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  1. Funny enough the old pole was missing it too
  2. Did not read it wrong. Two express stops are shown on the pole. 913 and 931.
  3. I'm interested by this too. The stop post on Triton at McCowan says "931," so maybe the plan is to call it the Nugget Express?
  4. Why would you transfer twice? If you're going point A to point B take the 86 and switch directly to the 12. You go off of Kingston Rd but only one transfer. If you need to travel along multiple points on Kingston, then you have a valid issue.
  5. I remember for the longest time a GM Fishbowl was stored outside at 945 Lake Shore Blvd E (a few doors down from Wheels Trans), along with some other buses. Not sure if they're still there.
  6. The thirty minute wait makes the 169 too infrequent. The north-south routes are far more frequent (especially Victoria Park and Kennedy) and none are long walks. The only area that would have a decent walk is on Commander, but very few people are using it on Sunday late evenings. I wonder why they didn't bother with adding the 10 at this time though. Sure the ridership would be low but it can easily be serviced by a single bus.
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