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  1. Interesting that Minister McKenna said in English and in French that seven locomotives will be refurbished... did she misspeak or are we getting another one? EDIT: https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/west-coast-express-trains-upgrade-funding-translink I see we are, in fact, acquiring a 7th locomotive!
  2. I agree that they are likely being removed permanently, but there's perhaps a slim chance they are being upgraded with the new kiosks? The old machines were quite old and the new ones at YVR are much slicker (and smaller).
  3. I'm pretty sure this is related to the December 2020 ransomware hacking...
  4. Given the March 2019 Engagement Report had perimeter/inwards-facing seats as second most preferred (after forward-facing), I imagine it's a real possibility. Source: https://www.translink.ca/-/media/translink/documents/plans-and-projects/rapid-transit/2019_09_13_skytrain_fleet_engagement_summary.pdf
  5. Less connections if you're connecting to SkyTrain? Well said though re: frequency.
  6. As a follow up to this, wrote into TransLink with these comments and got the following response: "We are aware of the scheduling misalignment for transfers between these two routes. This was a scheduling error, and we are currently making adjustments to address the issue. We will also be fully rewriting the schedule in January to account for any outstanding schedule misalignments that we are unable to address immediately." Seems like an important oversight, but at least they're addressing it I guess?
  7. Makes total sense (and to be clear I wasn't really meaning it as a critique of the driver). Hopefully will be addressed with refresher training...
  8. I know, but not as frequent as the XN40s, LFS Suburbans, Orion Vs and G5s
  9. A few thoughts from the 350/351 split: I was surprised how busy the 350 was. N=1, but using 40’ seems to have been a good choice. 351 driver was confused about the route, the fareboxes on the Enviro500s and had no A/C on the upper floor. Pax don’t know how to use the pushbars for the Enviro500 rear doors. They kept pushing the middle section instead of near the privacy dividers. Driver didn’t know either and just had them exit from front door. Transferring at WR Centre Bay 1 isn’t clear yet. TL should add announcements to transfer on the 351 and what bus to take to Crescent Beach. It’s weird seeing non-Suburban NOVAs in South Surrey
  10. That's a fair point about the ccw/cw routing and one I didn't consider, so appreciate that! Agree (and should have made it clear that my comments were more directed long-term) -- I realize having buses needing to go in 4 directions makes bus loops on or off-loop a challenge but dedicated space for buses (even their own lane) would make the area a lot easier IMO.
  11. I kind of get why the 351 will remain there, though poor drivers being stuck in the middle of nowhere... but the bay only fits 1 bus so I wonder if they're going to expand it now for the 350 layover too? Speaks to a bigger issue, imo, of the layout of the WR Centre Exchange
  12. It is there (now at least): http://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus/8111
  13. Oh, not sure then... haven't been around the corridor in months due to COVID but thanks for the update!
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