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  1. 21545 also shows as being in service today. Could have been showing as something else previously
  2. Likewise there's at least one 19500 in Surrey today, possibly the first low floor operating in Surrey?
  3. Happened to pass by the other direction right as that was happening
  4. Pretty easy to check for yourself, if you go to the website and search for 21002. The answer is no, the model isn't set yet. Knowing Dennis it would be a miracle if that was already set so soon after the fleet numbers being confirmed, let alone before any vehicles have been in service for at least a couple weeks
  5. Is there a rule anywhere saying observations should only be posted the first time they happen and then never again? If it's not something that interests you, just move on and let others talk about it if they want. Do we know if the diesel/hybrids are because of construction or something else? Based on the fact that they seem to be all 18300s it makes me wonder if they're purposefully putting air conditioned buses on for the weekend Stanley Park crowds
  6. 221 and 222 are the latest to be wrapped for Bai. Will keep an eye out for any more
  7. 218 also wrapped same as 214, 216, and those MK 1s Edit: 219 and 220 as well
  8. Not sure about 214 but 216 (mk2) is wrapped for Bai with similar colours Edit: confirmed 214 is indeed also wrapped
  9. They foolishly took sand from inside the great pyramid instead of outside as originally planned, and have brought the wrath of the mummies upon us all!
  10. These appear to have been unwrapped recently
  11. Earlier today (don't remember the exact time, I think late morning or early afternoon) I saw a D40LF on Lougheed Hwy between Beta and Delta - too far along for it to be a 25 turning around. Didn't get the number, so I wonder if it was the same one. Figured it was just doing training or something, unless HTC suddenly has a D40LF to put on the 136...
  12. My guess is it was because of cold/icy conditions - if they needed trains to be driven manually, better to do it with fewer trains so fewer drivers are needed. To keep the same capacity they use longer trains which means MK I and III trains are sometime used.
  13. It could also simply be an issue with charging capacity - with only one charger at each end of the route, it might be difficult to coordinate recharging every bus at both ends. Extra battery life would make it easier for a bus to skip charging if there's delays charging other buses, without worrying about it dying mid-route. Just a guess though, but I imagine there's other benefits to longer battery ranges even if fast charging is working perfectly.
  14. Not sure how recent this is, but I just got on P8116 on the 99. PTC finally sending spare artics to BTC?
  15. 19525 back to HTC, no more arbocs in poco
  16. 19551 back in service at last, now at PTC
  17. Rode it this afternoon, it is indeed in service
  18. I caught that one on an unscheduled 99 to Granville this morning at about 8:45, guess they've been sending it around
  19. 12025 appears to be on a 407 block this morning
  20. 19536 in service. All 2019 arbocs have entered service now.
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