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  1. I'd guess the arrival of the XDE60s at BTC. Hard to say if it's 1-to-1 retirement/replacement at this point, but BTC probably needs room for the new buses and PTC just lost a bunch to RTC.
  2. Had a rather rare sighting of S392 on the 609 this evening. Normally First Transit sends S1300s (usually 11 and 13) so it was kinda funny to see this one out here. I'm probably like the only one here who finds this interesting but whatever
  3. There's also the open houses between May 28th and June 11th - I plan on going to one or two to learn a bit more about it and give my own feedback beyond the survey. Maybe I'll even run into some forum folks...
  4. 17530 was out on the 22nd and I didn't notice Losing my touch...
  5. These two, along with 7413, are back at RTC as of today
  6. 16210 starting service this morning on the 43/44 Edit looks like 16205 also started this morning. Missed that before...
  7. 16218 in service today on the 99
  8. 17532 in service this morning
  9. 17515 now in service as of today
  10. Does anyone know if this bus has gone into service yet? I was looking through routes this morning, and there appears to be a block on the 25 that is supposed to be running today (, but neither nextbus nor t-comm show a bus on it. Don't want to get my hopes up though... Edit Ok, 9550 just showed up on that block. Good thing my hopes weren't up. Still, I do wonder when we'll see it
  11. Wonder if it'll keep the purple stripe
  12. 17520 starting service on the C71 this morning
  13. In service this morning: 16207, 21, and 23
  14. 8013 at RTC on the 620 this morning