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  1. Sounds like CK Transit is finally going to put a 5th run out to cover the newly opened casino on Richmond st and help easy the over loading on route 1 and adding mid day service for the urban routs. Also will be looking at other issues like Sunday service and running later than 7:15(talking to a member of the CK transit task force) https://www.chathamdailynews.ca/news/local-news/new-bus-route-proposed
  2. One add on I'd love to see is wego in Niagara Falls. Think of the views.
  3. Old chatham transit/chatham coach 1st number division 5-city 2nd number model Make 5-orion any model 7-gmc new look 3rd number last number of year 0-1990 4-1984 Etc 4th number number of that year Ex 5503 orion city bus build in 1990 and the 3rd one of that year Ex 5751 gmc new look 1975 only 1 bus Currently city (DeNure transportstion) 3 digit number First 2 year ex 14 is 2014 3rd number how many of that year 141 would be a 2014 and it of that year Current urban First number year 2nd and 3rd number how many of that year Ex 503 is a 2015 and the 3rd one of that year. The Para transit is voyager unit number I believe the first two are the year of the bus and the last two are how many of that year So 1332 would be a 2013 bus and the 32 bus of that year.
  4. Explains why I've seen a cherrey bus or two down here around chatham. One cherrey bus was hauling the st.marys jr b hockey team last night when they came to chatham. Normally it's been all badder buses
  5. Any system that has real buses ans not these cutaway crap we have in chatham lol
  6. Was displayed at the International plowing match this past week in Chatham-Kent
  7. Its a new model for 2018. J3500 http://www.mcicoach.com/luxury-coaches/passengerJ3500.htm
  8. 527 on a flatbed on Tuesday heading to the shop was turning onto wonderland.
  9. Don't think there is one made. I remember seeing someone asking for it before with no luck
  10. Its been in the design stage for a few years now. Will believe it when I see it. B was suppose to be theamsville-bothwell back when I was working for Aboutown but kept getting put off caused of funding. In 2012 we were designing a 5th city route as well but it got scrapped cause of funding as well. Instead they eliminated bus stops on all routes to save time.
  11. There is a 290 page thread of paper buses. Why would you make a new thread for one bus? Read the rules and edict before you post. Its not that you made it. Just where you posted it.
  12. Why start a new topic when there is already a paper bus thread?
  13. What shape are 701-702 in? Would be nice if CK Transit got one or both for route 1 and 2. Help with the overcrowding
  14. $2.2 Million not billion well worth it to have their own rebuild facility.
  15. Nothing in the last few years ive been going. This time around didn't see many buses over 10 yrs old.
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