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  1. Here is one not on the wiki #1815. Its painted up like 1715 so im guessing its from Coach Atlantic too.
  2. https://blackburnnews.com/chatham/chatham-news/2021/01/16/permanent-improvements-may-coming-ck-transit/ 5th route will be permanent going from 60 minute to 45 minutes New buses won’t be here till July new bus shlters Adjusting the on demand service at night I say they should have gone back to six routes covering Chatham then you would have absolutely no issues with over crowding
  3. Shocked Chatham hasn’t bought this one too. The 2 they got from St.Thomas and the other one they bought used have been out on service more than anything else.
  4. Is it normal to have a WEGO bus on niagara Falls Transit routes. Ive been keep tabs over the last week(making Niagara falls in cities skylines and wanted to see which buses were on what routes) and im seeing 5301 and 5305 on rotes 106 and 107. Is this just to give these buses so road time or is there a shortage of NRT buses that they need to use WEGO buses.
  5. Anyone local in Niagara Falls can get a picture of the new transit hub on Canada Drive? I won’t be there for a few months TY

    Transit Windsor

    No more free ride on Transit Windsor buses as of the 19th https://windsorite.ca/2020/10/transit-windsor-fare-collection-to-resume-on-october-19th/?fbclid=IwAR02DschVkCSRn6nqR3dFE5nPE9BTbXtRlhdxzoYtBRbVD7y_lKHbZus3Iw
  7. Ive been going through wiki between badder bus roster and the rosters of the last 2 companies they have purchased(Wills Bus Lines and Cherry Bus Lines) So from just googling Badder Bus ive found many buses not found on Badders wiki. Note- i am assuming the bus year based on badder bus roster numbering 1397- 1997 MCI 102-EL3 1499- 1999 MCI 102-EL3 1401- 2001 Prevost H3-45 1304-2004 MCI J4500 1305-2005 MCI J4500 1306-2006 MCI J4500 1506-2006 MCI J4500 1107- 2007 MCI J4500 1118-2018 MCI J4500 2500- 2000 MCI 102-EL3
  8. Sorry guys well aware of all this just stating what each one is doing. Considering they are kinda the same survive run by two different companies would have the same procedures since they are dealing with outside visitors. Drivers said they are running limited buses and some drivers have been assigned to other jobs or are off.
  9. Not sure where to put this but was on the wego today they are limiting to 50 passengers max per bus. Nothing sectioned off but on the green line they have someone on the bus spraying each passenger hands with disinfectant and masks a must . Went on the blue line too but didn’t encounter this
  10. Chatham got this grant too and are getting Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 if you go by the cptdb wiki along with more cutaways
  11. 150 was the first to show up when they started the 5th route(was exclusively on it due to the seating I guess) 147 I’ve seen once or twice but 110 is new to me but then again I haven’t been out much due to medical issues. but on a good. It looks like a lot of systems including Chatham leamington, la Salle and St.Thomas will be getting upgrades to their systems and/or zero emission vehicles. The news article says stt is getting 14 vehicles and Chatham is getting 10 with upgrades to its real time and fare system. Also major upgrade to Chathams terminal and new 6 solar powered bus she
  12. I think I still have them but I was taking pictures of buses when I was a kid with my new disposable camera as they were coming down the road. Went to develop them and every picture was a blurry bus or I get just the rear r no bus at all.
  13. Front door boarding to return by September 1, 2020 The Commission has extended rear door boarding on conventional transit until the appropriate number of buses in the fleet are equipped with an Operator barrier. This is expected to occur no later than September 1, 2020. Watch for updates in the coming weeks or visit us at londontransit.ca.
  14. Again according to cptdb wiki (a great spot to look up all this) it’s says yes refurbished and repainted to the two tone green livery.
  15. Yeah wiki shows both 3000-3001 are retired. 3000 retired late 2018, early 2019 3001 retired early 2019
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