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  1. Thanks for the info!
  2. Good point; the other drivers seem much more dangerous than any bus driver I've ridden with, but I know in Montréal the buses are limited to 90km/h - is there a specific reason why CMBC buses aren't limited to 100km/h or is it just because speeds are generally higher in Vancouver/insurance isn't as big of an issue?
  3. Whenever I've been on the 351 or 354 in the past month we've been in the left lane southbound from the tunnel to Massey Exchange. I love it, but it's quite funny (and probably somewhat dangerous?) to see a bus in the left lane and going over what I assume is 100km/h.
  4. Totally agree, especially given that Lionel-Groulx has both the Green and Orange lines for connections, it seems like a perfect place to turn the vast majority of buses.
  5. I know, its just frustrating when we have bus loops that seamlessly blend into SkyTrain stations, such as Bridgeport and then have this second-rate design in Surrey. Not a fault of LRT but of the whole project imo. I would way rather have some sort of BRT where the regular buses can connect with BRT in the centre lane stations somehow, versus this design. Or maybe they could do a mixed-type station in the centre lanes - that would be nice to see and benefit connections.
  6. Sorry about that - seems like the link is attached to a specific user. I've attached the Surrey LRT page on Translink's website now, which has a link to the new survey, which is available until July 7, 2017.
  7. Here's the survey: Take the Survey Their design for the stations seems nice and modern, until you see how they expect people to cross 4 or 6-lane roads to connect from a bus to LRT. Great design... not.
  8. They are pretty nice looking imo, if a similar look to the new Salish-class... which I guess was probably on purpose. Source: http://www.bcferries.com/bcferries/faces/attachments?id=1043829
  9. Not super impressed that they are making the C53 end at Peace Arch Hospital instead of WR Centre, but I guess it shows the power of complaining
  10. maybe they've chosen to standardize on a different model... or maybe maintenance/testing it on another NOVA?
  11. Due to a "hydraulic issue with the port side controllable pitch propeller" https://www.bcferries.com/bcferries/faces/attachments?id=1022248
  12. I saw a couple of the 37-XXX's being pushed too... brings new meaning to Hybrid
  13. The STM in Montréal is having major issues with our new NOVA LFSe - they were originally planned to go operate 1 route but they have been unable to make it between charging stations... food for thought for Translink?
  14. Living in Montréal gives me the opportunity to try our new LFS HEV 4th generations and they are pretty slick - they seem a bit noisier than the diesel model but also have good acceleration... or the STM drivers pound the accelerator ;). Either way, I do hope NOVA managed to sort out the issues that the CMBC has with its 2nd/3rd gens and is willing to order more!
  15. I mean the system is based off of the Canada Line, which has run nearly faultlessly since 2010. The system that controls the trains (by THALES I believe) is fairly advanced and can usually re-boot itself during errors, and agents are able to manually 'drive' the trains if faults develop. Obviously Vancouver's climate is less harsh than Montreal's, but the Canada Line stock does run through the snow Vancouver gets quite well - Translink tends to run trains when not in operational service to ensure the tracks remain clear.