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  1. Does anybody happen to know what's going on with züm 1155? Last time I was active was December 29th last year. On Transsee it hasn't tracked since February 15th 2020 & T55 shows 'no info' as anything beyond a year gets the recent run info deleted, however on Flickr I've seen a post of in in December 29th last year so maybe it's tracker is broken or something
  2. Heard from a friend that they were bought for crash testing and now their being sold as it. 217 body wise seems to be in the best condition out of all of them. Some are noted that the engine has failed though
  3. Still quite the surprise as that is likely the first time a XDE60 has covered a Clark run besides the 18 Dixie
  4. 2150 was out today so it seems that and the two have been rotating in use through the week. With that I think its safe to say they have returned from whatever issue caused them to go MIA in prior months
  5. I managed to catch it after work since 1821 to my surprise did a majority of the block. Usually that never happens with the convention buses when they go on zum routes lol
  6. I would imagine that the LFSes are limited to the 26 as they only have 40km in range (from what an operator told me) and there have been instances where operators forgot to charge the buses and got stuck in limp mode (activates at 40% battery level)
  7. I just wanted to note here that @Gil in the MiWay thread mentioned that the 502 will be the only occupant of platform O at City Centre Transit Terminal. As a result of the services changes scheduled to happen on June 28th Now with that my assumption is that for arriving at CCTT, BT might just have the 502 use the same Hurontario SB to Rathburn WB ramp but instead have it join Rathburn from that bus only lane at the intersection then head straight to platform O. For leaving CCTT will they have the 502 navigate back to Hurontario via Centre View Drive (i.e Platform O, right from Rathburn onto Duke of York, right onto Centre View from Duke of York, left onto Rathburn from Centre View and then onto the Rathburn EB to Hurontario NB ramp). I think this might just be their approach as I cant really see any better way to enter and exit CCTT in terms of the 502
  8. I figured. An operator sent me pics 2 weeks ago of the 03's and the were sitting low so I had assumed they were probably done Also thanks for the update on the LFSe's! I've been trying to catch one since the 2nd but haven't had any luck
  9. iirc in terms of the 04's it should be 0401, 0403-0423, 0425-0434 that are left. Regarding the 03's and 0216 I just got word and photos from a operator I know well at sandalwood showing a couple of 03's parked in the north parking lot sitting low as well. Pairing that with the tracker activity of the 03's and 0216, i'm leaning on the possibility of them being done for good this time. Although I do want to start checking rhe terminals every few weeks to see if they are still being used as shuttles or not
  10. 2151 seems to have started revenue service. I was checking the LFSes on transsee yesterday and saw this
  11. Don't worry I already got my photo in in the 1st day. I didn't get a ride though since I had to get to work plus I'm trying to to take the bus unless I urgently need to (until its safe to ride it for non-essential uses) 2152-2157 are on T55 now. Just that the trackers are a little buggy at times, still waiting for 2150-2151 to be added though
  12. An addition to my last post. The Launch for today was just a virtual session to thank all the stakeholders and persons who made the project as well as taking questions. The buses will officially start running May 4th, 2021 on the 26 Mount Pleasant (from their official instagram account). No specific time was given but its safe to assume it would start on the earliest block (5:30 - 5:43). No word was given on how long the buses would run for the first day https://www.instagram.com/p/COajaLlBcem/?igshid=cks4u6lzzw4e
  13. Brampton Transit has confirmed the launch of the electric buses for May 3rd at 9am. Launch will most likely be held at Mount Pleasant Village however no word on the location has currently been given https://www.facebook.com/BramptonTransit/photos/a.385510041485752/3940588365977884/
  14. Anyone happen to know if the New Flyer Xcelsior CHARGE units will be XE60's? I was under the assumption that is a possibility since the demo from NFI was an XE60 but I still have my doubts
  15. Update regarding the 2020 Nova's 2007, 2011 & 2012 have all entered service, 2007 & 2011 marked the first day on November 6th. From my observations 0216 and none of the remaining active 2003 units have been taken out of service yet, though 0305 & 0306 haven't seen much use since Oct 16th/Sept 25th. Also thanks to an update from a friend of mine these are the decommissioned D40LF's currently at the back of Sandalwood Garage: 0220, 0402, 0302, 0312, 0218 & 0424 EDIT: 0301 is also decomissioned however it is not at the back of Sandalwood Garage.
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