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  1. Wonder if that means we'll see conventional buses on those trips (like 616/617 school special). If that's the case then I suppose STC would probably be doing the 562 specials which could be interesting to see...
  2. I can understand the desire for battery buses in cities where no trolley infrastructure exists. But Vancouver already has a lot of wires, why not make use of them? The charger installed at Marpole loop wouldn't be needed if the trial buses could hook up to the trolley wires already in the area.
  3. 18061 in service, currently showing on nextbus/tcomm as 2710
  4. Well... two of them are NFI, not Nova... Including the one in the video
  5. To the best of my knowledge, it's a pre-planned transfer for the summer. Mix of possible reasons - getting some AC on more Vancouver routes, showing off some of the CAG wrap buses on new routes, replacements for E60LFRs getting refurbished, etc. From what I've heard there will be 12 transferred in total, on the 3, 8, 10 and 20
  6. 18002, 18003 and 18004 to VTC
  7. Here's the map for those unaware of it. More details here (under the Trolley Wire Relocation tab a little ways down the page)
  8. "Hey guys, remember that time we messed up our numbering and missed 9582" "Yeah, so what" "What if it just showed up 10 years late"
  9. 18374 in service today. That leaves 18336 as the last Nova BAE not yet in service
  10. I've seen 14793 in Cloverdale. Keep meaning to update the wiki to include up to that. What's really strange is that I recently saw 14750 in North Vancouver. Not sure if it's an oddity because that was the first time they split by 50s instead of 100s - they've definitely stopped doing that now otherwise we'd have a 18450. I'd definitely like to contact Translink sometime to ask about getting a bunch of specs on the Handydart fleet (including exact order sizes and models/years manufactured for the older T units) to add to the wiki, but I have no clue who I would contact specifically about that.
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