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  1. Yeah makes sense, but lately here ATA has had a tenancy to leave buses wrapped for a while. 2612 the Vets bus has had the same wrap for about 2 years now, so seemed strange. I'm willing to bet that Proterra gets the award, unless ATA is willing to wait until Mid-Late 2020 for Gillig to start producing their all-electric buses. I know Gillig is still sending CNG buses, but I'm not so sure how long that will last. And omg, throwback to when ATA ran Independence service, nostalgia indeed. Sad to see service getting cut in Independence.
  2. Saw 2604 today in the Law Enforcement Memorial wrap. Wonder why the keep putting special wraps on buses they're planning to retire soon.
  3. Still running strong! Has 3510 been in service at all? October can't come quick enough, ready for those new MAX buses to hit the streets. Speaking of new, is it confirmed that there won't be any new local buses purchased this year? Considering the new Mini-Buses and MAX buses added to the fleet.
  4. Yeah that it has, hopefully the situation can stabilize. Rode 4812 on MMAX today coming from the game. Also noticed, 3533 still has the old MAX seat patterns, rarity nowadays.
  5. Damn, any idea on when it will get any better? Hopefully soon here. Meanwhile I will enjoy 3511 and 2600s being lose.
  6. Why is there a bus shortage?, or what caused it? I've noticed the presence of local buses on MAX lately, are they that stretched for buses for MAX? If so, wonder if they would consider converting a few local buses into MAX vehicles full-time? Also a mini to Independence on 24 is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard. They already need a damn artic for those trips. I'm going to try to grab a video on a 2600 if possible soon, hoping that they stay in service for a little while, doubt it though.
  7. I'd definitely prefer Proterra, and seemingly that's the direction they're going. Only way I could see New Flyer is like you said, if they purchased those for MAX, but outside of that, doubtful. Speaking of electric buses does Gillig even have an electric option yet? If so, was that ever explored by KCATA? I know they advertised an electric bus (looks weird imo) but I wasn't aware of it hitting the road or anything. And woah, a 35 footer on 475? That's a big first. Wonder why? Also, man the 2600s were out in full force today. Had 2609 on 39 today, damn shame they're getting retired, but I guess it is time for it.
  8. Well isn't that interesting. Shame they likely won't make the cut. Still have my fingers crossed for Proterra.
  9. Yeah I get it from a fanning viewpoint, but as a regular bus, I prefer Gillig to New Flyer. I'm hardcore praying for Proterra to come in alongside Gillig. Two solid American made buses running through the KC streets, sounds nice.
  10. Personally, I'm fine with Gillig, despite their recent work. but I'm definitely excited for the idea of Proterra buses hitting the streets here. Evidently New Flyers aren't exactly what they used to be, have heard bad things about the Xcelesior. I guess it's all personal opinion and preference. And yes I've noticed the newest Gillig's have a back door and are carbon copies of the KCATA fleet. About damn time JoCo is with the program. Maybe we can get some voice announcements along JoCo routes in the next 30 years *eyeroll*.
  11. For the 7 electric buses that they apparently plan to purchase in 2020. I linked the tweet here a bit ago. For the most part, Gillig CNG for the meantime, and a different manufacture for the electric buses.
  12. @neoartic7101 Random queston, what's with ATA swapping out the smooth floors on the bus for that ridged aisle flooring most of the buses end up with? The smooth just looks so much better.
  13. People in KC need a reality check, hopefully you aren't in any major trouble. I saw 2612 on the 39 earlier in the day, I guess makes sense for it to end up on 11. Also, are those new buses going to be deployed early or will they still be held until Prospect MAX starts up?
  14. I'm shocked it never made it on any of the news stations, especially since it happened right down the street from FOX4. Strange indeed. Looked like a nasty crash. Also noticed one of the new MAX buses (3555 i think) was on the Airshow routing, that was interesting.
  15. Just saw bus #4806 was involved in a serious accident. 3 cars and the bus. The bus didn't seem that badly damaged, but one of the cars was totaled.
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