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  1. Not super impressed that they are making the C53 end at Peace Arch Hospital instead of WR Centre, but I guess it shows the power of complaining
  2. maybe they've chosen to standardize on a different model... or maybe maintenance/testing it on another NOVA?
  3. Due to a "hydraulic issue with the port side controllable pitch propeller" https://www.bcferries.com/bcferries/faces/attachments?id=1022248
  4. I saw a couple of the 37-XXX's being pushed too... brings new meaning to Hybrid
  5. The STM in Montréal is having major issues with our new NOVA LFSe - they were originally planned to go operate 1 route but they have been unable to make it between charging stations... food for thought for Translink?
  6. Living in Montréal gives me the opportunity to try our new LFS HEV 4th generations and they are pretty slick - they seem a bit noisier than the diesel model but also have good acceleration... or the STM drivers pound the accelerator . Either way, I do hope NOVA managed to sort out the issues that the CMBC has with its 2nd/3rd gens and is willing to order more!
  7. I mean the system is based off of the Canada Line, which has run nearly faultlessly since 2010. The system that controls the trains (by THALES I believe) is fairly advanced and can usually re-boot itself during errors, and agents are able to manually 'drive' the trains if faults develop. Obviously Vancouver's climate is less harsh than Montreal's, but the Canada Line stock does run through the snow Vancouver gets quite well - Translink tends to run trains when not in operational service to ensure the tracks remain clear.
  8. I mean I love the bus more than a normal/sane person but I was trying to make sure my argument had enough sanity for the regular public ! Re: Hepner, I'd vote for you! These 4 years have been abysmal for Surrey.
  9. Exactly. As someone who takes the bus from S Surrey/White Rock, I'm not going to connect onto LRT which causes me to potentially stand around waiting for an extra 5-15 minute, if I have a regular bus that takes me the full route, without having to connect. I mean I don't love the 321 but I'm not willing to connect onto the 96 for the last few stops because the busses are newer - LRT isn't gonna change that. For the Langley line, I think Surrey is completely misunderstanding consumer preference. Skytrain is much more desirable for people who otherwise won't be incentivized to take transit - my parents wouldn't take a bus, but are fine with SkyTrain. It's all about incentivizing people, which I don't think LRT does enough of (over a bus).
  10. I mean the stop is in a bad spot anyway - I imagine they could mimic the NB route and put the station on the off-ramp or just wait until the new bridge is in place which replaces that exchange anyway with new stops.
  11. Thanks for that info - I thought that was the case (I've seen a lot of the new hybrids on the 24 now), but I was hoping I was wrong . As much as I like the 747, they have been increasingly off schedule for me - I've had to budget an extra bus trip, so that I don't have to pay for a cab out of stress. Can't wait for the REM!
  12. Sorry if this has been covered, but are the 36-XXX hybrids not coming to the 747 now? If not, is the plan then for them to replace the 29/30/31-xxx 3rd gen LFS, which will then be brought into 747 service, with luggage racks? I took 31-004 the other day and it only has the 1 luggage rack - we left a bunch of people behind at YUL because we couldn't fit any more suitcases. Thanks for any updates you can provide !
  13. It can include any/all of the following really: exclusive right of ways for buses/HOV, high frequency service and larger shelters with off-bus fare purchasing machines.
  14. Wow I hadn't even realized that capacity was going to be that tight so soon - thanks for linking that document! I was able to scan through it and found the polling on 747 users rather fascinating as well... to see how stuck in their ways people are in taking a bus that is so unreliable (at least whenever I have to use it...). EDIT: Just saw this article too, seems I'm not alone: http://www.tvanouvelles.ca/2016/12/08/insatisfaction-croissante-sur-la-ligne-747-la-faute-aux-chantiers-dit-la-stm Re: Rotem v. Mark III, the Rotems are only 2-car in Vancouver - I imagine they would be a 3-car set for the REM (501 pax), or would they go 4-car anyway, with a capacity of 668? Obviously it will be in the bidding protocol, but interesting to see how much the 2 designs differ in capacity per car.
  15. Orcair

    Wiki Editors

    Hi there, I am also interested in becoming an editor for the CPTDB Wiki. I am an editor on Wikipedia, with 10-20 new articles created and many updates to pages such as the RCAF and Air Canada. Currently split my time between Montréal and Vancouver and as a transit user in both cities I would be of help for both the STM and CMBC pages. I would love to work on the Métro/Azur pages as they are fairly vague right now and I think I can expand their depth and breadth! Regards, Orcair
  16. On the one hand, I think the Innovia looks the best, but the Hyundais have 4-abreast seating (on the Canada Line, anyway) which is better than the 3-abreast Innovias. Not sure about the Alstrom model, though... the more seats the better, given the length of most trips.
  17. Saw a bunch of what I think were IC Community Shuttles on Tuesday around South Surrey/White Rock in the afternoon, displaying Training Vehicle/NIS on their destination signs - are they being re-activated?
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