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  1. Sorry, was there a serious question there?
  2. No, it's because Presto couldn't tell the Region what kind of fare structures would be allowed, whether a number of "must-haves" and "important-to-haves" could be provided, or even how much the system would cost. Having seen the problems Presto has had in its development, the roll-out that continues to be slow and with numerous problems, and the potential for irrelevance of such a closed system, I'm glad we didn't bind ourselves to it.
  3. In which a driver illegally cutting off a legally-driving GRT bus accuses the GRT driver of obnoxiously running a red light: https://twitter.com/miketdavies/status/497579333620621313
  4. Thank you. This constant anti-Region... (the only metaphor I can think of is a bit profane...) is tiring.
  5. That's fantastic. The only time I've been on a bus that's been involved in a collision was a hit-and-run. Combined with the forward-facing and passenger side cameras, it should be quite easy to determine the who and how of almost any collision. For the amount of money we pay for personal vehicles and insurance, every driver should have a dashboard camera (which are as cheap as $50) or use their smartphone with a mount designed for dashboard camera function. There was a video, which made the international news, of a driver on the 401 in stop-and-go traffic trying to get scammed by someone who purposefully reversed into him. Not only did the video save him from a 100% at-fault insurance assessment, but the cops who arrived on-scene charged the fraudster driver after seeing the video. In a "your word versus theirs" situation, video evidence can be invaluable. Think about how open-and-shut the bus versus St. Mary's student case could have been.
  6. Or maybe it's because to prevent this fraud it would require Presto readers, the cost of which far outweighs the cost of this fraud.
  7. I don't think KCGR or SMS's tones were the most reasonable, but replying with hostile posts isn't helping matters. On one hand, the administrators have just been leaving everyone who provided input hanging, but on the other hand you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.
  8. Go easy folks, he's twelve years old. I remember being quite a lot more excited about bus designs at that age. Maybe someone could politely explain to him the importance of clear writing and being germane. Also, I'm referring to him in the third person in on his own thread, which may come across as rude, so I'll stop now.
  9. I don't think service to the airport would have to be regular service. They could schedule the buses to coincide with flights.
  10. That is out of line. mpd618 attends pretty much every transit public consultation and has spoken at many, many council meetings.
  11. Umm, anyone else notice the website isn't actually a valid web address? "www.regionofwaterlooRca/transithub" Should have been an "." instead of an "R"
  12. Thanks, but that is not correct. This year, staff asked for a 1.25% tax increase to pay for transit service, but council voted for 1.2% instead, along with a cut to the RTMP reserve fund. In short, council gave GRT less funding than staff asked for.
  13. I think it has been said before, but this blanket hate for GRT becomes rediculous with posts like this. GRT has no control over the number of buses or the routes. Regional council decides where the routes are and how many buses GRT gets. If you have a problem with the bus shortage, here's who to complain to.
  14. There is an entire thread dedicated to bus sightings. Please post there. http://www.cptdb.ca/index.php?showtopic=9729
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