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  1. Volvo 9900 operated by MTR Western for the Amtrak Cascades Thruway
  2. 8073 on the 701 Mission a few weeks ago.
  3. 18518 unwrapped as expected.
  4. High fives for everyone! S15010 on a Broadway-City Hall special for the Climate Strike. It seems that all the depots with active hybrid artics were involved in the 99 specials. This was a safe drop-off area as the block ahead was blocked for the climate strike.
  5. 145-146 for Flight Centre CL 208 for Flight Centre CL 106-206 for TELUS babylon
  6. Additionally, 8043 was sent out on the 6:32 WB/7:45 EB N9 this morning before going onto the 701.
  7. 16037 was on a AM peak tripper on the 43 yesterday.
  8. Canada Place is pretty good on cruise ship days; You should be able to find Traxx, CBL, Quick Shuttle , Capilano Bridge shuttles Pacific Central has Greyhound, BoltBus, Tofino Bus, Ebus, and Rider Express (I think) West Coast Sightseeing has a few battery electric coaches in service. If you wanna get those, I highly suggest Capilano Bridge, or at least anywhere along Capilano.
  9. VTC operated the 16 PNE shuttles today. Not too sure if it’ll just be “free Tuesday PNE admission only specials” or if it’ll happen on other days as well.
  10. 215 re-wrapped for Dine the Line 216 unwrapped 137 for Modo
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