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  1. 2158 for Cirque du Soleil’s Algeria.
  2. 21538 in service, identifying as 16544. 21510 is reportedly in service as well. EDIT: 21510 is identifying as 16553.
  3. 223-224 wrapped for Vizzy Hard Seltzer. EDIT: 225-226 as well.
  4. EDIT: looks like Ozempic has both adwraps and banner ads; the white backgrounds make it confusing e.g. 201-202 is wrapped and 203-204 is not.
  5. 201-202, 203-204, 213-214 wrapped for Ozempic. EDIT: 211-212 as well.
  6. 2266 and 2270 wrapped for Disney Hits.
  7. https://new.translink.ca/plans-and-projects/programs-and-studies/translink-tomorrow#copper-and-organosilane-pilot New copper and organosilane surfaces/spray pilot being launched. According to the Periscope live stream, the pilot starts on Saturday for four weeks. Two trolleybuses and two SkyTrains cars are being used to pilot the products. 301-302 have been wrapped to launch the pilot, with some stanchions and poles wrapped in the copper coating. 2124 is one of the trolleybus pilots. More details in the Buzzer article: https://buzzer.translink.ca/2020/11/translink-first-in-north-america-to-test-copper-coating-on-transit/
  8. EL/ML 301-302 wrapped for the TransLInk copper coating/surfaces pilot.
  9. EL/ML 207-208 and 213-214 wrapped for Uber Eats.
  10. EL/ML 215-216 wrapped for Uber Eats.
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