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  1. An exo Sud-Ouest coach caught fire while passing through Kahnawake last night. From the blurry video my dad sent me, it looks like one of the 2008 MCIs, so 82x338
  2. 890229 renumbered with an extra leading 8. Also retrofitted with a rear destination sign that I don't remember this unit having. Some other recently exo'd coaches from St-Philippe also have new rear signs.
  3. 26-071, 30-075, 30-077, and 39-902 with the inverted en transit. 075 was also had the Ecole PR, which was normal orange on black. 902 is the first Luminator I've seen it on, the rear is affected on this one. Also, Solidaribus is still rolling around. I've already seen it twice today.
  4. I mistakenly thought Dufresne was starting the exo Rous contract this month, so I took a look at their garage a few days back. New arrivals are ex-Transbus 1203, 5 unmarked recent looking Prevost X series coaches with wheelchair lifts, 2 unmarked Prevost H series, and a few minibuses I couldn't see without trespassing. Opinion: That's a lot of deadheading from St-Martine to Delson. Meanwhile at La Quebecoise La Prairie, many 2009+ LFS from the old Le Richelain contract are still there. With nothing recent looking.
  5. New OPUS card readers are appearing in exo Laurentides buses. They look like the same model that the STM is deploying. They are active.
  6. 27-515 on 109, the M on the driver window logo looks like it was remade with electrical tape. CFTR 6008, a D40LF of unknown origin, was also rolling around Lasalle this evening.
  7. 39-021 was being towed westbound R-136. Now, I may be mistaken, but wasn't there talk around the time the hybrids came into service that they would have to be flatbed carried back to garages? This one had the wheels on the road.
  8. Another fine re-branding from Transdev.
  9. Next week, exo Sud Ouest line 1 is being cut back to Beauharnois. The Societe de Transport de Salaberry-de-Valleyfield (Operated by Transbus) will be taking over the route from Beauharnois to points west as route 11. Everything west of Beauharnois is outside of ARTM territory. STSV Press release [French, PDF]
  10. La Québécoise 1787, and 1788 were running on the new MRC Haut-St-Laurent public transit service. Replacing exo HSL which now ends all routes at St-Martine. They are minibuses with only the new La Québécoise logo that the MRC will have in their livery in the coming months.
  11. Unless it's today, do you know when the changeover for exo CRC and Roussilion will happen?
  12. Transdev 308118 is in service after being involved in the Autoroute 15 pile-up in February.
  13. 24-258 and 24-281 were on 406 this afternoon. 24-281 was broken down in front of the Wendy's on Newman blvd.
  14. Based on what I've seen, it's whatever Keolis can get their hands on. I've seen Skyports, Murray Hill, just the Keolis K, and even one in proper exo livery. They're serving the 404 Deux-Montagnes replacement express shuttle. They count as exo Laurentides buses on Chrono.
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