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  1. P1 at Dundas West, no service between Jane and Ossington
  2. TTC 3151 on 43, but missed its right turn on its SB routing from Midland and turned onto McNicoll
  3. Spotted 3751 at a plant near Midwest Rd beside the SRT/Stouffville Line
  4. Wrong topic to post here about retirements, this is for division movements
  5. Or classic, reliable German Engineering by Scheidt&Bachmann.... I wonder if the new readers that are being installed on the other GTHA agencies would also immediately update the funds
  6. In any case, it should be between 4-24 hours. It’s strange that the stations are updating in 24 hour intervals... should be happening like every minute or so Coming back to the whole PRESTO transfer fiasco: Honestly, this whole situation is just confusing for no reason. Couldn’t they just add a PRESTO query option to the FVMs on the streetcars? Or bring back those PRESTO transfer printers but show transfer time remaining, last time tapped and where it was tapped.
  7. He wasn’t replying to you And it’s a 24 hour wait if you load online, or 4 hours if you tap on TTC or GO —————————————————————————— Also, regarding if your transfer expires while you’re in the fare paid area, I usually take a paper transfer from the red boxes if I’m still in the system, I’m not sure if that’s allowed however. You can pretty much stay in the system the entire service day, if you know what to do, although one thing I find is that the “Not valid for re-entry into the subway system” rule is rather vague. Does it mean showing it to a collector makes it invalid? Or is
  8. I believe they are, although the Regional Roads retain the same design. Since the signal specs are the same throughout the Region of Peel, maybe it’s a little change because of the whole Peel Region separating fiasco? They’ve also put Fortran 12-12-12-12s along Centre View Glen Erin/Aquataine has the reflective backboards but retain their yellow housing, and there are some reflective backboards along Dixie between Bloor-Rathburn. Also, here’s a picture of the contractor (Guild Electric) installing the new lights at Dundas/Mississauga Rd (in case you were interested)
  9. The new ones at Rathburn/Hickory and the existing intersection at Rathburn/Shipp are now the Hamilton style signals, if that’s what you’re referring to. Same goes for Central Parkway/Wolfdale and Dundas/Mississauga Rd
  10. It’s GPS, and they probably haven’t re-synced the iBus or had the tracker had an issue
  11. There was a P1 on Line 1, service was suspended between Union and Spadina
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