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  1. Odd thing to see in Chatham early in the AM. Looked like it was doing a charter as there where people coming out with bags from the hotel
  2. Kind of the same thing that happened in Chatham. Got them in August and didn’t go out till December but one 1 of them has gone out. Drivers I talked to said it was because none of the drivers had the air break training and with covid no one was doing the tests. They hired someone to drive it currently. And it only goes out on his shift. So one week it’s only out in the morning and the next week it’s only out in the afternoon
  3. Finally out doing runs. 017 on route 1
  4. Doing some test runs to see how it runs. Won’t be out as drivers still need licence for it. Confirmed numbers are 016-017
  5. The company never need anyone with a Z because they were mainly a school bus company and when they took over CK Transit the cutaways didn’t have air brakes either so no need for a Z trainer or licence. These two are the first city buses with air brakes in Chatham since 2003
  6. Right from the drivers mouth yesterday. Reason the Enviros haven’t been out yet is because no one has their Z licence and with covid there is a backlog for classes to get the licence. Most drivers were school bus drivers and never drove a bus with air brakes. So for now both sit, still all white.
  7. can update enviros still not in service, friend of mine drove by Sunday an he said they are both sitting at the back blocked by all the active buses, no lettering or number. One of the ProMasters was working in Chatham i got a pic while he was waiting for his next pick up
  8. found these with google September they agreed top purchase of Handi-Transit Bus Through the Transit Procurement Initiative and Jun 18, 2021 Two new buses Cornwall council approved a request to purchase two conventional, either hybrid or diesel buses from Nova Bus through the Metrolinx Transit Procurement Initiative process. Despite being approved by council, the purchase will have to be approved by Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP). “Cornwall currently has approved ICIP funding in place for two diesel buses to be purchased in the 2022,” reads the report presented to council. “Cornwall Transit has requested a modification from ICIP to replace the proposed diesel buses with two hybrid buses for 2022 and four more buses, one per year, for the duration of the ICIP funding period ending in 2026.” According to that same report however, the cost of purchasing hybrid buses is significantly higher than their diesel counterparts — about $314,000 more. Due to federal and provincial funding, the city would have to pay $361,077 for diesel buses or $528,228 for hybrid buses.
  9. Got caught off guard yesterday seeing a rider express bus pass through Chatham after 11 am yesterday morning(#18). Not sure if they stop in Chatham the bus was coming into town from Windsor on Richmond
  10. Drove by the yard this morning. Enviros are sitting in the back(one in the line with the school buses and one at the very back with the old city buses they kept) still not lettered. Asked the mechanic working on a school bus out front when they will be in service and he said not for another few weeks.
  11. Nope. Seen a fb post that they are installing video cameras in the buses so maybe that’s the hold up. I messaged them this morning but didn’t get a response back yet.
  12. I was there Thursday waiting for a delivery so I sit in the parking lot at white oaks. I’m from Chatham so it’s nice to see some real buses lol
  13. Because it’s a quarter of the price than buying a new one. They are only 10-11 years old. Can get another 5 plus years out of them. If they want to expand the fleet it’s the cheapest way. Instead of buying 5 buses they buy 4 and referb 4.(example)
  14. Back in Niagara this week. Went riding on the WEGO Red and Green lines. Rode multiple bus and I’m shocked on how low kms those novas have especially on the green line. For being 9 years old they have an average of 220,000 kms. the green line is not going to the floral clock. Last stop is the butterfly conservatory. Also next year is the last year of the 10 year contract I’m sure it will get renewed.
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