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  1. hi any update how the van hool buses working out?
  2. no they not if they not run a e bus all day? then it not real test? it show that e buses cant run ib real bus timed and also all the buses run mostly with anyone im the north.
  3. yrt should send all eletric buses back. they fail in how they run them. they put them out and cant have run all day then it a fail by them not the bus.
  4. hello i just wanted to know how the van hools working and if all or used in a day.
  5. thank you. so that mean that after 82xx gne then the 10xx novas be going!
  6. Hi Do anyone when if they 40ft van hoo; viva bus going be retried?
  7. are th new xd60 bus runnung yet?
  8. Hello do anyone know if nova artic bus be made electric drive in the med axle. like new flyer?
  9. when the new artc be on road to ride?
  10. do anyone know if route 4 will be going close to new viva blue stop
  11. Hi i saw the novs electric bus out going to the 400 on hwy 9 today.
  12. Do any one know why they retried ag300 and not the a330 yet?
  13. have any of the nova electric here and if are they long range?
  14. hello i just wanted to know if all of the order van hool are here now?
  15. do any one know how many of electric buses out and any been out mid day time yet?
  16. viva stop the branding when they got nova s
  17. how bad are 1910 and 1911 any photo
  18. hi that not right, when zum and viva started york let zum on hwy 7 in york with a added bus time for viva not be as long wait and not added fare. They did look in to keep it the same as the old 77 route with zum and viva sharing but york not put out add money to the fare in brampton.
  19. it about time they face transit is not needed in york. just show how much they fall when it yrt.
  20. omg byd... i think some one at byd or ttc need find new job,, because how and why one buy bus that looks like that? also i gess that why it took so long to make lol
  21. nova lfse is now going be in a long range batt is going br released on oct 14 2019.
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