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  1. When ION launches rt. 2 will end at 7pm due to low ridership and rt. 27 trips past 9:30pm will be discontinued due to low ridership. Did see that coming lol. The 2 shouldn't exist, it doesn't have ridership neither does the 27. Both routes should be combined with anther route that actually has ridership.
  2. lol route 26 isn't new. I used to take the 26 in high school. Years ago. Its the same route and schedule. lol
  3. GRT will probably go back with New Flyer, they like the quality I guess. Lol
  4. Hello, Can my username be changed to 3302 please and thank you.
  5. I heard they'll renew the New Flyer contract.
  6. The 28 looks redundant, it should be the 23 covering Stanley Park and the 2/20 can be interlined.
  7. Hello, can I change my username to GRT 2 Stirling please and thank you
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    Hello, id like to be a wiki editor
  9. The 2 and 23 merger is completely pointless, the 23 should operate in a loop along Wilson/Forth/Franklin/Ottawa/Oldfield/Zeller/Fairway The 2 can be extended downtown replacing the top the 3, the 3 can start out of block line station via Hayward-Hanson Keep the 22 on Kingswood Drive to Block Line
  10. They'll interline at Ottawa/Lackner (In front of the Food Basics plaza) lol when I talked to a driver friend of mine, I told her about the 22, they're ready for the 22 to change
  11. What should happen next year: Route 2 sent to Block Line Station via Hanson-Hayward Route 22 - Keep on Kingswood Route 23 - Extend along Franklin/Fourth/Wilson It would be easier to make connections along the routes to Downtown and other LRT stations Another question that came up, with the introduction of the 205, would the 204 get extended service hours after 10pm on Sundays?
  12. Christmas day service schedule was never uploaded
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