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  1. M-Line 217-218 wrapped for Canadian Tire’s PWR POD battery system.
  2. Tonight’s fireworks specials included Downtown work from BTC, HTC, PTC, RTC, and VTC. Most interesting things that I saw from tonight include 3346 as the sole CNG unit working Downtown and a RapidBus on the 14. 3346 was rumoured to have been sent on the Georgia/Denman - North Vancouver shuttle post-fireworks while the other PTC units were on supplementary unlisted R5s.
  3. The most notable thing I saw while taking the Bus Bridge to New West from 22nd was that 19542 was on the shuttle lol
  4. It was refurbished in January/February.
  5. M-Line 211-212 wrapped for Brad Pitt’s ‘Bullet Train’ EDIT: 205-206 as well
  6. 2158 for Cirque du Soleil’s Algeria.
  7. 21538 in service, identifying as 16544. 21510 is reportedly in service as well. EDIT: 21510 is identifying as 16553.
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