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  1. 5298-5299 and 5306-5307 were among the pairs that were derailed in today’s incident at Keele/Vincent Yard
  2. https://www.cp24.com/mobile/news/elderly-man-drives-suv-through-queens-quay-tunnel-into-union-station-1.4778075 Again it happens..
  3. I guess whatever is not within the former pre-amalgamate boundaries of the City of Toronto but within the metro Toronto boundary is considered suburban Toronto
  4. TTC 9063 training on McNicoll near Midland Side note: I sometimes see Malvern buses training along McNicoll and stopping at the McNicoll Garage site
  5. 577x has a CBC “Winter is hot” wrap
  6. P1 on Line 1 at Pioneer Village, service suspended between Finch West to VMC
  7. Probably 1650 because I saw it broken down as well
  8. Hope it isn't Shit Bachmann... their devices are always have some sort of issue as seen with the TTC numerous times... and now GRT's EasyGO system is also struggling The Thales readers are pretty reliable out on the other GTA systems
  9. IIRC a 17xx artic smashed the stairwell of the 1/101 bay as well
  10. 3725 had difficulties at Bay/Bloor less than 15-20 minutes after it left the first stop, everyone was kicked off and it had to deadhead back to the garage
  11. TTC 8848 was rear ended on Warden north of Sheppard
  12. https://www.cp24.com/news/province-will-not-upload-subways-will-cover-toronto-s-share-of-ontario-line-scarborough-extension-1.4640420 province won’t upload subway
  13. It had to involve that streetcar, and it also happened conveniently near police headquarters and nearby hospitals... both lucky and unlucky at the same time. What were the odds of that Pretty sure the driver will get charged
  14. 3295 is MIA as of 17 days now due to the fire on the 427
  15. That border was probably because of the prohibition of alcohol consumption in restaurants in East York back in the day Don't get started with the former City of York's borders... it's funny how the North York-York border splits through Mount Dennis garage
  16. TTC 3295 caught fire on the 427. There were fire trucks behind it
  17. Edit, turns out they have stored cars there. From a previous post, 10-12 Flexities could be stored there
  18. TTC 1270 towed heading NB Dufferin at St. Clair An unknown Nova Hybrid broken down near Seneca College Loop facing WB
  19. https://toronto.citynews.ca/2019/08/26/bloor-yonge-toronto-transit-funding/amp/
  20. P1 at College, service suspended between Bloor-Yonge to Union
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