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  1. It's not just you, I used to live in WR and couldn't even figure out where it was. Photo source: Google Maps under fair use
  2. Thanks all for your comments – I admit I'm still rather puzzled by the routing, particularly the new Newton route. I would understand it more if it was a true express/suburban coach-esque route like @Busmanic92 mentioned, but I guess I'll have to wait and see what comes in the next few years.
  3. Genuine question: given how the 394 now basically duplicates the 321 route, and is not much faster despite the fewer stops, is there a reason they don't run more frequencies on the 321 at peak instead? The 345 already provides faster service from King George - White Rock than the 321...
  4. Burrard Station upgrades postponed (“rescoped”) due to cost: https://www.translink.ca/news/2022/march/burrard%20station%20upgrades%20rescoped
  5. Thanks for flagging this! One interesting piece I found in the "2020 Access Transit Users’ Advisory Committee Annual Report" portion:
  6. It's definitely a fair point, though 19304 seems to have been operating fairly regularly: http://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus/19304
  7. Does anyone know the status of 19303? Curious since it's the only one I haven't seen operate in months...
  8. As mentioned on the wiki, "HTC is also in charge of [...] commissioning new vehicles."
  9. Seems there are now 2x 19 series on the R2 and 2x 19 series on the R5?
  10. As of 4:11 PST, MVTP confirming no pipe bomb threat at Metrotown Station.
  11. Interesting that Minister McKenna said in English and in French that seven locomotives will be refurbished... did she misspeak or are we getting another one? EDIT: https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/west-coast-express-trains-upgrade-funding-translink I see we are, in fact, acquiring a 7th locomotive!
  12. I agree that they are likely being removed permanently, but there's perhaps a slim chance they are being upgraded with the new kiosks? The old machines were quite old and the new ones at YVR are much slicker (and smaller).
  13. I'm pretty sure this is related to the December 2020 ransomware hacking...
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