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  1. https://www.thestar.com/amp/news/gta/2019/06/14/error-riddled-plans-thousands-of-design-changes-among-problems-alleged-in-pioneer-village-station-lawsuits.html Well then
  2. But they're on the 985 on weekends, not really a rarity There's some out right now
  3. If you're that lazy to check the MIA thread... it was 8362.
  4. Do you guys have any streetview links with the City of Ottawa Transportation Dept or any other contractor seen installing or maintaining lights?
  5. https://twitter.com/stephcowle/status/1139428601185611776?s=20
  6. A vid (not mine) Was there no fire suppression? 64484191_419950658735461_5139304226547040256_n.mp4
  7. Most of the signals in the GTA that do that have the left arrow on the third aspect then the right arrow on the last one
  8. I don't get why Ottawa does 12-8-12 signal specs, it looks a bit odd to have the yellow smaller than the rest of the housing sections. Yeah I've seen those signals on streetview. I'm surprised the CGE signals (the older aluminium signals) haven't been replaced with the newer LED Fortrans
  9. I didn't think he specified that he was driving a bus. Moreover, why does it matter though? He saw the bus.
  10. Are there any grey-backed Incandescent signals in Ottawa? I know that some near Parliament Hill have been retrofitted with LED
  11. I don't think these signals can be plumbized (mounting them between signal sections) They're programmable signals, made by McCain By the way, I'm pretty much a signal enthusiast as well. Just ask me any question and I'll try to answer them to the best of my knowledge
  12. He is not a reliable source at all. Another news, 0311 may have caught fire at Meadowvale, credit @TransitfanJW
  13. So I'm assuming the new trailer for 1796 fell through..
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