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  1. Earlier today during the afternoon, the 2005 NFI D40LF (fleet number unknown) caught fire while on I-94 freeway near the Warren bridge--destroying it completely from the top to middle part. This bus is completely totalled and has been written off into retirement.




  2. Brandon Baul

    SMART (Detroit)

    I don't know what will happen to the DE60LF though... Right now, it is currently out of service.
  3. Brandon Baul

    SMART (Detroit)

    I've too heard about the accident earlier this morning when I woke up... Also, it was bus #3001 that was wrecked from the front part.
  4. Two DDOT buses were involved in a separate early-morning crash on the I-94 eastbound near Mount Elliott. One bus that crashed sideways was the 2015 NFI XDE40 (unfortunately, I couldn't identify the bus fleet number) and I don't know the other bus model that was also involved in the accident as well. Apparently, speed was the main factor since it was raining outside and there were no passengers on-board both buses when this incident happened. Two drivers who were at fault were taken to the hospitals as a precaution.


    UPDATE: The two buses that were involved in the accident earlier this rainy morning was the 2015 NFI XDE40 #1515 on the eastbound I-94 & Mount Elliott and the one also on the eastbound I-94 & Chene was the 2005 NFI D40LF #4130.

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    SMART (Detroit)

    Sometimes, the Gillig BRT HEV Hybrid units can be used on the FAST routes (261, 461/462 & 561/562/563).
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    SMART (Detroit)

    This video from 4/20/18 was my last recording on the DDOT 498 RefleX Woodward heading southbound to Detroit. And this video from 12/28/17 was also my last recording on the SMART 599 RefleX Gratiot heading southbound to DMC/WSU in midtown, Detroit.
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    SMART (Detroit)

    Yes, I saw your papers getting blown off your hands when the gust blew... I could've quickly crossed to the other side of the street to help too but at least the driver was kind to help you out.
  8. Brandon Baul

    SMART (Detroit)

    After leaving Subway restaurant in Southfield, I was able to get a quick snapshot of this bus #1526 on Park Place and Evergreen. It's an NFI XD40--a 2015 model. I even met Alison whose also a member of cpdtb too.
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    Who have you met? (Famous wise)

    I--too--also rode the QLINE streetcar, but not on opening day as I was taking my brother to Great Lakes Crossing Outlet for lunch before traveling to Flint for bus hunting. I rode the QLINE on 5/15/17. I even have a recording of the full ride of it.
  10. Earlier today, the Detroit DDOT #1033, a 2010 New Flyer D40LF unit, including two other vehicles, was involved in an accident when it crashed into the Sun Valley Foods grocery store building on Dexter Avenue and Doris street at Detroit's west side. The cause of the accident is still under investigation. There were passengers on-board, including the driver, as some were taken to hospitals via ambulance; others who were unharmed were transferred to another bus. It is revealed that the person who drove the Ford Escape is at fault for causing the massive accident and putting more in danger, including the building prone to structure collapse. http://www.fox2detroit.com/news/local-news/257207434-story
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    Detroit DOT

    DDOT never owned any RTS units from TMC except for Suburban SMART, but they did had GMC RTS, GM Classics, MCI Classics, New Flyer D40HFs, NovaBus RTS T8O-206, T8O-206S and 82VNs.