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  1. Is subway very hard? I heard it's the hardest mode
  2. This sounds like pretty much everyday in ttc... Ppl does yell and make you stressful, you have to deal with the stress...
  3. If you happy with your current job, you might want to double think... It's long hours and seniority could be hard to build up in nicer departments...
  4. You guys need to be patient.... It's a long process and the speed should be speeding up cuz they need drivers... But still, tons and tons of ppl apply so it's very time consuming
  5. Thanks for the heads-up, it's pretty easy
  6. Kind of out if the topic but Anyone know anything about a subway pre test?
  7. Benefit need to 6 months plus 2 weeks, they need to mail you the letter with your policy number haahahah
  8. No way... So driving a bus is hard right?
  9. Anyone know anyone who have failed between end of training to his or her probation end time for operator?
  10. You mean after first year.... You have 2 weeks vacation after first year ahhahah Operator start off is 26 nowadays? Cuz collector is 24 for start up
  11. But worst come to worst, it's 40 hours a week, but usually you get more...
  12. Worst pay you can get is report all week and didn't get sent out, so 8 hours a day x 5, 40 hours a week
  13. Collector you will be fine... The easiest out of all, imo
  14. back as in the green p you have to fight your spot, its super packed....
  15. we can unbutton the collar starting monday with no tie right?
  16. Did the teacher said if you can wear any sunglasses while driving?
  17. I am not sure the passing mark but if 2 questions were wrong, you should be fine. It's probably the interview you need to worry, did you do great in the interview?
  18. then don't worry and use it if they said that because most important is to follow instruction in TTC. Lots of TTC policies that need to follow but people do break them. that is why they need ppl to follow instructions.... its rumoring around the company and also in the news , we are actually coming out to do CSA, but further detail will need to wait for the new contract. We will be standing out side the booth and like Crash Gate ppl feel the cold and heat.
  19. I really can't remember if calculator is allow or not. I know it's only few months ago but I started to forget already. You will be doing the test in the collector division, and the test isn't hard. Just lots of simple math problems that you have to read carefully. Interview isn't hard either. The questions you have there are in the right track and just need to prepare some answer and give some examples from your past experience. I am not sure if they changed the testing location. If it is the same location of where I did the test, it is not a simulation of the actual booth. It's just busy because other collectors and operators are walking and passing. I think what the HR meant is the training that they will give you is a simulation of the actual customer and booth. I just have to say subway is your best friend and your new home. Best of luck with your test, if you have worked with cash in retailer before, you will do fine in the test
  20. hahhaah yes but I agree with all the above, seniority is very nothing much, first need to worry how to pass the probation period....as 10 month is kind of long
  21. Maybe here is why medical date count.... Person A has medical Dec 1 5pm with badge 201 Person B has medical Dec 1 8 am with badge 203 However they both in the same training class on Dec 12. Even person B has 203 number, his or her seniority is higher then person A
  22. Hahahha we, collectors, passed the training and tested too. I will see you in the field...
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