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  1. TTC 3114 on 95, tracker also reported 3333 on it as well TTC 3342 on 85
  2. So it looks like TOK will be taking over Southwest now, Transdev lost the contract bid
  3. TTC 8604 on 57 Midland, not too particularly special though it’s a white Birchmount Nova
  4. 561x has the Black History Month wrap
  5. P1 at Dundas West, no service between Jane and Ossington
  6. TTC 3151 on 43, but missed its right turn on its SB routing from Midland and turned onto McNicoll
  7. Spotted 3751 at a plant near Midwest Rd beside the SRT/Stouffville Line
  8. Wrong topic to post here about retirements, this is for division movements
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