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  1. rgilmtl

    STM 22-XXX Retirement Watch

    22-403 was En Transit near Angrignon Thursday afternoon.
  2. rgilmtl

    CIT Sightings

    Transdev 3070815 has made its way to exoSO. Running this afternoon on 29. Presumably with its partner but I haven't seen it personally yet. exo Laurentides 5009212 is here as well, parked with the other active minis.
  3. rgilmtl


    My guess is it's a joke, as if she were doing them live. Stop holding the doors open so Michèle doesn't have to tell people about a delay again. etc...
  4. rgilmtl

    CIT Sightings

    Why would a Transdev vehicle be numbered "810819"? It was on SJSR 96E on Wednesday night. In regular SJSR livery and regular Transdev logos.
  5. rgilmtl

    TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    Friday, 7 September, afternoon. TTC 3301 was headed eastbound on Québec route 138, crossing the Honoré Mercier bridge into Montréal. It continued onto Autoroute 20 West.
  6. rgilmtl

    CIT Sightings

    Transdev Chateauguay 6030 (route 33) drove into a ditch today to avoid a moped. No injuries reported.
  7. rgilmtl

    CIT Sightings

    Transdev Chateauguay 8064 and 3063 collided with each other on Newman Bd on Tuesday. 3063 suffered a broken window.
  8. rgilmtl

    STM 22-XXX Retirement Watch

    22-201 on 109 around 3PM
  9. rgilmtl

    STM 22-XXX Retirement Watch

    22-384 was westbound on Highway 136 this evening.
  10. Oh wow, I thought it was a full length vinyl that covered the "label scar". Liveries in mind, has anyone seen a bus other than exo Sud-Ouest 8069331 in new colours?
  11. rgilmtl

    The CIT thread...

    140 is under exo HSL in the Chrono app. Dufresne has HSL's contract, but I think they only have coaches and school buses.
  12. rgilmtl

    Today's Sightings

    No RTLs on the Chateauguay Autoparc route tonight. Looks like exo charted others. This afternoon I saw: Autocar Preference 6761, 6781, 6782, 6783, and 9297 Dufresne 341 and 3041 (Royal)
  13. rgilmtl

    Today's Sightings

    Here's 21802. I didn't take shots of the others, driving.
  14. rgilmtl

    Today's Sightings

    RTL 21507, 21528, and 21802 were running in Chateauguay today on exo's special Angringon-Chateauguay Autopark shuttle.
  15. rgilmtl

    CIT Sightings

    Transdev also has a couple of Ex-Coach Canada's. 3063334 and 3064334 (ex-4971) running from Chateauguay for exo Sud-Ouest. To me, it looks like Transdev is desperately buying (or leasing) any used vehicle it can right now.