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  1. I'm aware about the timetable, since I take the route 4-5 times a week (between ~11am and ~2pm is where the current large gaps are). My point is that when the bus is running once an hour, delays are more pronounced for the users, whereas if it runs 4-5 times, delays are more manageable - you simply take the next one in 15 minutes and don't have to worry about being severely delayed. It also literally says on the public consultation page that they would be using shuttles. Which I'd be ok with, as I said before, if they ran them 4 times an hour and used the low-floor models...
  2. Non-peak service of 1-2 shuttle(s) /hour is a definite cut in my view compared to the current frequencies. I readily acknowledge that running suburban buses all the way to Crescent Beach when most users only take it to WR Centre wasn't sustainable, but given that shuttle operators make less, and I'm fairly certain shuttles consume less fuel, they'd be more efficient running them 3 or 4x an hour versus the current 18 year old Orion Vs running 4-5 times. Furthermore, there are many elderly people using this route... are they going to ensure low-floor shuttles are introduced to combat this issue or is the lift going to be used extensively... delaying the schedule massively since operating the lift takes forever. I understand changes need to be made, but TransLink seems keen to not provide a clear proposed schedule (publicly, anyway) or way to respond to major concerns of the community. Very similar changes were proposed last time and they received massive flack, for good reason...
  3. The 351/350 changes seem lazy and no better than the previous changes proposed... why is TransLink so against running a shuttle more frequently to make up for the cuts?
  4. One on the left is likely for TTC, given the red on the rims?
  5. I've created the wiki page for this set of buses and started recording some of the information - please feel free to add info/photos! Merci 😀 https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/SociĂ©tĂ©_de_transport_de_MontrĂ©al_38-001_to_38-100
  6. There was a huge amount of negative response to that proposal when they asked for feedback, so it got shelved (at least for the short-term).
  7. As in they would be manufactured in India, packaged for shipment and then re-assembled locally? https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1094753/debut-travaux-rem-reseau-express-metropolitain-premiere-pelletee-terre-trains-inde-alstom
  8. Since the ones in Sydney are also being built in India, that would make even more sense 👍
  9. Did I miss the official announcement of the Nova order? "New Flyer (NFI) and Nova Bus 40’ bus contracts have been executed with delivery to occur beginning in mid-2018 and ending in mid-2019." EDIT: or is this for the battery-powered trial buses?
  10. Allison B500R https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Coast_Mountain_Bus_Company_1008-1009
  11. When I took the 747 last month with a broken farebox, the driver just waved me on. Not sure what would have happened if an STM Inspector showed up though...
  12. I agree it's not as streamlined as the NFI Xcelsiors, but it is an improvement over the 3rd Gen ones in Vancouver.
  13. That's nice to hear, especially since the 4500/G5's feel exactly like you stated, makeshift boxes... especially on the White Rock hills D: rattling and shaking the whole time.
  14. Montreal's STM uses their new 4th Gen LFS HEVs on Mont Royal, which is a fairly substantial hill. It seemed pretty zippy when I rode it but the area around the battery sure made a lot more noise than I thought it would.
  15. Do you mean the extra bus from 3 pm onwards (I seem to recall, like you suggest, that the September sheet was to add this bus) or was there another improvement planned?
  16. Shoot, I thought it was -501 to -505, but here's the link: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/West_Vancouver_Municipal_Transit_17501-17505
  17. I don't love the Orion/Suburban livery either, but when I mention it to friends who have no idea about transit other than it's a bus v. SkyTrain, they immediately know the "yellow bus" is an Orion with better seats. Something to be said for that and distinguishing different levels of service.
  18. Good point; the other drivers seem much more dangerous than any bus driver I've ridden with, but I know in Montréal the buses are limited to 90km/h - is there a specific reason why CMBC buses aren't limited to 100km/h or is it just because speeds are generally higher in Vancouver/insurance isn't as big of an issue?
  19. Whenever I've been on the 351 or 354 in the past month we've been in the left lane southbound from the tunnel to Massey Exchange. I love it, but it's quite funny (and probably somewhat dangerous?) to see a bus in the left lane and going over what I assume is 100km/h.
  20. Totally agree, especially given that Lionel-Groulx has both the Green and Orange lines for connections, it seems like a perfect place to turn the vast majority of buses.
  21. I know, its just frustrating when we have bus loops that seamlessly blend into SkyTrain stations, such as Bridgeport and then have this second-rate design in Surrey. Not a fault of LRT but of the whole project imo. I would way rather have some sort of BRT where the regular buses can connect with BRT in the centre lane stations somehow, versus this design. Or maybe they could do a mixed-type station in the centre lanes - that would be nice to see and benefit connections.
  22. Sorry about that - seems like the link is attached to a specific user. I've attached the Surrey LRT page on Translink's website now, which has a link to the new survey, which is available until July 7, 2017.
  23. Here's the survey: Take the Survey Their design for the stations seems nice and modern, until you see how they expect people to cross 4 or 6-lane roads to connect from a bus to LRT. Great design... not.
  24. They are pretty nice looking imo, if a similar look to the new Salish-class... which I guess was probably on purpose. Source: http://www.bcferries.com/bcferries/faces/attachments?id=1043829
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