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  1. Transdev Chateauguay 824338 (exo Sud-Ouest) caught fire during Tuesday afternoon rush hour. Images were posted on the "Mercier Bridge / Kahnawake and Montreal Area Traffic" Facebook group.
  2. Looks like it may have been on the roads too. My sister sent this picture to me. Said it was around 11:20AM on Bleury Southbound.
  3. I can confirm, the Île-Bigras shuttle is using a full 10 car set with an ALP45DP at each end. It was running in diesel mode. 7:30PM run.
  4. 31-145 on 406 this afternoon. The bike rack is very noticeable outside its territory.
  5. Another Transdev New Flyer, 3099 (no year number) was on Saint-Julie 350 last night. Blank with "Bonjour exo" on all destination signs.
  6. 36-030 was crossing the H-Mercier Bridge into Kahnawake around 2:45 this afternoon.
  7. exo colours are starting to make an appearance in secteur Sud-Ouest. Along with Transdev renumbers, 3062337 to 306217 for instance. 3062 was also the only unit I ever saw running with RTM logos.
  8. Montreal's South Shore exo Sud Ouest signs can be fun to watch. Sorry, I can't get that to show inline.
  9. Transdev Chateauguay 5048 (route 33) was wrecked at the Wal-Mart and was left, unable to be towed, due to the storm. And nothing of value was lost.
  10. A 2005 New Flyer ,presumably a D40LF, but I could be wrong, [307605] is around as part of Transdev's "brand new" fleet for exo Le Richelain. It was on 321 Friday afternoon.
  11. Monday, 31/12/18 - 37-069 seemed out of place on 495 west around 10AM. Runbox 0077.
  12. 31/12/18 22-308 55 22-340 30 22-408 Balios off
  13. Tuesday afternoon rush hour, 2-0007 on 90 2-0011 on 90 2-0013 on 150
  14. 22-403 was En Transit near Angrignon Thursday afternoon.
  15. Transdev 3070815 has made its way to exoSO. Running this afternoon on 29. Presumably with its partner but I haven't seen it personally yet. exo Laurentides 5009212 is here as well, parked with the other active minis.
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