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  1. If someone could update the name as well add the new buses currently new in service. Currently 001 and002 They will be numbered in order as they arrive 001,002,003 etc The city owns the buses with them leasing to BBL and they will be in charge of maintenance, drivers etc. Blenheim Bus Lines has been awarded the contract for all 3 divisions(city,urban and para- including wallaceburg) starting July as more arrive and are put into service. Any photo I post can be used for wiki
  2. RideCK 001 and 002 were out today. 001 on Route 3 @ transit terminal 002 on Route 1 @ food basics before I took the picture of 002 at the last stop the driver seam to have issues with the door. The driver got out and was opening it and closing it a few times before she drive away.

    Transit Windsor

    Transit Windsor is making some changes to Transway 1C as of June 21 https://windsorstar.com/news/local-news/transway-1c-route-change-eliminating-side-trips-starts-june-21
  4. They company that’s going to take the contract over is the company that is doing the city transit now. currently city transit-DeNure Transportation urban and wallaceburg paratransit are done by Citilinx Chatham paratransit is done by Voyago As of July 1 is all under DeNure. so they are able to get the new city buses now which they need considering how much the others breakdown
  5. Yes DeNure Transportation(Blenheim Bus Lines) who ran the city transit won a 5 year contract for the urban,inter-urban and specialized transit starting July 1. City owns the vehicles and is leasing them to the company.(2 Enviro 200,13 Chevy Arboc and 2 Ram Promaster CS-2) They have to maintain them. Service stays the same as before with the night time on demand service going as well.
  6. First of the new buses has arrived in Chatham and in service(#002) Officially being called RideCK instead of CK transit. Just happen to drive by the depot and seen it. Jumped out in time to get a picture.
  7. So I’m still new on this on-demand bus service as we still have fixed routes here in Chatham. But from what I gather is it just a glorified taxi service then? People call or book a bus and the bus comes and picks them up? Just curious because they kept talking about starting up a night service here but keeps getting out on hold because of Covid. If they were to do this they would have to bring in other buses after the fix route service because they run out of fuel.
  8. I wouldn’t say it’s stupid. In Chatham we still have First student school buses out every morning and every afternoon same as if school was in. A kid down the street gets picked up and dropped off where he would normally just not with all the other kids. Not as many buses out but some still doing their routes.

    Transit Windsor

    So had to sit in Windsor for two hours today waiting for my wife so went to the terminal downtown and some interesting things I noticed the driver is paired to the bus, ever for a break it seams. The driver unloads and switches his sign to out of service pulls off to the side and they bring another bus and driver in. When the driver is done his break they go back to the drop off point, switch the sign over and load. Also 444 showed up and thought it was odd as there was usually 3-4 busses sitting around with not in service(some for an hour). Then the guy got out, had big orang
  10. Think there is an ex-GRT Nova sitting in front of a residence on Longwoods Rd(Hwy 4) between London and Lambeth(closer to Lambeth). I was driving and just caught it behind some trees. Didn’t get the number just recognized the colours
  11. Here is one not on the wiki #1815. Its painted up like 1715 so im guessing its from Coach Atlantic too.
  12. https://blackburnnews.com/chatham/chatham-news/2021/01/16/permanent-improvements-may-coming-ck-transit/ 5th route will be permanent going from 60 minute to 45 minutes New buses won’t be here till July new bus shlters Adjusting the on demand service at night I say they should have gone back to six routes covering Chatham then you would have absolutely no issues with over crowding
  13. Shocked Chatham hasn’t bought this one too. The 2 they got from St.Thomas and the other one they bought used have been out on service more than anything else.
  14. Is it normal to have a WEGO bus on niagara Falls Transit routes. Ive been keep tabs over the last week(making Niagara falls in cities skylines and wanted to see which buses were on what routes) and im seeing 5301 and 5305 on rotes 106 and 107. Is this just to give these buses so road time or is there a shortage of NRT buses that they need to use WEGO buses.
  15. Anyone local in Niagara Falls can get a picture of the new transit hub on Canada Drive? I won’t be there for a few months TY
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