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  1. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    I recall someone saying they saw it on hwy 99 going towards RTC, shortly after it stopped service, but who knows that that was about
  2. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    My thoughts for changes in Delta are a few pages back. Currently working on Richmond, might move on to Surrey and White Rock after.
  3. Well, if you consider the double decker trial, those were on the 301 and 555 despite technically operating out of RTC. Hard to say if they'll typically get the same set of blocks (much like how the double deckers usually only did a couple specific ones every day) or if they'll just mix them in with the rest of the fleet.
  4. Vancouver Special Sightings

    According to the wiki the only demonstrator XE60 looks like that. So definitely not a permanent addition to the fleet... Could be for mechanics to get used to the parts and maintenance required ahead of the arrival of our XE40s, or even for testing whatever charging equipment they have so far.
  5. Vancouver: T-Comm "E-Sightings"

    The part that I find strange is that it doesn't stay in service between Dunbar and UBC, even though it probably wouldn't affect it all that much. Maybe they do it to discourage uni students from taking it, leaving more space for other students
  6. Vancouver: T-Comm "E-Sightings"

    Today in silly blocks: https://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/block/1656245 49 from Metrotown to Dunbar NIS from Dunbar to UBC 49 from UBC to Metrotown ... Why not just stay in service between Dunbar and UBC 🤔
  7. 2018 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    Based on tcomm history, 7424 wasn't in service for a while, then showed up at at STC for a couple days before going back to HTC... most reasonable explanation I can think of is that it needed to go there for maintenance that couldn't be done at HTC, and after being fixed up it stayed in Surrey for a bit before returning home. As for the others... there are 6 STC D40LF/Rs that haven't been in service since March, and another 6 that haven't been in service since February (including 7115 ), so could be they were in need of some temporary replacements for those
  8. 2018 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    Particularly strange given that STC should have a bunch of XN40s arriving soon
  9. I wonder if these signs would be added to existing B-lines too
  10. Vancouver Special Sightings

    Is that a regular block or a one-off for today's semi-holiday service? BTC has definitely had trippers on the 49 in the past but I don't remember seeing any recently
  11. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    Here's a map I've been working on! It's focused on my hometown of Tsawwassen and the surrounding Delta area, mostly changes and improvements I would like to see in the next 5-10 years. Some of the changes have been proposed in the SWATP, some are based on feedback I have seen around here on the forums, and some others are just things that I think would help improve the transit around here. Feedback is welcome, I'm not exactly a professional here so I'm sure there'll be criticism . I'm hoping to try make maps for Richmond and eventually other areas in the lower mainland (including my own opinions on the future of our rapid transit), but I'm pretty busy these days and those lines are a pain to draw... One of the big things I'm taking into account is the upcoming development of the Tsawwassen First Nation. Obviously it's still a ways out and I can't exactly follow non-existent roads on the map, but you can see an approximation of the proposed plan here. A brief overview (there's also descriptions on each line in the map): 601 Bridgeport Station / South Delta: Increase to FTN, with a mix of conventional and double decker buses. Remove trips to Stevetson Highway, Ladner Exchange and Boundary Bay (see below), but keep some trips to South Delta Exchange to interline with 603 and 604. 602 Bridgeport Station / Tsawwassen Heights: Add hourly trips off-peak. Renumber 601 Steveston Highway trips to 602 (as most drivers already tend to display anyways). 603 Bridgeport Station / South Delta Exchange / Beach Grove: Reroute with service in both directions through Beach Grove, and interline with 604 at 1st Avenue and English Bluff. Also replaces the C84 by running all day; off-peak trips run by community shuttles and do not go to Bridgeport Station. I'm not convinced whether or not this is a good idea, but personally I think it makes more sense to only need to know one route number that goes through a specific area rather than knowing the different peak/off-peak ones. Just my two cents, if anyone else wants to argue differently that's cool. 604 Bridgeport Station / South Delta Exchange / English Bluff: Reroute with service in both directions along 56th Street and 1st Avenue, and interline with 603 at 1st Avenue and English Bluff. Just like the 603, operates with shuttles to/from South Delta Exchange during off-peak hours. 605 Bridgeport Station / Boundary Bay: New peak-hour route that replaces 601 Boundary Bay trips. Goes into/out of Tsawwassen via 52nd Street instead of 56th Street, providing better service to people living in Imperial Village and Tsawwassen Springs. 606 Bridgeport Station / Ladner Exchange / South Ladner: Extend to Bridgeport Station, reroute with service in both directions along 44th and 45th Avenues, and interline with 608 at 47a Avenue and Delta Street. Replaces the C86 by running with shuttles to/from Ladner Exchange during off-peak hours. 608 Bridgeport Station / Ladner Exchange / North Ladner: Extend to Bridgeport Station, reroute with service in both directions through northern Ladner (too lazy to write out all the streets lol), and interline with 606 at 47a Avenue and Delta Street. Same as the 603/4/6 and replaces the C88 by running with shuttles. 610 Scottsdale Exchange / Ladner Village: Replacment for C76/310 - even though the latter is a fine new number, I think that since the majority of the route is in Delta or along the Delta/Surrey border it should be numbered in the 600s. Also extend from Ladner Exchange to Ladner Village, replacing service lost by removing the C86 and C88. Technically also a replacement for the C87, although it doesn't follow that routing - could probably have some morning/afternoon conventional school specials interlined with the 606 because of the high demand (I rode the morning conventional C87 once, it was surprisingly full... of highschoolers! My nightmare!). 611 Bridgeport Station / Scottsdale Exchange: Renumbered 311 to match the renumbered C76/310/610 (not exactly a high priority, so I'm fine if this never happens). Also add hourly trips off-peak. 620 Bridgeport Station / Tsawwassen Ferries: Increases in service as necessary to match ferry demand. 624 Scott Road Station / Tsawwassen Ferries: New route between Scott Road and the Tsawwassen ferry terminal via Highway 17a, Ladner Exchange, Highway 99 and Highway 17 (as opposed to staying on River Road between Ladner and Tilbury, as proposed in the SWATP). Initially run with conventional buses and lower frequency than the 620, but could be improved if needed. 630 Bridgeport Station / Tsawwassen First Nation: New peak-hour route connecting the new TFN development with Bridgeport. My original plan was to go via Highway 17/17a and access the new town centre from the south, but based on the plans I think it makes more sense to come in from north of the town centre, which is why I chose to send the route via Deltaport Way instead. Could maybe be extended further south eventually. 631 Ladner Exchange / Tsawwassen First Nation: New shuttle route connecting the new TFN development with Ladner. Provides all-day service to the northern part of the TFN area and new service in western Ladner, along with replacing service along Ladner Trunk lost by removing the C86 and C88. 632 Tsawwassen First Nation / Boundary Bay: A mix of the 609 and C89 as proposed in the SWATP, numbered to match the other TFN routes. Provides all-day service to the southern part of the TFN area along with the Tsawwassen Mills mall (as the 609 currently does). 640 Scott Road Station / Ladner Exchange: Route all trips via Tilbury. Discontinued routes: 311, 609, C76/310, C84, C86, C87, C88, C89
  12. 2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    I know I and other people have mentioned it a few times around the forums, but I really do hope Translink looks into battery electric buses that can charge through the trolley system. Would be great if buses on, say, the 19, could charge up on their way to Metrotown, run some other trips out of there, and head back out on the 19 to charge again. Plus routes such as the 9 could extend to places like Brentwood without having to install more wires overhead (which of course the city of Burnaby seems to be against). I haven't heard of NFI or Nova or any other companies trying this yet, but it would probably be a smart choice for companies like Translink to expand the electric fleet without having to install new charging stations or more trolley wires. Back on the thread topic, I don't suppose anyone has pictures of any of the new buses arriving at Surrey, or an estimate of when they'll be on the road?
  13. I imagine this will be an improvement
  14. They're pretty common in stores, to help determine how tall burglars are. Makes sense to have them on buses to identify offenders, haven't seen any before myself though.
  15. I seem to recall the 601 and 311 also sometimes departing at more or less the same time, with one bus pulling up right behind the other (this being back when they were at bay 7) - though that could just have been happening when the first was behind schedule. Giving the 601 its own bay makes me wonder if it's in preparation for an increase in service sometime soon (probably not but fingers crossed...)