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  1. I, too, am interested in what comes out of these tactical changes. It seems like funding has been made available but the report is pretty vague. Good point re: land allocation during COVID by municipalities. Didn't think about that during my read through but serves as an important example to frame these changes against.
  2. The 2020 Bus Priority Rapid Response Assessment has been released and includes some important changes to try and improve the bus system: https://www.translink.ca/-/media/Documents/about_translink/governance_and_board/council_minutes_and_reports/2020/july/Agenda--Mayors-Council--PUBLIC-MTG--July-30.pdf EDIT: Specific examples as follows Location considerations for quick implementation of tactical changes: 49th Ave, Main St to Boundary St (Vancouver) Hastings Street, Burrard to Renfrew (Vancouver)1 Fraser Hwy, 96 Ave and 148 Ave (Surrey) Edmonds St, Griffiths St to Canada Way (Burnaby) Robson St, Thurlow to Burrard (Vancouver) Main St, Broadway to 12th Ave (Vancouver) East Broadway, east of Fraser to Commercial Drive (Vancouver) Location considerations for quick implementation of bus stop balancing: Route 2 (MacDonald / Downtown, Vancouver) Route 8 (Fraser / Downtown, Vancouver) Route 9 (Boundary / UBC, Vancouver) Route 106 (New Westminster Station / Edmonds Station, New Westminster & Burnaby)
  3. That's a nice change! That allays most if not all my concerns about the 351 changes basically 😃
  4. Shuttle 17518 has struck a pedestrian near White Rock Centre: https://www.surreynowleader.com/news/pedestrian-struck-by-bus-in-uptown-white-rock/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter http://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus/17518
  5. That's only on weekends. On weekdays most runs go to Crescent Beach... (except between 10:30am and 2:30pm). Of course, the only info I have on the changes is from the 2019 TSR -- no 350 timetable has been publicly released as far as I know.
  6. According to TransLink's 2019 TSR, frequency will be the same at peak but be halved off-peak : Basically correct, but see above re: frequency. I've always thought running double deckers on the 351 seemed like a waste, since frequency could be increased (or forcing the buses to run closer to schedule), but I didn't think about the train. That's a really important point. Similarly, I get running 1x Enviro500 every 15 minutes is probably more cost-efficient than a LFS Suburban/Orion V every 7.5 minutes or something. It's just a shame they didn't put more effort into addressing service to the SS/WR area when shortening the 351. Also, glad that they saw the community feedback and will be running 40' on the 350 blocks. My concern was always more to do with the shuttle lift, so I imagine ARBOC shuttles could remedy this and maintain (I guess increase now) frequency to the area if the 40' are too much.
  7. According to the Wiki, December 2017.
  8. At least they listened to the community's concerns about shuttle capacity/accessibility v. low-floor for the 350. Reducing frequency from 10mins to 20mins at peak is going to hurt, and isn't a 'slight' reduction. I realize capacity discipline is important and understand why they are reducing it, however. It will be interesting to see how they continue to cover Thrift. The 321 now only covers it right before ending the route, so if you board at say Thrift/Foster you have to wait 10-15 mins at the TD before the bus begins its route to Surrey Central. If the 351 continues this pattern I don't really agree with their point that it will continue to be served since the wait will be quite long. I guess I'll wait and see.
  9. 19302 being towed from 22nd St Stn around 9:30am this morning
  10. S9233 spotted out of service, with caution triangles and oil recovery towels down near WR Centre this morning. Seems like it didn’t complete its 394...
  11. Same with me on 413 today. Only displayed “Waterfront”.
  12. My worry is that the new 350 will be interlined with the 360, 361 and/or 362 which can be delayed relatively quickly as drivers (obviously) need breaks. Given that these routes run every 30 minutes, those delays can snow pile throughout the day. Again, I wish TransLink would provide more information on how the route would work, but I know that it's still up-in-the-air until the plan is approved.
  13. I'm aware about the timetable, since I take the route 4-5 times a week (between ~11am and ~2pm is where the current large gaps are). My point is that when the bus is running once an hour, delays are more pronounced for the users, whereas if it runs 4-5 times, delays are more manageable - you simply take the next one in 15 minutes and don't have to worry about being severely delayed. It also literally says on the public consultation page that they would be using shuttles. Which I'd be ok with, as I said before, if they ran them 4 times an hour and used the low-floor models...
  14. Non-peak service of 1-2 shuttle(s) /hour is a definite cut in my view compared to the current frequencies. I readily acknowledge that running suburban buses all the way to Crescent Beach when most users only take it to WR Centre wasn't sustainable, but given that shuttle operators make less, and I'm fairly certain shuttles consume less fuel, they'd be more efficient running them 3 or 4x an hour versus the current 18 year old Orion Vs running 4-5 times. Furthermore, there are many elderly people using this route... are they going to ensure low-floor shuttles are introduced to combat this issue or is the lift going to be used extensively... delaying the schedule massively since operating the lift takes forever. I understand changes need to be made, but TransLink seems keen to not provide a clear proposed schedule (publicly, anyway) or way to respond to major concerns of the community. Very similar changes were proposed last time and they received massive flack, for good reason...
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