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  1. 19303 is on an all-day block today - Am I correct in thinking that's the first time that's happened on a weekday? I know it's happened on weekends before.
  2. Does anyone know when the BAE hybrids are expected to be upgraded to full battery-electric, how much it will cost, and whether the budgeting for that is already being planned for? Obviously it won't happen until there are TCs capable of supporting them, so it would presumably happen after the proposed upgrades mentioned here. Perhaps around the mid-life rebuild?
  3. I've seen up to X28 numbered, and at least 2 others without fleet numbers yet. So possibly just 1 or 2 trains left to be delivered
  4. Not just fun to see for buses, but also a nice spotting for skytrains when sequences get put together. I've definitely seen numerous 200s and 300s where all 4 cars were sequential. Not sure I've seen it on MK 1s before, but I would imagine it can happen. The other day I was on a train consisting of 013-018, though sadly not in order
  5. Heh. Looks like I actually got a picture of it a while back after grabbing it on the 620
  6. Not surprising given that it's been in service since December 😉
  7. Those are back at PTC as of a couple days ago Also it wasn't mentioned at the time on here but 18517 and 18518 also went to STC at the same time as those two, as of now they are still there
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