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  1. As a daily rider of the 20, there hasn't been a significant difference in improvement during peak hours. Bus bunching is still very common, although not as severe as before. Cavalcades of 4-5 buses are much less common.
  2. 141-142 for Disneyland Pixar Fest
  3. I don't even know where this goes, but: http://dailyhive.com/vancouver/morgan-freeman-skytrain-bus-voice-announcements Morgan Freeman will voice a few announcements as part of TransLink's campaign to avoid card clash. There's a sample provided too.
  4. 161.9 in Vancouver All-time record in North America. Yay...?
  5. 110-210 for China Eastern Airlines
  6. 2107 was towed back to VTC at around 2pm today
  7. The Double Deckers are now properly labeled as Enviro500's and have their proper numbers on T-Comm.
  8. Hillrose Regional Transit System It has been many months since the last report, so here it is. Fall Changes - Occurred Sep 4, 2017 Routes 991, 995, 996, 997, 998 and 999 have been renumbered to 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 respectively. Night services 7 and 9 now have an added prefix, renumbered to N7 and N9. A small warehouse has been built within the Theobald Depot, where older and heritage buses will be stored. These older units will only be used if no other spare units are available. Our heritage trolleybus, our oldest 40ft, 60ft and shuttle bus have been stored inside. Routes (Updated): 1 Theobald Station/UHR (Universiy of Hillrose) via Four Road (45min peak Shuttle) (3) 5 Downtown/CC (Cabot College) via One Road (60min peak) (3) 6 Jonas Exchange/Quinten Hwy Connector (10min peak) (8) 7 Dante Station/Jonas Exchange via Two Road (10-12min peak) (8) 8 Dante Station/Hillrose Airport/Hillrose Center via Downtown (21-22min peak) (6) 9 Dante Station/UHR via Three Road (4min peak) (23) Night Service: N7 Dante Station/CC/Jonas Exchange/Quinten at 108th Street via Two Road (60min Shuttle - 2am-5am Shuttle) N9 Downtown/Dante Station/UHR/Hillrose Airport via Three Road (60min) Due to construction on Three Road, the N9 service will temporarily no longer service the Airport. Route 8 will instead operate extended hours up to 4am. N9 will have decreased service, from 60 minutes to 120 minutes for the time being. An XDE60 has been ordered for route 9, and is expected to arrive late October. Please be reminded of the new fare prices effective September 4, 2017: Adult: $2.75 Students (8-19): $2.00 Seniors (65+): $1.75 Children (0-8): Free
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