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  1. any one know transse noy have the 720 yet?
  2. do any one know if xde60 will be rear drive?
  3. last week transee said 98 goes to finsh on the stop list?
  4. hey not really but thinking something bigger to try. what do you think?
  5. they have something new add to new gflyer electric buses, there something on inside windsheild and black out side by rear?
  6. Do any one know how many xe60 being made for this year?
  7. hi any update how the van hool buses working out?
  8. no they not if they not run a e bus all day? then it not real test? it show that e buses cant run ib real bus timed and also all the buses run mostly with anyone im the north.
  9. yrt should send all eletric buses back. they fail in how they run them. they put them out and cant have run all day then it a fail by them not the bus.
  10. hello i just wanted to know how the van hools working and if all or used in a day.
  11. thank you. so that mean that after 82xx gne then the 10xx novas be going!
  12. Hi Do anyone when if they 40ft van hoo; viva bus going be retried?
  13. are th new xd60 bus runnung yet?
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