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  1. I don't agree...if ENC really wanted to go after bigger contracts, REV Group would have given them the go ahead three years ago...also, I don't see them underbidding their three competitors, just to make low profit margins.
  2. ENC doesn't really go after large contracts...their philosophy has always been to bid on contracts that they have a realistic chance of winning, which for them unfortunately doesn't happen very often...I was hoping this would have change when they were purchased by REV three years ago.
  3. It looks like ENC hit a grand slam winning this contract...I wonder why Gillig wasn't interest in it?
  4. Gillig is opening it's new manufacturing facility in Livermore, Ca on June 1st...it's closing and selling it's Hayward facility...the story is on both Mass Transit and Metro magazines today.
  5. Karsan, the Turkish bus manufacturer is now Buy America-compliant...they hope to start US sales by the end of the year...the story is on Metro Magazine's website today.
  6. I never understood why El Dorado never goes after small bus contracts that Gillig consistently wins all the time...the last contact I know they won was in February with the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport for Axess buses.
  7. Apparently MTS may still be in business...they have a pending lawsuit against Arch Speciality Insurance Co. that was filed on July 16th of last year...not sure what it's about.
  8. Bottom line is that Gillig wins most 30ft US bus contracts...Grande West, ENC and NF Midi have minimal impact in the marketplace.
  9. Grande West is now offering a CNG option for it's buses...the story is on Metro magazine's website.
  10. That's the whole idea of them receiving the certification...they'll be able to meet all of the requirements to sell their buses in the US.
  11. Grande West has received its Buy America certification from the US government...the news is on Metro magazine's website...bad news for El Dorado National.
  12. It seems like Grande West is poised to take away a lot of El Dorado National US customers once they receive US certification...they've already done a good job of taking away a lot of their Canadian business.
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