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  1. Brampton züm 1150 is seen passing through the intersection of Kennedy Road & Williams Parkway while servicing route 7A Kennedy northbound to Heart Lake Terminal. This is a rather rare sight as recently Brampton Transit has been experiencing a fleet shortage as their current bus numbers are not entirely able to keep up with the growing transit demand and schedule changes resulting in occurrences like this. To date the rarest occurrence like this was Brampton züm 1070 on route 18 Dixie (züm 1070 is based out of Sandalwood Garage while route 18 is based out of Clark Garage) in October 2018.
  2. I'm a bit late, but I got a response from BT and as you said they are looking into other forms of funding. I'm remaining hopeful some source will come through as this could be a stepping stone in Brampton making the further approach to a possible zero-emission fleet in the future. Also about the XDE60's, not only the 561 but the 505 as well. The size of the bus bays at Trinity Common would need to be extended and the turn by the main intersection coming from Bovaird and going to Great Lakes Drive would need major widening to accommodate for a 60 foot buses and additional space for 1-2 40 footers. I've seen the odd occasion that an XDE60 happened to go on the 505 and its not the best thing having a 60 footer take up 2 bus spots because of its 4 min pause at Trinity Common.
  3. Some unfortunate news regarding the electric bus project Brampton was hoping to start this year and yes this is due to Doug Fords decision making yet again. Although I trust the guardian pretty well I am going to email BT on this just to confirm its officially cancelled as they haven't said anything on their part yet. https://www.bramptonguardian.com/news-story/8753151-cap-and-trade-cancellation-hits-brampton-projects/
  4. Canada: Ontario: Brampton Transit Mississauga Transit (MiWay) Toronto Transit Commission GO Transit Barrie Transit Transit Windsor OC Transpo WEGO Visitor Transportation System Via Rail Canada York Region Transit/Viva Oakville Transit Quebec: Société de transport de l'Outaouais ___________________________________ USA: Detroit: Detroit DOT New York: New York City MTA ___________________________________ Europe: Rome: ATAC Roma ___________________________________ Jamaica: Jamaican Urban Transportation Company (JUTC)
  5. Something unusual on 1127, some sort of cable routing cover and its attached to a module by the back. I've never seen this before on any of the XD40's. This was taken a few weeks ago
  6. A mild incident that seemed to have occured either earlier today or yesterday involving another züm 18xx. Screenshotted from a 6ixbuzz post... Im rather curious as to what happened prior to this since typically the jacknife scenario ends with the rear on the right. My guess is that the driver may have had to hard brake & swerve but thats juts my guess
  7. Still, im thankful that nobody else was on board at the time. Hopefully the police find the idiot driver and he gets charged.
  8. Damn, hopefully the driver is ok. Is there any news coverage on this yet?
  9. Question. Does anyone know of any sites where I could view tenders for buses that the city of Brampton may put out?
  10. Brampton züm 1290 laying over at Humber College wile servicing route 511 züm Steeles
  11. ah sorry about that, I'll have to see if I can my signature to display in a smaller size
  12. While I cant comment on the contract, regarding why. I personally think the livery is a big factor, considering how well the livery was built around the Xcelsior design. Especially on the front, how the livery, white zum logo and fleet number placements heavily compliments the outlines of the actual body panels. On a Nova since the front is a lot smaller that black area under the windshield would need to be heavily modified or scrapped all together, along with the placement of the fleet number and logo not being as visible and overally everything would look very crushed together, if they didnt dump the black under the windshield. Another factor could be the reliability of the Xcelsior for zum has heavily proven itself since buying them in 2010. But again that really only caters to fleet variety anyway.
  13. Gear Update! I used to use the Panasonic DMC-FZ200 as i mentioned back in 2017, but recently I have made the switch to Sony after checking on numerous beginner cameras and what was within my budget lol. So here is my current kit: Body: Sony A68 Lenses: 18-55 SAM II & 18-135 SAM Overall rating: 8/10 - It practically beats my FZ200 out of the ballpark when it comes to night capabilities, the focus system is also nice as well as the overall detail photos is really good. In the future which is probably a very long time from now, I might move up in the A-mount lineup (that being the A77/A77 II) which all depends on how well my experiences are with this camera for the next few years lol
  14. For anyone who does not know, the old livery still lives on at Brampton Transit. Seen here is 0309 operating on the 32/33 interline this past Tuesday, it as received some minor work to its paint job at Sandalwood Garage but nothing more and its also the only bus that still sports this livery since the other old livery units were retired. I cannot comment on the interior as I have not gotten the chance to ride it since the work was done. Also regarding retired 2002 & 2003 D40LF's I have a list of some that I noticed when I found that they were being kept at the back of the parking lot of a fireman training course facility. Buses; 0311, 0212, 0201, 0203, 0209, 0317, 0316, 0219, 0207 are at the training facility. 0211, 0213 & 0315 were at Sandawood at the back where they keep the snow equipment and one other unit was at Clark, however I wasn't able to confirm the number since I was on the bus when I passed by there. This is as of October 26th as since then I haven't checked to see what have moved and where. Everything else is running and I am guessing that BT might be planning to retire them going into 2019 late January to February, considering the shortage of buses but at the same time some of the problems some of these units carry with them.
  15. Brampton Transit 2003 New Flyer D40LF 0309 is seen crossing the intersection of Peter Robertson Blvd and Great Lake Drive while servicing route 32 Father Tobin. 0309 was recently given a minor refresh to its pain job and remains as the only bus in Brampton Transit's active fleet to still sport the 'Lazy B' livery.
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