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  1. omg byd... i think some one at byd or ttc need find new job,, because how and why one buy bus that looks like that? also i gess that why it took so long to make lol
  2. nova lfse is now going be in a long range batt is going br released on oct 14 2019.
  3. do any one know where byd is in newmarket?
  4. have you seen any new lfsa or lfse?
  5. is the 2019 zum bus on the road yet?
  6. hi so do the driver like the van hool and how they been working?
  7. why nova has not update there web page?
  8. hi i was on 3700 bus and the drive was really push the by driving fast , braking hard. then when it came to stop wilson for red he was going open door but he turn off and had hard time it go and door open. lol good training?
  9. is it training or just bus just as bad as byd bus. sofar they cant even have one bus on all day?
  10. why do they still only use one bus on route
  11. tommike

    Metro Transit

    sorry not on that fb one
  12. tommike

    Metro Transit

    hi any new vids of xe60 ?
  13. so what best time and place try get this monday?
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