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  1. 12013 is on the 8 today
  2. I noticed today that this block is being done by shuttles. Is that new with the recent service changes, or have I just been blind
  3. 1007 currently on the 14 just ahead of 2172
  4. From what I've seen the luggage rack on 8060 has been a big success - every time I see it there's a lot of luggage on it. From what I understand, that's not exactly what the deckers would have but I think ferrygoers would appreciate more buses with that ability
  5. This is why I think it would be great to have battery electric buses capable of charging through the trolley wires... These routes could be extended without needing to extend the wires into Burnaby
  6. As of today, all the 2016 XDE60s are in service!
  7. 16208, 14 and 22 all entered service today. I do believe 13 and 15 are the only ones left to go
  8. Just came across 1007 on Hastings. Destination doesn't say 14 but I assume that's what it's doing. Seems to be running between 2191 and 2164
  9. 17507 also joins the shuttle party at PTC
  10. S507, S512, S533, and 17510 join them this morning
  11. One driver I was talking to says he thinks they would probably take the 2008 orions out at the same time as the 2001s, even though they still have plenty of life left. I would assume they would try sell them rather than scrap them, but it's all just speculation at this point
  12. I think this has come up before but I don't remember the answer now... How feasible is having artics on the 430? I can't think if anything that would prevent it
  13. Haha I was just coming to this thread to say that... You beat me to it!
  14. How could I forget... none of the buses have air conditioning and all the windows are stuck closed. There's wifi but no one knows the password. There's outlets for charging but they don't have any power. All the buses have half-roof farings but the half they're on is chosen at random and might not be the same on both sides of the bus. Anyways I'm done
  15. Nah, the SIXSIXSIX is a single massive route travelling along all the busiest streets in Vancouver, stopping at every single block regardless of whether someone is getting on or off there. Artics are used, but all boarding and disembarking can only be done at the front door. During peak hours, shuttles are used instead. And of course, only really old and unreliable buses are used. The fare is twice as much as on regular routes. Etc etc.