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  1. Training call yesterday, folks. Birchmount it is. Starting February 8. Timeline was: Applied: May 20 Invitation for info session: June 10 Info session: June 22 Invitation for interview: August 1 Interview: Sep. 5 Passed interview: Sep 18 Offer received, signed, scanned, sent: Sep. 25 Medical: Sep. 29 TPS clearance received, scanned, sent: Oct. 12 Doc.: Nov. 2 Training call: Jan 12 Start date: Feb 8 Mode: Bus Division: Birchmount Now, folks at Birchmount, please give me the scoop. I've heard spare board and vacation board are pretty decent to pick up good shift
  2. References: all your supervisors in the last 5 years. Resume: all jobs you ever had. That's what they say in the info session. Job shadowing: route number and name, plus vehicle number. Interview prep: see previous posts.
  3. You can contact TPS to learn where it is. They are super nice and very competent about it. Quite the commute then to Wilson, when Danforth, Russell/Leslie, Birchmount, even Malvern and Roncesvales would have been easier. Break a leg!
  4. After you send your conditional offer signed. @DreamOperator, just curious, do you live even remotely close to Wilson?
  5. Congrats @DreamOperator! The "queue" doesn't seem to make any sense. My medical was in September, my documentation was Nov. 2 and all I received today was 10 cm of snow to shovel.
  6. When HR says medical date determines seniority, they probably mean only in terms of who gets called for documentation and training. For example, something like being caught in the RCMP fingerprinting issue will delay your call for documentation, but once that's solved, you're back on queue ahead of people who completed that before you but had a later medical date. Once training starts, medical date only matters as kotraders explained.
  7. You're at Malvern, which is supposed to be a pretty senior division. Is that right? What have your shifts been like? Or better, what choices of shifts have you got so far?
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm under the impression that T1s cannot operate without a guard.
  9. Hey @ME TOO, was that HR who told you that at documentation? I guess then my math was right, even if I was a bit conservative. Wow, since they can't possibly pull all those numbers from within, some of us have a chance of going to subway off the street. I wouldn't mind that.
  10. Congrats! You have been really helpful here. For some odd reason, every time I start typing cptdb on my browser it takes me directly to the page of your first post here. At that time it helped me get encouraged to finalize my application and six months later, I'm not too far behind you now. Getting called to the info session. That's where the real selection takes place and it's completely out of your control. Every other step of the way is yours to lose, meaning you do as you're told and you're in.
  11. Job shadowing: you don't interview drivers. Training and working at the same time: you don't. You quit your current job before training starts. Training is a full time job.
  12. Yep, I did read the posts. Nobody had addressed his question as to whether the TTC had changed the rollout schedule. My apologies.
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