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  1. For length in most NA instances 45' is pushing it. There are several spots that are very tight to begin with. Seen more damage on the rear of a 45' than i had on a rear of a 40'.
  2. Wasnt sure where to post this. Bus is in Windsor at Cardinal Place.
  3. Cool game from what ive seen. I have downloaded it, got the Nova pack. But the buses just bounce on the screen, cant drive them at all doesn't matter which bus or where its placed. One thing i think would be awesome would be to have a map of Niagara Falls and do the Wego Routes. See some great scenery. or Las Vegas and do the Strip or the Deuce routes. Dont know how hard it is to model the cities, seams to be a ton of European stuff out there tho
  4. So since Route one is always late instead of adding a 5th route they add more to the other 3 so they can all be late at the same time. Interesting concept. Take away 52 stops in the process.