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  1. Hi, I am visiting Washington DC from Seattle for a few days, is there are any places/recommendation for bus fanning and photos? I stay in Mt Pleasant close to Downtown. Thanks!
  2. SPD #32096 is Ex-KCM #3364 They have some Ex-KCM 1986 M.A.N Americana too.
  3. The two Gillig Phantom 30ft #1159 & #1170 are now gone in the OneBusAway system.. Anyone knows what happens to them? Since they're still no new Xcelsior XDE35 in NB there is no reason to retired these reserved Gilligs... I'll be so sad if they're retired.
  4. 2016/05/13 >> DE60LF 6828 @ B-Line XDE60 8001 @ 48
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