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  1. There were also signal problems between Kipling - Old Mill
  2. I caught and rode 8159 on the 51!
  3. Only 2 buses have it so far, as we can know, the currently rebuilding Orion VII NGs don't have the livery on them yet.
  4. Probable for a factor is weather.
  5. But with the new VISION system coming soon, why would they use existing older TRUMP units?
  6. Some NG rebuilds don't have theirs installed just yet.
  7. But then why did the slowboxes from Bmount move back then if your division is short?
  8. Do you THINK we want your immature jokes?
  9. TTC Route 42D Cummer To Staines via Seasons Dr
  10. Stop acting like a kid on this forum and mature up.
  11. Besides, why do you care how the TTC colours their lines?
  12. So I'm guessing this will be locked?
  13. That depends on the city's decision, and where the extension is going to go, if the extension is needed for the people living nearby, and costs. I think that York Region is proposing the Yonge subway extension to Richmond Hill, but I don't know if it will be reality.
  14. Drivers most likely doing overtime.
  15. just watch out when it's winter on the 95...