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    Brampton Transit of course lol.

    Becoming a Bus driver for Brampton Transit

    The pure beauty and music that is the sound of buses

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As you may know based on my account name, i am a bus enthusiast based in Brampton. I have been a fan since I was 6 years old and ever since i found the manufacturer logo on one of the New Flyer D40LF's Brampton Transit, i started researching as much as I could up to where i am now: Taking videos, pictures and recordings of Brampton Transit's beautiful buses.

As much as I love Brampton Transit and only Brampton Transit, that is not the only system I photograph im willing to venture outside of my main system or even country to hear all the beautiful buses drive along. Such as trips to other systems within the Ontario, across canada or even abroad in places such as Italy in Europe.... the list goes on and on.

My favorite Powertrains:

Cummins ISL9 | Allison H 50 EP
Cummins ISL9 | H 40 EP
Cummins ISL9 | Allison B400R
Cummins ISL | Voith D864.3E
Cummins ISC | Voith D864.3E (espacially in BT's 03' D40LFS they sound beautiful)

Detroit Diesel Series 50 | Allison B400R



New Flyer XDE40 #1064.jpg




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