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  1. "Please disregard announcements for the delay at Eglinton. We are experiencing technical difficulties. TTC technicians are troubleshooting" So was there a P1?
  2. Maybe for some repairs
  3. TTC 8622 on 190 Rocket 8628 on 43B Kennedy 8650 on 68A Warden 7777 on 9 Bellamy 1111 on 133 Neilson
  4. This transfer is older than my sister... Heh I'm guessing newer POP transfer designs were being issued in 1997 for subway stations... I'm surprised they didn't use the older transfer design!
  5. Saturday, June 17th TTC: (Started at 2:30 PM EST) -Rode #1224 on 42 Cummer west to Finch Station -Waited for @Hexagonal 10 at Finch Station, he got off from #1676 on 42 Cummer -Rode TR trainset #540x on Line 1 Yonge-University south to Sheppard-Yonge Station -Rode #1414 on 196B York University Rocket west to Sheppard West Station (formerly Downsview Station) -Rode #1364 on SPECIAL EXPRESS 104 Faywood to Wilson Station -Bathroom break at Wilson Station -Rode #7946 on 120 Calvington west to Jane and Sheppard -Rode #8612 on 84 Sheppard West east to Keele Street -Rode #1030 on 41 Keele south to Gunns Rd -Went to Second Cup and took a quick break, @Hexagonal 10 bought a drink and a cookie -Went to McDonald's so I could buy a drink and a burger -Continuing on the 41 Keele, rode #1546 south to Keele Station -Rode T1 car #5124 on Line 2 Bloor-Danforth east to Dufferin Station -Upon hearing that the 29C was detouring, we went back onto Line 2 going east to Bathurst Station, on car #5356 -Rode #4436 on 511 Bathurst south to Fort York Blvd -Rode #8111 (new livery) on 121A west to Prince's Gates -Looked for a bathroom at the Exibition Grounds, couldn't locate an open one -Rode #7832 on 121C east to Capreol Court, ran back to a Tim Horton's located nearby and took a washroom and snack break -Rode #8152 on 121A/121C to west Prince's Gates looping back east to Cherry Beach (Detour On Route) -Talked and asked the driver to change the desto to 192 (more details from Hex and a pic) -Rode #8152 back west towards Union Station -Rode TR trainset #551x on Line 1 Yonge-University north to Bloor-Yonge Station -Rode T1 car #5300 on Line 2 Bloor-Danforth east to Kennedy Station -Hexagonal and I split ways, I boarded #1077 on 57 Midland north to McNicoll, he boarded ICTS #3019 on Line 3 Scarbrough to Scarborough Centre RT Station, then rode #1229 on 129B McCowan North to Steeles @Hexagonal 10 will have all the random field notes, events, and pictures. (Trip ended at approximately 10:47 PM EST)
  6. Maybe it was just repaint from bodywork
  7. Not sure if that's rebuilt... Rebuilds tend to have the Orion logo chipped off and the rear doors replaced.
  8. Dundas West was a mess. Literally looked like Bloor-Yonge from the Westbound Platform, with trains pulling in stuffed.
  9. Before we met: TTC: 1747 on 57 Midland to Kennedy Station A T1 on Line 2 Bloor-Danforth to Islington MiWay: 0333 on 3 W Bloor to City Centre After we spilt up: TTC: 1011 on 32 Eglinton West to Eglinton Station A TR on Line 1 Yonge-University to Finch Station 1147 on 199A Finch Rocket to Midland 1315 on 57 Midland to McNicoll
  10. Eglinton is usually assigned to shuttle subway operators to Kipling, so I assume that 8637 was used. It's still there as of this post
  11. I'm guessing 8637 was used as a subway operator shuttle, spotted it at Kipling this afternoon Nice to see Arrow, Queensway and Eglinton Novabuses at the exact same time and place
  12. You can check the Orion VII Bus Movements thread for a complete list of bus allocation and movements
  13. Yes it was at Birchmount before
  14. Check the board summary