate area just for them. It wouldn't make sense to send them down to the lake from the east end, but then there's Obico. I heard that Malvern wants to reallocate the Hybrids there to one of the West End garages, so there wouldn't be a drive all the way back to Malvern for maintenance.
  20. Isn't Birchmount already a graveyard for retired buses as well?
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