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  1. Theres also 0218 which seems to be in use as a test bus (last photos I saw of it had the new presto installed)
  2. That's actually the same unit I saw sitting at Derry/Hurontario for quite a while. I guess it finally got moved somewhere else after all this time lol
  3. Drove by Clark on Sunday and saw 0425 and 1119 parked in the dead lot. 1119 has it's engine removed which 0425 I am not sure. My guess is that 0425 could be one of the planned 04's to be retired as an operator from Clark informed me of the few units that have rust starting to build on the underbody. As for 1119, maybe a possible engine faliure but the fact that the radiator door and driver side tailight housing have been parted from it makes me think of retirement. Anyone else happen to know whats going on with these two units? EDIT: 0425 seems to be still active, it was out on the 18 earlier today (June 4th 2 hours earlier from 12:24PM)
  4. By the way if a wiki editor with access to the BT wiki could change the status to 0204, 0208, 0210, 0214, 2015, 0217, 0220, 0221 & 0301 to retired. As those units have been retired since late 2019 and removed from the property. 0218 and 0216 are the only active 02's left (0218 hasn't left sandalwood in a few months but hasn't been decommissioned yet) and 0216 has been doing fine up until march 13th (i'm not sure why it hasn't left since then) Also if anyone happens to edit the BT page feel free to use on of my photos as a cover pic for the 1975-1976 thumbnail as i have pics of both buses on my Flickr page 1975: https://flickr.com/photos/143316823@N06/48735444012/in/photolist-2hfyX5L-2hfzTA5 1976: https://flickr.com/photos/143316823@N06/49548302568/in/photolist-2iuq17L (just be sure to provide credit in the comments lol)
  5. Yes this is in effect for the entire system as we do not have presto readers or cash machines by the rear of the bus making it impossible to pay a fare while practicing social distancing from the operator and other passengers. Even though it says "no fares are required" its essentially free service anyway because of what I just stated about the presto reader and farebox
  6. I'm sure you are all aware but Brampton Transit has implemented a new system to help aid with social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Such things as: - Limiting buses to half capacity on all routes - Reducing service throughout the week to weekend service - Runing the züm XDE60's on high capacity routes such as on the 7 Kennedy with the full route being züm XDE60's during rush hour and the route being half XDE60 and half conventional buses outside of rush. The 4 Chinguacousy (all branches), 15 Bramalea (all branches) being fully run by züm XDE60's at all times as well as the 18 Dixie however I have not tracked any buses on the 18 since they implemented this move in response to COVID-19 - No fares required to board the bus until further notice - Rear door boarding only on all buses. An exception are those in need of a lower entry from the kneeling system, those who need the wheelchair ramp and possibly strollers (though strollers were not mentioned on their site) Recently I went for a walk and happened to see the züm XDE60's in action on the 4/4a in person. However I didn't happen to see any barriers or tape by the poles by the middle exit door. Now this could've been just a one off bus (unit 1479) or they actually aren't putting anything on the artics. If someone (preferably an driver, GSP or mechanic. Don't go out if you don't have to) could confirm for me what they are using to block off the front section that would be greatly appreciated! EDIT: They are using caution tape to block off specified areas and the 7 is all XDE60 unless resources are needed elsewhere
  7. @Seashore_518203 I was curious to know that in the event of any COVID-19 related issues and the charter were to be cancelled if the ticket funds would be refunded? The chance is very low seeing as no places in that area have confirmed anything yet but I figured i'd ask anyway.
  8. Come to think of it BT does bus refurbishments at the 6 yr lifespan right? Can't seem to remember now. Also that züm Chinguacousy expansion is gonna be the talk to the town forsure, I'm a lot of people that would always be saying "züm need to come to Chinguacousy" and now their wish my finally come true lol. Now I'm just starting to wonder how far north they are going to run it up Chinguacousy before they direct it to mt. Pleasant, my assumption is possibly up to sandalwood at least (bc Bovaird is cutting it short imo) but only time will tell
  9. For those that do not know, 2020 is going to be another year of Xcelsior's for the zum fleet as NFI won the tender for the zum buses as confirmed by a press release from New Flyer that they sent out on Dec. 12, 2019 NFI Press release: https://www.newflyer.com/2019/12/brampton-extends-sustainable-brt-with-low-emission-high-capacity-buses-from-new-flyer/ For the Conventional buses, i'm going to be assuming NovaBus won the tender, although I haven't seen anything on their site and on the city of brampton website there's no tender out for buses at the moment. Now the only thing i'm wondering is how many conventional buses will they buy, as we all know they are short on buses (28 units approximately after doing some fleet number math) down to 427 buses as compaired to 455 units total (and I assume that number was for 2016 or 2017 before major retirement started for the 02's and 03's). It would make sense for them to buy 28 units, can 0216 (sadly), and the remaining 03's (unless they want them as spares or something else, which i don't see happening) and then fix the shortage problem once and for all. But again this is BT after all so I don't expect that to happen anytime soon lol
  10. 1307 has them, as well as 1120. Although that one is just one new headlight mixed with the old one
  11. Just a note that quite a few of the 2012 voith Xcelsiors have seem to made their way to Sandalwood within the past month. units 1211-1216 have been operating out of sandalwood for around 3 weeks now with 1214 being at Sandalwood the longest. My assumption is that it's likely due to the ongoing fleet shortage issue that Brampton Transit has been experiencing since last year and I was wondering if anyone was able to confirm that. Also 0216 has been brought back into active service, initially it was sidelined at the back of Sandalwood Garage in the northwest parking lot but last friday I spotted it running on the 3 going NB while walking home. Other than that 0218 is the only other active 02.
  12. In case anyone missed it 1901 - 1904 entered service on the 16th. I got pictures of 1901, 1902 & 1903 but didn't get any interior pics yet. They seem to have a passenger counter by the rear door and on the exterior they got the same mirrors as the XDE60's (2014's and up), a smaller HVAC unit (the manufacturer is unknown at the moment) & have the engine fan moved from the rear engine door to the left rear maintenance panel (which seems to be giving better cooling as the rear was not as hot as usual). 1901 had some electrical problems a few days later and 1903 (on the first day) likely experienced the same as it was stuck at sandalwood & airport for a good 30 minutes while on the 23 and was changed off afterwards. 1903 on the 23 on 08/16/19 1901 on the 104 on 08/16/19 1902 on the 104 on 08/16/19
  13. Seeing as that's the case I really don't understand why they didn't order a larger amount of buses. Unless funding or storage spots are causing this issue, there really should be no reason for them to hold back on making a 30 unit order. At this point Brampton is just shooting themselves in the foot with this move. Adding to that a bit of an off topic issue, in starting to get the feeling that electric bus program will either be put on hold or cancelled all together. BT already has its hands tied with the shortage issue and holding their expansion plans I can't really see them having time to introduce electric buses in the middle of all of this. Just a thought that arises though, so don't take my word for it.
  14. I'm really hoping they bought at least 25-30 buses because I honestly feel like just 18 is not going to be enough to solve their fleet shortage problem for when September comes and the service starts to go back to its peak (plus any new service BT may add). Given the amount of zum on local rares that occurred through mid - end of 2018 and 2019 up to the start of summer service. Also if they are XDE's they should have a high voltage warning sticker on the rear engine door and on the right rear maintenance access panel, like this one
  15. Brampton züm 1150 is seen passing through the intersection of Kennedy Road & Williams Parkway while servicing route 7A Kennedy northbound to Heart Lake Terminal. This is a rather rare sight as recently Brampton Transit has been experiencing a fleet shortage as their current bus numbers are not entirely able to keep up with the growing transit demand and schedule changes resulting in occurrences like this. To date the rarest occurrence like this was Brampton züm 1070 on route 18 Dixie (züm 1070 is based out of Sandalwood Garage while route 18 is based out of Clark Garage) in October 2018.
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