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  1. I caught that one on an unscheduled 99 to Granville this morning at about 8:45, guess they've been sending it around
  2. 12025 appears to be on a 407 block this morning
  3. 19536 in service. All 2019 arbocs have entered service now.
  4. 18035 appears to have been on a 320/323/501 block today. Also 15003 was on 321 all day.
  5. That change now seems to be reflected in tcomm... kinda. Seems some trips are including it while others aren't. Doesn't seem to be consistent across blocks - I've seen one bus this morning that had it on a trip in one direction and then without it going back the other way.
  6. My best guess is it was originally meant as a way to distinguish between the community service shuttles and the HandyDART shuttles, using the S and T prefixes respectively. I have no idea why they specifically chose those two (maybe they had a lot of extras lying around, haha), nor can I explain why they didn't just give them different numbers. But in the new system with community shuttles as XX5XX and handydart shuttles as XX7XX they're no longer needed to distinguish.
  7. 19011 is signed in on a 100 block this morning
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