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  1. rgilmtl

    STM 22-XXX Retirement Watch

    22-384 was westbound on Highway 136 this evening.
  2. Oh wow, I thought it was a full length vinyl that covered the "label scar". Liveries in mind, has anyone seen a bus other than exo Sud-Ouest 8069331 in new colours?
  3. rgilmtl

    The CIT thread...

    140 is under exo HSL in the Chrono app. Dufresne has HSL's contract, but I think they only have coaches and school buses.
  4. rgilmtl

    Today's Sightings

    No RTLs on the Chateauguay Autoparc route tonight. Looks like exo charted others. This afternoon I saw: Autocar Preference 6761, 6781, 6782, 6783, and 9297 Dufresne 341 and 3041 (Royal)
  5. rgilmtl

    Today's Sightings

    Here's 21802. I didn't take shots of the others, driving.
  6. rgilmtl

    Today's Sightings

    RTL 21507, 21528, and 21802 were running in Chateauguay today on exo's special Angringon-Chateauguay Autopark shuttle.
  7. rgilmtl

    CIT Sightings

    Transdev also has a couple of Ex-Coach Canada's. 3063334 and 3064334 (ex-4971) running from Chateauguay for exo Sud-Ouest. To me, it looks like Transdev is desperately buying (or leasing) any used vehicle it can right now.
  8. rgilmtl

    RTL 1st Generation Novabus LFS Watch

    P9-929 just departed from TCV on 33