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  1. Trust me, I am extremely against the idea for 31. If anything 28 should be kept and upgraded. But at Blue Crossing either stop or express to Downtown. 11, I dont see a problem with it. I find it weird, but whatever. As for 40. I do wonder why so many routes were combined into one. Not to mention cutting 51 and 52 as express routes will tick some riders off. I like the idea, but not the execution. I can see this plan getting profoundly altered between now and July. Do the drivers get any input on the changes?
  2. I mean the changes make sense when you look at the data, ridership patterns, etc. Like I said above I don't see the 31 being extended. I see the 28 remaining, probably with a much shorter route. The 11 is the one that baffled me, however it does provide a connection from the Eastside to Independence Ave that people have been clamoring for. I could see that changing too, especially if the 12 doesnt end up going to KCK.
  3. Yeah, then again that route is subject to change based on Liberty funding, same with the 12 running to KCK and replacing 101 and 106 to Downtown. If KCK doesn't like it, then that won't happen. The weirder one I found was the 11 going to 31st & Van Brunt, instead of to the East Bottoms (which would be served by the 21 and 77 instead).
  4. Honestly, I don't think there's a change I would make. Besides keeping 28 and not bringing 31 all the way to Bannister. Oh and numbering the new route 40 as #51. Besides that, that is a solid solid plan
  5. HUGE CHANGES FROM RIDEKC NEXT Takeaways 12 will replace all KCK service to downtown with 15-20 daytime service. 30 night service 47 no longer downtown. From KU Med to Shops at Blue Pkwy OR Blue Ridge Xing 31 to 3 trails every 30 min (short trips remain 15 min). Replaces 28 (I bet you tho 28 stays) New route 40 replaces 47 on Broadway, 51, 52, 57 (this route really should be numbered 51). Northland routes 231, 233 and 234 combined into a new 239 from 64th/Prairie View to Downtown via Antioch Center 39 split into two. 39a, 39b. A serves 31st and Van Brunt, B serves shops at Blue Pkwy 35 to KU Med MMAX to stay on Brookside, no Plaza jog (replaced by 40) MAX to run 20 minutes in Sunday, 15 Saturday, 10 weekday. New express 529. Replaces some trips on 229. New route 252 from Liberty to Boardwalk Sq New route 87 replaces 75 from 75th and Prospect to Holiday and Blue Ridge 18 to 75th and Prospect, 21 cut at Shops at Blue Ridge.
  6. Comes with the territory I guess. I saw 3510 with the rollers a few days ago, Safe to say those buses will be around for a good minute. Also did you see that JoCo plans on cutting more service in favor of microtransit?
  7. Im certain 816 is our ex-2307, unless it has an ISL in it. The bus with patchwork is a 2300 bus, dont know exactly which one. As for the rest, without interior pictures I can't be sure. Depends on seating and walls on the inside.
  8. @neoartic7101 how much of the shuttling did the ATA handle? I know they did they Kemper Shuttle, but besides that what else? From what I saw most of it was done by Durham and DS Lines. If most of the shuttle service was outsourced, then I wonder why so few route were ran.
  9. Oh man, good luck with the madness.
  10. Thats the car-centric mindset of KC. Amazes me people can crap on ATA for not having amazing service, yet resist every measure and attempt to beef up service.
  11. No way 229 isn't getting the ridership (you'd know better tho). Every bus I see come in/out of Downtown off peak is packed. Only time I ever see it not packed is ironically enough during rush hour. 47 and 101 shock me particularly since both serve vast areas, not to mention Truman Sports Complex, or Sporting Park and T Bones stadium. Besides funding maybe ATA sees something we dont.
  12. Yeah, I realized that after rereading it. And for 47, 201 (107, 238 as well) or any route that connects major regions, hubs, corridors or major transit centers should be at very least running every 30 minutes on the weekday all day. As for run time on some routes, that's a whole different beast. 30 minutes would help 47 on weekdays definitely. As for 28, and 101 on weekends might be better with a 45 minute headway instead of a 60 minute headway.
  13. Interesting, will there be enough ridership for it to be anymore sucessful than 229? Sidenote. Always bothers me that 229 on weekdays doesn't even run every 30 minutes when it connects the airport to Downtown. Figure that would be up there on the list of priorities. Hell, 201, 47 need to be 30 minutes all day. Considering those routes connect key corridors.
  14. @neoartic7101 would know first hand, since he is an operator. But usually on tight routes drivers will get 2-5 for layover, but if they're late, they're screwed there. Buses surprisingly keep to schedule in the urban core, believe it or not its the suburban long routes (28, 47, 101, 201, etc) with the tight schedules that can't stay on schedule.
  15. Speaking of 47. Saw 2701 northbound. Sign read to East Village/12th & Charlotte. Guess that answers the question on whether it will go there. Wonder why it already loaded in the system and showing on buses.
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