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  1. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    $2.2 Million not billion well worth it to have their own rebuild facility.
  2. Buses in Cuba

    Nothing in the last few years ive been going. This time around didn't see many buses over 10 yrs old.
  3. Buses in Cuba

    Just got back from Cuba. They are slowly retiring the oldest buses in Cuba. The two top carriers Transtur and transgaviota are getting newer yutong buses(flatter,squarer front and rear caps, different side mirrors larger overall)and the ones that were replaced look like they are going to the local transit (Trans Metro). Seen one truck and trailer bus from afar so can't tell what it was used for. A ton of new artics too for Trans Metro as well. Defiantly modernizing transit in Cuba. Been going the last three years and the older stuff is slowly going away. Been all over the island.
  4. Buy, Sell, Trade

    Lf:Old chatham transit maps. Unfortunately mine got destroyed looking to see if anyone has any. Thanks
  5. CK Transit(CitLink)

    The city has a survay going right now about the transit. They are looking into the service maybe expanding it or modifying it. Gave them a ton of suggestions in the comment section. And to add to this i was correct, ALL routes are always late(or early). You never know when the bus is going to be at your stop unless you have the App. You could be standing out there for 35-40 mins for a bus if you dont have it.
  6. Ck Transit. Anything but cutaways. Tired of seeing them, miss real buses.
  7. Chatham Transit gmc tdh-3301 or 02. Grew up on those small new looks.
  8. General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    That ex-Greyhound is 1079. If you click on the picture and zoom in can see the fleet #
  9. Real buses and not these cutaway crap.
  10. Badder Bus.

    Bladder Bus #1117 lettered up for the Sarnia Sting sitting in Chatham this morning (not in wiki, can use this pic)
  11. 2014 CKTRANSIT Chevrolet Arboc
  12. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Its not worth it. Reason Greyhoud drops them cause they dont make money. Aboutown did it a few years ago in Southern Ontario. Took over routes Greyhound had dropped. Had modified smaller buses with cargo storage in the back. None of the routes really made any money. Kinda reason why they no longer exist. Did it for passenger convenience, but one or 2 passengers don't pay the bills. And you make zip on GCX delivery.
  13. Aboutown Transportation

    Im pretty sure it got turned into a fry truck. By the looks of it they turned the upper part into a eating area. But havent seen it in a few months. was on Wellington i use to see it on the way to the hospital
  14. London Transit Commission

    Drove by friday looks like a bunch are there now at least 10.