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  1. Interesting. I wonder how the previously mentioned electric orders in the future will be broken down. Also. I'm assuming 5000 will be the new bus numbers? Or back to 2000?
  2. 2560? Wonder why the went with that number not 3561. Either way. Looks mighty spiffy. Will definitely try to catch a ride once they're out and about.
  3. Yeah, the upgraded design looks much than the classic shoebox, hope they move towards that for all of their models.
  4. Shocked Gillig doesn't have an electric BRT, this looks to be their standard electric fitting. Supposed to be 2 electrics this year, with some diesel small buses?
  5. Well I figured that was a lie. They'd have given more updates about drivers having COVID if that were the case I would assume it's cost cutting measures as it always with them. *RIDEKC NEXT* Did any of the originally laid off drivers return to work? Well whatever happens, stay safe, don't let em run ya into the ground.
  6. Jeez, how much more can they rollback? The few buses I've rode since October have been pretty full. I guess that explains the RideKC Next Plan (cutting back much more than originally proposed). Are they expecting more layoffs?
  7. Service being rolled back again. Major routes retain current frequency. Low ridership routes to be suspended.
  8. At second glance, most routes on most evenings will end around 9pm, besides the "key routes". That's not exactly comforting to see. Then again, I'll assume it's a COVID deal.
  9. Yeah, sucks seeing the 21 get cut. Was a key route connecting north KC to the Eastside. 233 is pretty much just replaced by a shift of 238. Love the change made to its proposal. Also sucks seeing the proposed 239 got cut. I think something could've been done there as well. (Maybe combined with the 21? At least get the rider to Independence Ave). Love that they're taking MAX down south, both PMAX to Bannister and MMAX to Martin City. I'd bet one the Streetcar goes south the route from UMKC to Martin City ends up as the MMAX legacy. I am concered with how the 101 and 106 will be
  10. RideKC just dropped the "final" plan for RideKC Next. As you'll see COVID has done a number on what the plan was then to now. Major takeways - MMAX to Martin City and Ward Parkway replaces current 52, 57 service - PMAX to Bannister, replaces part of 75 - 18 through Vine/23rd Street, replacing parts of 10 and 23, extends across 75th to 75th & Wornall, replaces 75 - 23 Replaces most of 15 service - 28 Remains, however from Blue Crossing to Holiday & Blue Ridge or Grandview (Peak only) - 40 still replaces parts of 47 on Broadway (wish they'd name the route to #51)
  11. If what you had posted awhile back about the bus counts was correct, I'd have to assume its an electric. They're due for some MAX buses
  12. Nice on S181!!!!! They did a good job. I'm guessing that front end came off of 2614 or S134? I'm guessing the Rona affected more than just the service. Hopefully the rona didn't affect the electric or diesel order too badly.
  13. Shocked seeing 3511 out on Main MAX. Welcome surprise. Out fanning for the first time since March 13.
  14. Passed by ATA today, noticed S134 (I think) amd 2614 were all taken apart, front ends and windows missing. I would guess S181 was the recipient of one of those front ends. Noticed more buses than usual in the boneyard, guessing more maintainence? @neoartic7101 have you heard when (or if) the electric buses will be here?
  15. I'd hope the residents speak up and loudly, but they probably won't, and the riders will suffer. I hope that they'll at least keep some sort of service for Independence to at least connect to other buses
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