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  1. If what you had posted awhile back about the bus counts was correct, I'd have to assume its an electric. They're due for some MAX buses
  2. Nice on S181!!!!! They did a good job. I'm guessing that front end came off of 2614 or S134? I'm guessing the Rona affected more than just the service. Hopefully the rona didn't affect the electric or diesel order too badly.
  3. Shocked seeing 3511 out on Main MAX. Welcome surprise. Out fanning for the first time since March 13.
  4. Passed by ATA today, noticed S134 (I think) amd 2614 were all taken apart, front ends and windows missing. I would guess S181 was the recipient of one of those front ends. Noticed more buses than usual in the boneyard, guessing more maintainence? @neoartic7101 have you heard when (or if) the electric buses will be here?
  5. I'd hope the residents speak up and loudly, but they probably won't, and the riders will suffer. I hope that they'll at least keep some sort of service for Independence to at least connect to other buses
  6. @RyanB_69 its not a rumor. Its happening. Signs posted at bus stops. Will any of the remaining funds (if any) go to help expand 24 and 15 service? Could maybe service connecting Truman and Noland to Blue Xing be implemented? Maybe Microtransit?
  7. Piss poor planning by RideKC once again. How's everything been down there? Hope y'all are staying safe.
  8. Would figure just wait and buy some CNG buses. Not like a few more years on the 2008 LFs will hurt them. At least they're building more pumps. Hopefully the upgrades are worth while
  9. Leave it to RideKC to not have the proper infrastructure, they knew they needed to be able to handle 300 buses, why were these not built previously? Wonder what the rest of the vehicle replacement schedule will look lile since they are over capacity. We know there are 94 electric buses coming, but how is that going to work, if they dont even have enough CNG pumps, let alone electric infrastructure. Or is every new order just going to be electric and diesel?
  10. If it comes to that hopefully they will take care of you guys (money wise) during that time. It would be weird not seeing buses roaming around, but if thats what must be done, then so be it.
  11. Well, my suite-mate has the flu, but for a minute there we were quarantined because of the virus fears. I would guess at some point RideKC would be suspending service, but not at the moment. If anything, suspend certain routes, run some extra buses on heavy use routes. Keep people separated
  12. I definitely am, just do what I have to do to stay healthy, and make sure I am okay. God is good. I ended up not making the trip tonight sadly, unfortunately there's a situation at the dorms, I moved my stuff out, cause it's getting ridiculous around here.
  13. That's kinda scary. This is getting bad, sports just all cancelled. Events shutting down.
  14. Deadass? How's that not been broken as news yet? Shoot I almost don't want to ride the bus, considering the nasties that ride on a daily basis. Drivers can only do so much out on the road.
  15. I'm guessing since we haven't had a huge outbreak here yet, we're far from that. Are you, or other drivers taking any extra precautions?
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