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  1. And the drama lives on lmao
  2. 34 using Margaret should have happened from the start. The lights at Wellington and Lancaster and the railway crossing were cutting into the schedule
  3. 16222 spotted on route 77 yesterday
  4. The older novas (24xx-26xx) yes they need to be retired
  5. lol, I guess we're pass the short mark now
  6. Route 20 no longer services the stop at River and Stanley Park Mall, which was pointless anyway
  7. Route 20 no longer services the stop River @ Stanley Park Mall. Which was pointless to have both routes 1 and 20 service the stop
  8. Look what's up at the Boardwalk, it's been up since yesterday
  9. I think we're past the 'short' mark, as for 21206, which has been off the road for how many months, I don't see it coming back. It's probably a parts bus at this point
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