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  1. She looks nice!, wouldn't be shocked to see a few more converted.
  2. So this should wipe out the single door buses and a few of the 2011 fleet small buses, along with the 2700s, and the Troost MAX fleet? Exciting to say the least. Note the regional office idea in the 2021 budget for 10th & Main.
  3. The 2600s are still in fairly great condition, the 3500s weren't bad, but the signs of wear was starting to show. I figured when they purchased buses for PMAX and replacing the original units they would order a few extras, but I guess not.
  4. Yeah that was the idea, MetroFlex just becomes Micro Transit, run through ATA, same drivers, just different type of service (and probably different vehicles) And holy shit the crazy bastards did it. I wonder big time is this the only one, or are there going to be a few more being converted? I would assume they would all be 2600s if they're converting more.
  5. Switched my cities/States up. Oof Who's to say that they couldn't use the current MetroFlex drivers for a micro-transit alternative though? Well besides the union.
  6. Interesting little picture. A MAX bus was brought to Tulsa to showcase. Note the number. 4602.
  7. @neoartic7101 Are 29 footers back on the 10? I saw S202 on it today. Or is that a one-time occurrence due to bus break downs? If it is permanent, that brings a good point and thought. Why continue service with the mini-buses. I mean all service. Why have metroflex? I wouldn't be at all opposed to seeing MetroFlex be discontinued and turn those routes into that MicroTransit service they have. Would probably be cheaper and more rewarding ridership wise in the end anyways.
  8. Makes more sense, but geez they have a lot of buses down right now. Hopefully they can get a few more mechanics in working for them.
  9. Update, passed by the ATA today, 3510 and 3511 are in the "boneyard" (with S228 for some reason). This ends the run of the original MAX fleet. 14 years, 2 months. Also of note, 2612, the Veterans bus is no longer in the veterans wrap, back to plain RideKC wrapping. And what's with the large amount of CNG buses in that lot? I knew some of it was for overflow, but wouldn't you stick your older buses there, not newer?
  10. Well I'm guessing it's the end of an era. About time though I'll miss those buses for sure. Though they put in a great 14 years. Anyways about time the new ones get into service, Hopefully they get the signs up and going so it's not a guessing game as to which bus is which. Also fun piece of info, there are now more CNG MAX buses than Diesel.
  11. @RyanB_69 I'll suspect to see S128-S129 pop up as well. I'm guessing they have no need for it? That or they have replacement units for those. @Orion6025 All but 2 were supposed to go to Lubbock. 3510 and 3511 are still in service, probably until years end.
  12. I'm aware how they're identified Internally, just would make more sense to go ahead and number them for the public as well as internally. Or if they chose to keep the "MAX" for public use, at least put some color coding (besides the Red) on the schedules/stops. Or heck, why not both? Wishful thinking though, What can I say I'm an idealist. Speaking of 3507 and 3512, aren't those (and the rest of the original fleet) isn't that the fleet (mentioned in the link) supposed to be sold and sent off to Lubbock, TX at some point? https://fox4kc.com/2019/06/20/kcata-regifts-older-used-buses-to-smaller-cities-across-the-country/
  13. Well I doubt we would ever see letters comeback (The Johnson County Branch used letters forever), But man I wish they would just use a number, or nothing at all Technically they still use colors on the headsigns. Orange for Main, Green for Troost, maybe Blue for Prospect. Whatever they do, they need to sync the signs, and get rid of the weird overlapping some of the signs are having.
  14. Something that's really grinding my gears right now. What's the deal with the signs on the old MAX buses (Main MAX especially) being all bunched up and halfway unreadable? I noticed that after the 3537-3547 batch came in that the older buses signs got all wonky and what not. I wonder if there is anyway for them to fix that and sync things up (since they're two different sign systems) Also kind of wish they would just start addressing the MAX routes by number instead of MAX (would also kind of help the sign situation).
  15. I saw they had tested it for a few weeks over the summer on JO routes, and they tested another coach bus a few years back. That'd be interesting to see.
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