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  1. GO 6 car train at 7:30 with 560 (F59PH) leading at Old Cummer
  2. 7706 is the VISION Prototype bus, and won't be going in service anytime soon Some rumours say that 7814 is to be retired and won't be repaired
  3. 1827 is MIA
  4. Just passed the intersection where the pedestrian got struck. But so people I saw continue to cross the streetcar tracks illegally just after it happened. I guess not even someone getting struck and killed by a streetcar is gonna a wake up call and to stop illegal crossing...
  5. The Vision System is replacing the stop announcement system? Why? I thought they were two totally different systems, as the interior stop annoucements already have their own control pad...
  6. Maybe add in those Railway Crossing Bells and Lights?
  7. I passed by that area with my mom a few hours before it happened...
  8. Thanks for posting that sighting without proper credits Anyways, a trainset had all the lights turned off as it passed by me
  9. Unwrapped and back in service.
  10. I wasn't taking pictures of his bus...
  11. The 74xx will slowly retire as new Novas come in
  12. And is still MIA
  13. T1 was probably to Wilson Yard for maintenance