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  1. Novas spotted at RTC, believe one of them was 18322 but not too sure but had V prefixes
  2. alright not sure where to post this sorry if it's the wrong thread but was anyone on 16003 on the 430 brighouse at around 10:40 at bridgeport
  3. not sure if this isn't has been mentioned but 9235 has been refurbished
  4. found this stop added onto a 430 block but this stop is only served by 407. Are they planning to make the 430 stop here too?
  5. 7115 isn't showing up on tcomm but I'm on it on the 430. Didnt even expect to get this bus lol
  6. it's been mentioned, it's a school tripper for McNair secondary
  7. never know, RTC might throw an Orion on the 32
  8. you can get them at any evergreen extension CVM, or at the compass customer service centre. not available for concession
  9. I'm pretty sure I saw an "R", still had the ExpressBus logo on it
  10. not sure if it's been mentioned, but 9262 is at RTC
  11. "As I was unloading my 430" probably means he's driving it...
  12. yeah most of the 2016 XD40's are getting their prefixes
  13. I don't think putting prefixes on buses cost a lot of money..
  14. 9497 is on a 49 right now http://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus?busId=9497 edit: 9567 is also on a 49 http://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus?busId=9567
  15. saw it on my way home on the 401. has the translink website on gray and it's really shiny lol.
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