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  1. 9575 rear ended in Richmond at No. 3 and Williams.
  2. Updated: No service between VCC and Lougheed, and Lougheed to Braid; had to take trains out to reset the system. Bus bridges in place.
  3. 18035 replaced 18106 at 21:18, meaning that it only did the 501 roundtrip. Artics have been becoming more common on the 321 due to overcrowding/spacing concerns.
  4. 18055 reversed into the concrete barrier at Coquitlam Central.
  5. The majority of the population doesn’t take transit in Metro Vancouver. A transit referendum held in 2015 saw a 62% No vote for an increase in tax (0.5% increase in sales tax) to help fund future transit developments. People who drive don’t want to pay for a service that they won’t/don’t want to use.
  6. That's just from my camera's frame-rate. Side note, the majority of buses i saw today didn't really have a barrier as dramatic as 3343. Most of them didn't have a physical barrier between the front section and the rear doors.
  7. How some buses were quartered off yesterday amid COVID-19 social distancing.
  8. VIA 6426 being borrowed by the West Coast Express for HEP.
  9. WCE Train 1 was being pushed by VIA Rail 6426.
  10. Hi, forgot to add something: Can https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:BC_Transit_1155a.jpg be renamed to BC Transit 1155-a.jpg? Thanks!
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