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  1. Nova Bus LFS (all models)

    so with the new driver window can it be the 5 gen?
  2. was i right ? what transit is that bus for?
  3. on nova face book it has 40ft bus in back ground for guy who retiring, it looks like it has the new driver window i think
  4. New Flyer electric bus

    do any one now if they started making any xe60 yet or they waiting test from the demo first?
  5. tram bus is a van hool bus
  6. Proterra

    do they use hub motor for the buses?
  7. it was going try out by ac transit but never seen or heard it happen yet?
  8. what happen to the 60ft fuel cell bus?
  9. any photo or vids of the display? of van hool
  10. Nova Bus LFS (all models)

    any pic of the buses with new drivers window
  11. New Flyer electric bus

    xe60 has siemen in the rear drive and zf hub drive in axle.
  12. New Flyer electric bus

    they just did the fuel cell 60 right? so it has the same drive in it?
  13. New Flyer electric bus

    ok thank you
  14. New Flyer electric bus

    do any one now if any of the xe60 started to be made yet?
  15. hey is this bus same size of the front part of ag300 articulated bus or shorter?