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  1. Not too sure, although they could always take the demonstration racks
  2. 18058 with a new bike rack. Seems like the one generally used is discontinued looking at the Sportworks website.
  3. To fellow wiki editors: After discussions with several other wiki editors who also maintain and edit the Metro Vancouver wiki pages, we would like to remind everyone to please follow the media guidelines and to double check their work before submitting an edit. As a reminder for photo guidelines, please make sure that your photos are legible and conform with the guidelines outlined in the page concerning photo quality. (https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/CPTDB_Wiki:Photographs#Photo_Quality) Please also try to only upload photos that are not warped or misshaped. That being said, please be reminded that photos should only be replaced with another photo of the same vehicle if the previous version is a lower quality than the one you want to replace it with. (e.g. cut off, too dark, thumbnail doesn't already exist, etc.) See 'Photo Quality' Uploading photos to the wiki should never be considered a contest of who has the 'best' photo. As long as the photo is legible to everyone, follows the guidelines, and is up to date, there is no need to replace an existing thumbnail. Photos are encouraged to be replaced if the previous version of the thumbnail is outdated/a major change has occurred to the vehicle, but in mind with the guidelines to photo quality. In addition to photos, please always make sure you double check that your edits are accurate and up to date. Recently, we've seen a lot of incorrect totals/no updated totals made for garage transfers by several users. We are all human after all, and we all make mistakes. However, sometimes these mistakes and unnecessary changes become too repetitive and need to be ultimately addressed. As always, thank you everyone for contributing to the wiki and taking time to update and inform the community about changes in the transit world. Sincerely, @KINGSTER200, @Ninja Bus Fan, @Express691, and other contributors.
  4. 18330 was used for a PR event at Joyce-Collingwood for TransLink’s unveiling of branded face masks.
  5. 7426 and 7439 from today, continuing from the T-Comm e-sightings thread.
  6. 9575 rear ended in Richmond at No. 3 and Williams.
  7. Updated: No service between VCC and Lougheed, and Lougheed to Braid; had to take trains out to reset the system. Bus bridges in place.
  8. 130-230 in service.
  9. 18035 replaced 18106 at 21:18, meaning that it only did the 501 roundtrip. Artics have been becoming more common on the 321 due to overcrowding/spacing concerns.
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