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  1. It’s a rollout update. They are replacing the shark fin equipment with the antenna
  2. TTC 1122 broke down on Eglinton WB at Islington
  3. Reviving an old thread: 4527 has the new black readers
  4. 3344 fully wrapped for Ozzy Hydroponics
  5. 613x fully wrapped with Pokerstars Casino
  6. Post this in today’s sightings.
  7. York Region and Toronto splits maintenance costs 50/50 under their boundary road agreement: https://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/2000/agendas/council/cc/cc000411/plt3rpt/cl003.pdf The same is true for Highway 50, where Peel maintains and operates and Peel and York pays 50/50 its maintenance costs. York Region is getting pretty good deals on these border agreements TTC will maintain their express routes as Steeles remains in Toronto control.
  8. Steeles is under jurisdiction of Toronto, so it is under Toronto standards and maintenance. Not necessarily to be a VIVA route, but there is a Steeles BRT planned, however it may be operated and maintained by TTC. York Region would split the operational/maintenance cost 50/50 under their boundary road agreement. Fare integration would be a thing in the future
  9. I mean there’s the lack of fire suppression…
  10. Finally, the TTC adapts the new readers
  11. https://www.gotransit.com/en/about-us/benefits-of-taking
  12. This isn’t the special sightings thread.
  13. Sheppard West to Wilson is a slow zone. Sometimes announcements are made SB between Rosedale and Bloor-Yonge for that slow zone
  14. Depends on the type of shuttle or how busy it is. If it is a emergency shuttle or if there is high volume, it would be on street stops.
  15. Usually the shuttle stops are on street along Midland, not going within Lawrence East or Ellesmere through the service roads
  16. 581x fully wrapped for Amazon Prime
  17. They usually do. The usual shuttle route is NB Transit and SB Wilson Heights.
  18. It says that for its language requirement that French is required.
  19. It was a bomb threat. Both fire and police were on scene when I passed by. P1 at Wilson, shuttle buses extended to Lawrence West.
  20. P1 at Dufferin, there was no service between Keele and Ossington
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