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  1. There has only been 1 articulated double decker model, and if I recall correctly, all of them are in Europe in very limited use. The only model ever made was the Neoplan Jumbocruiser. Prevost only made a limited number of single deck articulated intercity coach buses (H5-60), which were the only type of its kind in North America, but they weren't as successful as the European counterparts.
  2. Went to the yard in Sidney that's storing all the new deckers. Highest number I saw was 19432. The highest number could actually higher by a couple numbers, but probably nothing over 5. (side note, there might be a big dent on 19432)
  3. Yes, 909 is WVMT’s Christmas bus this year.
  4. According to a statement released by BCRTC, they are “working with” CMBC to provide additional service on existing routes. https://twitter.com/TransLink/status/1203418382223257600?s=20
  5. A 4 car MK I and a 4 car MK III at Lafarge Lake-Douglas Platform 2.
  6. From Reddit: There might be a change in Christmas buses?
  7. It happens daily. 2 60fts run on the 240 on morning trippers.
  8. What they did last year was take a few trains (Mix of MK IIIs and MK IIs) from the Expo Line and coupled the Millenium sets. During rush hour, frequency was reduced to somewhere between 6-8 minutes on the Millenium.
  9. Strip lighting around the destination sign, antler lights, and the nose blink this year.
  10. 18330 by the looks of it, according to the plate from this Twitter post: https://mobile.twitter.com/pepperman60/status/1200169719342321666/photo/1
  11. I guess it’s appropriate to revive this thread. 30/11/2019
  12. 16562 is Poco’s Reindeer bus again this year.
  13. There was a parked car in the way, and the poles nearly hit this tree:
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