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  1. The proposed public transit projects section on the Syracuse Wikipedia (not CPTDB) page may be a practical joke. The aerial tramway "proposal" is named "S.C.A.T.", links back to the Post Standard's Wikipedia page. The Post Standard posted a negative article about a proposed State Fair gondola in 2017, which got picked up by the New York Times in an article about urban aerial ropeways. The entry about the monorail is indeed mentioned on a website dedicated to monorails and mentioned on another wikipedia article, but the only news article I could find was talking about a small one inside an old downtown department store. Source says it was proposed in tandem with Destiny USA in 2005, but I could not verify this. I'm leaving the tramway proposal up for now because it's amusing, but I'll clean it up at some point. The monorail entry is going away, not relevant to the article. In terms of the CPTDB Wiki page, I think a section about the SU trolleys should be included as they have evolved into their own system. I'll work on gathering information for now, as well as attempting to take some pictures of the current CENTRO fleet. Replying to the worrying budget/service gripes in this thread... Yikes. I come from a smaller city that doesn't serve fringe routes the way CENTRO does so I can't speak to the efficiency issues, but I certainly agree with the sentiment that CENTRO's focus is misaligned with success. When I arrived 3 years ago, I was excited to use the bus to explore the city and quickly learned that SU kids just stay on campus for a reason. My hometown has a university transit pass integrated into the student IDs (which the students opt-in or out and pay for), valid for the entire network. CENTRO requires student payment for any route not serving SU. I tried getting from the Amtrak station to destiny then back to SU campus and it took me 3 hours. By car, it's 10 minutes if you drive like you live here. When I first got here, none of the electronic bus finder aids worked properly, and CENTRO routes weren't picked up on transit apps. Transit (although I barely use it now owing to my ownership of a car) does now see CENTRO routes around SU, but the information should be taken with a grain of salt. Before today I had never found a comprehensive route map for Syracuse on the CENTRO website. Upon reviewing it (after getting 4 pages deep in their website), I can see how the route design itself is augmenting the service issues already created by the obsession with syncing arrivals at the transfer hub. All of the routes have a LOT of turns, loop-backs, and areas where slowing down is required. This is of course partly because of the "design" of Syracuse streets, but The system itself is already confusing enough, because of the sheer magnitude of alternative numbering schemes for basic changes to the same route, OR drastic changes to the same route. EDIT: Links https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syracuse,_New_York#Public_transit https://www.syracuse.com/news/2012/06/a_carousel_center_chronology.html https://www.monorails.org/tMspages/TMS20Part2.html https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/13/nyregion/pushing-for-a-commute-that-would-rise-above-the-rest.html#commentsContainer
  2. Route 12 no longer goes up Hwy 15. It instead turns left at the base, going through the north side, then crossing back to the south side where the Kingston Centre direction would run. It is now a loop.
  3. Actually, they did it with a few of the old roller destination signs. However, the background was the route color, and the letters and numbers were white. They were quite legible.
  4. Nice! Transit360 is still a little confused though. The app normally shows an estimated location based on the schedule, but has stopped showing the estimated location. I will update June 12th if the tracking has been added.
  5. What happened to 0314 on the wiki? Someone appears to have misplaced it!
  6. Yes that's exactly what should happen. I haven't really read the transit plans, as is probably obvious.
  7. I was on one of the 13XX arbocs, no GPS. Still had the old stop announcements too, so definitely didn't have it.
  8. No they have not. I have seen 0316 as recently as Saturday the somthingth (last week), and I'm quite sure 0317 is still operational. Apart from the 7, route 12 gets a lot of older buses, so because I frequent that route, I notice the older ones. Also, almost all of the 40ft buses have received the LCD and GPS/Stop announcement upgrades. The 03XX have not though, probably because their days are numbered. The reason why I say all the 40fts, is because our Arbocs still have not received the upgrade, as far as I can see. I have to wonder what KT plans on doing with them, since the routes they were originally used on no longer exist for the most part. However, I currently think that eliminating the 12A was a mistake. Frequencies on the 12 are pretty terrible, but it's because the route is so long. I think KT should split it up, and have the 12 run from Kingston Centre to DTP, and 12A run from DTP to the base and back again. The ridership on the 12 from DTP to Hwy 15 is very small, whenever I take it, it's maybe 1-2 people on the bus including me. This is because the 600s now exist, and satisfy needs for a bus route on Hwy 15, plus the frequency of service is much quicker. But that's just what I think.
  9. Yes, 1255, 56, and I think 1360, so they're all good. Just saw 1685, it's an express.
  10. Being in school, I could probably get a bunch of photos easy peasy. Will update later with some.
  11. Not gonna lie, I still like the photo
  12. Thought I was shooting video. I was dearly mistaken.
  13. One of the 15XX Novas has received the GPS upgrade, and the old LCD is no longer in the bus. However, KT has not moved the new LCD to where the old one was, and there are telltale holes where the the old one was. I still think the placement of the new sign is weird and awkward (and ugly), so one has to wonder why it hasn't been moved. @D40LF, do you know if there is a restriction on where certain LCDs can be placed on Novas?
  14. The 15XX Novas have begun to receive the new GPS. 1509, 1510 have it, and I believe that 1502 does as well, but I can't confirm.
  15. 1687 was on the 1 yesterday, unfortunately I was unable to grab a pic. The new Novas have the new GPS, however the new LCD is not under the stop requested sign, it's to the top right of it. It looks kind of bad.
  16. Yes see the only problem is that if we are only getting 6 buses, it would be 83-88. 89 shouldn't be here.
  17. Wait are the 14XX arbocs using numbers higher than 82? I thought that we didn't have higher than 82.
  18. Wow, I didn't know that. Although I really don't use the 7 (no reason to), I don't know how I missed that on all the schedules. In response to the necessary service improvements, I have one addition to the improvements. 1) A re-working of Route 15. Easily the longest route, it is probably the least organized. Just look at it. It extends from the third highest point on the map to the lowest. It is probably one of the worst routes I have ever seen. In terms of the latent demand; I do not think that the ridership will slow by a measurable amount. Due to trends I've seen since I've lived here, the buses have been increasing ridership quite steadily.
  19. Probably not, in fact it would add to the length of an already quite long route. But because it would be turned into a loop, service between the two centres would be much improved. The 7 is serviced by older buses, and it doesn't run as frequently as the express. I have not read the declined plan; were they really proposing an express between SLC and Kingston Centre!? That's ridiculous. Two local routes already do that. It sounds about as useful as the 5 must have been. For the capacity issues, in all honesty, service minutes shouldn't be changed. The service times are actually quite good. The capacity issues should probably be addressed with artics. I take the 701 from Victoria Park to Tanner Dr every Monday at 2:47. The bus is constantly full, and it's safe to say that bus at that time is full most other days of the week. Not to mention the amount of strollers on the 700s (higher than any other route), artics would be the best solution. Unfortunately, that kind of purchase isn't in Kingston's best interests. We don't currently have infrastructure for 60ft buses, and it will be a while until we do. Downtown Transfer Point (DTP) is actually a rather small intersection, which is reflective of most of the other intersections KT uses frequently. Take a look at King St. W and where the 20 turns right. The operator has to hope and pray that there is not a car in the oncoming lane, and even if there isn't, he still cuts that corner. Most road side cutouts for stops wouldn't fit artics either. In conclusion, if Kingston had been constructed with growth and expansion in mind, 60 articulated buses would be a good option for KT. However, that is not the case. Ah, aim high, shoot low? Considering the things you mentioned above, it certainly seems to be the case. We shall see...
  20. Update on external announcements/new GPS and LCD stuff. 1477 still has the works, new GPS, external, internal announcements, new LCD. 1478 has the GPS, new internal announcements, and LCD however the LCD only displays the time, not the stop or next stop. No Novas have the new LCD, external or internal announcements. Work on TFK episode 3 has ground to a halt. Apologies to everyone who was waiting, but it won't be out for a while.
  21. I saw the movie last week. It's good, but not as good as I had hoped. Keep in mind, I am a film snob (I am a YouTuber, and I have watched a lot of things), and my standards were set pretty high after the movie "Flight". I enjoyed it, in fact the crash scenes (yes plural) are very good. The hearing is also good, however the movie ended up making the NTSB bad guys. The movie had a weird end. It was good. Go see it.
  22. After 9807 was in a collision, I have not seen any of the Orions on any route. *UPDATE* Although I have not seen any myself, I am told that the remaining two are indeed still out there. On another note, a special sort of history video of KT is in the works! I won't give away too much information yet, but the project should be completed before Summer 2017. I am currently working on Transit Fanning Kingston | Episode 3
  23. That's a pretty good demo then, isn't it?
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