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  1. Is subway very hard? I heard it's the hardest mode
  2. This sounds like pretty much everyday in ttc... Ppl does yell and make you stressful, you have to deal with the stress...
  3. If you happy with your current job, you might want to double think... It's long hours and seniority could be hard to build up in nicer departments...
  4. You guys need to be patient.... It's a long process and the speed should be speeding up cuz they need drivers... But still, tons and tons of ppl apply so it's very time consuming
  5. Thanks for the heads-up, it's pretty easy
  6. Kind of out if the topic but Anyone know anything about a subway pre test?
  7. Benefit need to 6 months plus 2 weeks, they need to mail you the letter with your policy number haahahah
  8. No way... So driving a bus is hard right?
  9. Anyone know anyone who have failed between end of training to his or her probation end time for operator?
  10. You mean after first year.... You have 2 weeks vacation after first year ahhahah Operator start off is 26 nowadays? Cuz collector is 24 for start up
  11. But worst come to worst, it's 40 hours a week, but usually you get more...
  12. Worst pay you can get is report all week and didn't get sent out, so 8 hours a day x 5, 40 hours a week
  13. Collector you will be fine... The easiest out of all, imo
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