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  1. Coast Mountain Bus Company 2021 New Flyer Industries 'Xcelsior' XDE60 21023 boarding passengers at VCC-Clark Station as an 84 bound for UBC. These are currently the newest buses from New Flyer in Translink's fleet
  2. Quick question regarding the 98' D40LF's. I was doing some browsing on the wiki and noticed that only 9817 & 9843 are listed as active however I think I may have seen somewhere here that they are only used as backup/spare units? Is anyone able to confirm them being active or retired. I'm going to be in Vancouver for the next week and was hoping to visit Victoria to get one if they happen to come out. However the trackers history stopped at April so I'm a bit skeptical about them being active CORRECTION: upon double checking the wiki (again) I see they are listed as training units now, but in the event they were to be utilized for revenue coverage would they be trackable in anyway?
  3. Thanks a bunch this really help me get a head start on getting my list setup! Definitely gonna check out those spots for the mountain backdrops. Can't let my entire collection just be terminal shots as that would be boring aha Just checked this spot on maps, thanks for the recommendation as along with it being a nice photospot I could also ride a V there and back from the NB side. Perfect for some highway action & videos! I'm with you on this one, the SB stop looks way better from a traffic avoidance standpoint, although the NB stop is probably good if I post up on the island directly across the intersection Bridgeport looks nice since everything exits in one direction, i'll probably stand a bit further back to the avoid the lights entirely. Again thanks everyone for the pointers! Can't wait to get down there and start grabbing pics and rides!
  4. Hello, I'm a bus enthusiast from Brampton and I was planning on traveling to Vancouver (and possibly BC for the 98' D40LF's & Dennis Tridents) in September to explore the system and catch some of the remaining D40LF's, Orion V's along with the rest of fleet. I intend on staying for at least a week I'd appreciate any pointers on good spots & routes to catch Orion V's, D40LF's, E40/60LFR's, XN40's & C40LFR's (mainly for the D40LF's & V's) as I'm hoping to get a good collection of photos along with a couple of rides. Also spots that have mountains in the background would be greatly appreciated (can't go to Vancouver for photos without getting some of those aha) Thanks in advance!
  5. I just want to make it apparent that I will no longer be active in this thread. This is the second time despite my efforts to hopefully keep the wiki as updated as possible, because of some people who don't know how to not throw others under the bus now get closer to putting the system at risk with the city in regards to sharing fleet information. So from this point on DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT attempt to contact me at all regarding anything with the system as I will no longer respond
  6. A little bit of yes and no. 7007 and 7004 had the old Scott Benson rear wraps left on however the remaining retired buses (7044, 7002, 7005, 7010, 7011) have had all of their ads removed Ah so that's what that is. So many times there are buses in the garage that are still announcing routes even though they are signed out and off lmao. Although to me they sound a bit too quiet though
  7. Nope the wraps usually stay on until the person behind the wrap requests them to be removed Also just an additional note 7002-09 is now retired. Last bus awaiting a PDI and other service prior to going on the road is 72204
  8. Before I start to mention any retirements or service entry's. I would kindly like to lay out a simple ground rule regarding information I share here. Please DO NOT directly tag the City of Burlington/Burlington Transit accounts in any media posts directly regarding bus retirements or new bus arrivals that I may share as this information I would assume is treated as internal information. I ask this because the last thing I want is to get in trouble for sharing retirement or new bus arrivals so keeping that in mind if this could be followed that would be greatly appreciated. Should I find another instance of the mentioned above I will no longer mention any more retirements/new buses in this thread anymore Also 7044-08 is officially retired. It's parked next to 7005 with the fleet numbers sprayed out
  9. Not entirely sure tbh. I saw them doing some checks on a 22xx and currently they have 4 D40LF's retired (7004, 7007, 7010, 7011). Just that I'm not sure if they are going to wait until all 8 units to be replaced are retired or if they will just start right away
  10. Just a note that 7011 is now being decomissioned. 7007 & 7010 are still sitting in the dead row fully decomissioned
  11. Insert this invention called DEF. If Burlington had 2007-2008 Novas those would be the smokest buses in the entire fleet BTW 7007 is fully decomissioned and parked awaiting a tow, 7010 is currently being decomissioned as it is in the shop
  12. Yup. Burlington still has a contract with nova
  13. 72201, 72203 & 72204 are on the property
  14. Tbh in the GTA it's just common for drivers to go around the bus anyways. People only wait behind it if they can't go around because of traffic or they are just slow drivers in my experience lol Even then it's up to the motorists to carefully observe the vehicles around them to anticipate movements so 4-ways really shouldn't confuse anyone other than indicating the bus will be servicing a stop Burlington has this too. Not too sure about the interlock though (on novas it just seems like a standard feature anyway) I just realised that actually about the 199. I wonder why they never bothered to add it to the map
  15. In Brampton there's still some 04's running In regards to my gif it's from a Vancouver Transit server but idk if the bot they made for it still works
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