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  1. Pretty sure it's system wide, it's just station rollout is slowly moving through
  2. I don't think our CleverDevices shows that information By the way, it also shows YRT or MiWay logos when it crosses the fare boundary
  3. It was to deceive the driver making think it's a usual student or senior concession when boarding through the front.
  4. Different sound, and it shows child pass
  5. New update rolled out today and already 4 people caught using child passes on my bus within the past 15 mins
  6. Could GO transit do a bus route that could connect Hamilton-KW-London? GO doesn’t have to necessarily serve Toronto
  7. TTC 8164 and 8378 on 123 Sherway TTC 8195 on 44 Kipling South
  8. I’ve also heard of the unconfirmed report from the foreperson that they may have been to McNicoll garage. TTC management and enforcement are aware of the recent incidents.
  9. TTC 3188 was involved in a collision earlier near Finch Station, looks like it was rear ended
  10. TTC 3188 was involved in a collision, looks like it might be out for a while
  11. Another theory is that they’re trying to run these hybrids to the ground to make way for new buses
  12. TTC 8117 on 42 Cummer It was normal before McNicoll, but hey it’s special now
  13. P1 at Sheppard West, no service between Finch West and Wilson
  14. Seems like the TTC is exercising their option for 60 additional streetcars https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.6022043
  15. Time for me to complain about McNicoll getting hand me downs. Especially 2252 grrr
  16. TTC 3114 on 95, tracker also reported 3333 on it as well TTC 3342 on 85
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