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  1. There's an Airbnb near my house and a lot of times there's some cars with blue Chinese plates parked on the driveway Also, IIRC on Google Maps streetview near the St. Pierre/Miquelon territory there's some French European Union plated cars in Fortune, Newfoundland https://maps.app.goo.gl/F3XByDY4MEV2vrRQ6
  2. OC Transpo/STO sightings go here, this is a GTA thread
  3. No. I know that it's annouced and shown on all of the fleet. I've ridden more buses already. I'm referring to how the formatting has changed to a single lined display, using the whole display board, unlike the two lines stacked right now, noting it could be an AODA thing with it having to be a bigger size font.
  4. Yes, I know. I'm just putting this here if people don't know.
  5. I like the idea of this, so here's my suggestion: From STC to Burlington GO station using only local transit, no subway Maybe admins can move this to one of the lounge subforums?
  6. Guessing you can face chat(?) with the collector, this is at Union
  7. P1 at Osgoode, TTC-GO fare protocol in effect
  8. 4564 spotted at the Runnymede/Dundas CP bridge, awaiting offload at Hillcrest
  9. TCC is transit control. It was probably leaving Davisville at the time the call went through
  10. Rode 1902 today. Noticed something on 1902 (maybe applies to other buses) but they I'm assuming they changed the next stop display format, using the entire board. Is this an AODA thing?
  11. Why is 71 moving to Queensway? The 71B literally goes through Mount Dennis...
  12. TTC 1735 broken down near Leslie and Finch... and 100m behind it 1396 broken down as well
  13. 8311 was involved in a collision, it was hit from the back, left side
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