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  1. I wanted to put this to the "TTC in the News" section but I don't think that this involving TTC in the news, rather it being Metrolinx and Bombardier's legal dispute.
  2. I spotted a 6 car T1 trainset at Wilson Yard. One of the pairs in the trainset include 5100/5101.
  3. As of March 16, 2017, the chat that MiamiDRGuy as made is closing and is to be deleted.
  4. You can request/use the transfer. I think there's a hole punched in that transfer you are given. As soon as the TTC bus goes into York Region, YRT rules apply. So that means 2 hour transfers.
  5. Isn't that @Silly Tilley? He's one of the most respected board members here... I don't know why you labelled his Flickr Account with stolen pictures... You also can really look for the simularities of that Flickr user's username and the one on the board before posting the accusation here
  6. Ahh.. The laziness of the TTC to repair the shelter... And if 6 months weren't enough...
  7. 501L is fast so I'll go with that Tim Hortons coffee or McDonald's coffee
  8. Ummm TTC tunnel traffic spikes Burger King or McDonalds
  9. Other things to note: -We were about to ride 1034, but the driver sped and ran the red light -Found 7603's rear presto reader installed upside down -We were lucky that there was a west side stop at Wilson and Bathurst so we could get on 7511 -We met 3 station supervisors and one information guide who is also a transit fan -We also saw some TRs testing at Eglinton West. -When I got onboard my train, I saw @Hexagonal 10 onboard the car I was in. -We went to Bathurst station to find some more extras and some Honest Ed signage at the station -We both went back on a eastbound T1 to Kennedy Station -I took 7728 on 57, Hexagonal went back to Warden Station -I completed this trip only with one fare
  10. Note the how the rear Presto reader is installed on 7603.
  11. Here you go.
  12. I think TTC and OC Transpo use the same Presto readers on buses...
  14. Good luck in life later on!
  15. Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch Station in Wales, UK