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  1. KINGSTER200

    Feature Photo Submissions

    Due to the ongoing shortage of low floor buses, peak hour local trips out of Port Coquitlam Transit Centre sometimes use the "highway configured" Orion V Suburbans.
  2. KINGSTER200

    Photos of buses making turns

    One of my favourite shots of a bus turning. Don't mind the people.
  3. KINGSTER200

    Ad-wrap reports

    Total of 4 Nespresso sets; 205-206, 217-218, 219-220, 229-230
  4. KINGSTER200

    Translink Refurbishments

    It was refurbished. (pardon the upload quality)
  5. KINGSTER200

    Translink Refurbishments

    3313's back in service without a wrap, but the interior ads are still there.
  6. KINGSTER200

    Ad-wrap reports

    Few things I saw today: 3313 back into service (should be in another thread) and unwrapped! 217-218 wrapped for Nespresso, there's another '01 MK II with the Nespresso wrap as well. Couldn't get numbers from it while running to my bus.
  7. KINGSTER200

    Photography Equipment

    Yeah, that's what I've heard. From what I've seen online, there was some sort of defect with most of the OM-10s, until Olympus realized it and fixed the problem for the newer OM-10s. It's a handy down, but I guess I can learn from it and progress onward to other SLRs.
  8. KINGSTER200

    Photography Equipment

    Started using a Nikon D5300 with the standard 18-55mm with a faulty 55-200mm. I also got an Olympus OM10, but I need to buy film before I can really start shooting.
  9. KINGSTER200

    Ad-wrap reports

    Canada Line 116-216 wrapped for Roots. Also, quite a few new wraps on the MK Is, I got no numbers so far.
  10. Adding: Boeing 737-900ER - United Airlines Boeing 757-300 - United Airlines
  11. KINGSTER200

    Random Photos - Vancouver and area

    Just a few photos from today's YVR Chill-Out
  12. KINGSTER200

    Ad-wrap reports

    9404 wrapped for Regency Medical Supplies
  13. KINGSTER200

    Ad-wrap reports

    Canada Line 114-214 wrapped for Organic Redbull.
  14. KINGSTER200

    Ad-wrap reports

    207-208 wrapped with the 'new' SkipTheDishes branding. EDIT: 207 is only wrapped on one side.
  15. KINGSTER200

    Ad-wrap reports

    123-124 wrapped for Korea. EDIT: 135 is wrapped for Excel, if you look close enough.