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  1. Random, but are rhey removing those small signs in the front that used to read the route and run (EX: 10701 or 3953) I know the 2018 and 2019 buses don't have em but I see older buses removed them as well.
  2. I'm jealous of your 60 footers there (KC fan here). Whenever the pandemic gets less bad, I'll consider heading out there to fan. Hopefully can nab a phantom while out there.
  3. Any idea on whenl these boys (and the electric for that matter) hit the road? Mans might plan a day to fan. Also. They should've gone with these bonded windows on local buses long ago. Glad to see they finally did.
  4. How many buses was this order supposed to be? They look sharp though, thanks for your updates!! Yeah, people don't think.
  5. Personally I do enjoy the raised seating MAX buses have, but I'll take it if it means there's a bit more ability to get buses out on the road.
  6. Seems they're going with the regular seating arrangement. Understandable. Make the buses more "flexible" for which routes they'll serve.
  7. Sounds wonderful, I'd like to vist STL and fan Metro. Would be nice to see a different breed of Gillig
  8. I guess the electric buses might be limited in some respect due to the distance of routes, and the subsequent division of work. You'd hope that they'd have considered that before purchasing them.
  9. Interesting. I wonder how the previously mentioned electric orders in the future will be broken down. Also. I'm assuming 5000 will be the new bus numbers? Or back to 2000?
  10. 2560? Wonder why the went with that number not 3561. Either way. Looks mighty spiffy. Will definitely try to catch a ride once they're out and about.
  11. Yeah, the upgraded design looks much than the classic shoebox, hope they move towards that for all of their models.
  12. Shocked Gillig doesn't have an electric BRT, this looks to be their standard electric fitting. Supposed to be 2 electrics this year, with some diesel small buses?
  13. Well I figured that was a lie. They'd have given more updates about drivers having COVID if that were the case I would assume it's cost cutting measures as it always with them. *RIDEKC NEXT* Did any of the originally laid off drivers return to work? Well whatever happens, stay safe, don't let em run ya into the ground.
  14. Jeez, how much more can they rollback? The few buses I've rode since October have been pretty full. I guess that explains the RideKC Next Plan (cutting back much more than originally proposed). Are they expecting more layoffs?
  15. Service being rolled back again. Major routes retain current frequency. Low ridership routes to be suspended.
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