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    Driving, and most forms of Transportation, preferably buses. Those Detroits have been around ever since my childhood, and I'm still in love with it.

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  1. Well here's my crap shots of 1302, but first, 6401 with the new Lithium Ion battery. And after riding this bus, it seems to be decent, not good for crushloading, but good on routes with high levels of elderly people. The announcements though, there's too many of them, and the speaker in the back is WAY too loud and scares some passengers. I do wish it had push tapes instead, the bars act funny sometimes. Whenever I push a NG door open with my own power, it opens then when it shuts, it opens up again because the bars sense a push or something.
  2. I heard this bus is a 2007 model and was demo'd much more than once.. Also caught 1001 on the M101.
  3. That's a nice bus, dang how much did that cost you?
  4. The NGs run in every borough now actually. Gun Hill has 20, LaGuardia has 20, Flatbush got alot, Manhattanville has alot, Michael J Quill has a handful, Staten Island got a whole lot of those NGs. The LFS Artic is not in NYC anymore.
  5. Atleast 4 of those new MCIs are in service for Yukon Depot, 2211-2215 I know are over there and TTMG says they're in service.
  6. I know it wasn't exactly directed to me but still, the main problems I have with them is the height, and the fact that people in NYC take long to get off the bus, they will be at the upper level, wait until the bus stops and then run downstairs to get off and then wonder why the driver is pulling off already. It's one of the really annoying things to me about double deckers.
  7. There's still a VERY few R38s left, they're not 100% retired but 95% retired pretty much. They're nearly impossible to catch.
  8. They won't be buying them they're too tall to maintain anyways in thier garages. Double deckers on an express route is stupid IMO anyway.
  9. I don't know why MTA is going to do that to Long Island, all it will do is decrease ridership on buses and increase ridership on dollar vans.
  10. I like that avatar, can I see the full size if you don't mind? :)

  11. We got buses just like that down here.. And they look like ass in our scheme. LOL They look pretty tight in TTC scheme though.

  12. Dang what kind of buses are those in your avatar/personal photo?

  13. Can you please tell me what Kybosh stands for? Everytime I ask I get laughed at lol..

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