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  1. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    There's a bin at the stop I usually use in Tsawwassen, a pretty big one at that. People are generally good at putting their trash in it, which is good. The problem is that sometimes it goes weeks without being emptied, resulting in overflowing garbage getting all over the place. There's also nothing attaching it to the ground, so every once in a while it'll get knocked over and spill, which isn't pleasant. Would be nice if those issues could be addressed too at some point.
  2. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    I think that's the D30LF that does Bowen Island runs, right?
  3. 2017 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    Looks like this didn't get mentioned - S508 back in service since sometime around the start of November, now at PCTC.
  4. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    Spotted 7190 in Ladner doing height measuring along the 601 route. Surprised they're still doing that, I thought they would have finished testing that by now...
  5. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    I would add stops 59498, 56667 and 56671 as candidates for shelters eventually - all near the Tsawwassen Mills mall, used by folks leaving the mall and transferring between the 601 and 620 on Hwy 17. Not necessarily urgent candidates but I've had to wait at some of them in the rain before and it isn't fun, especially since there's plenty of room and some of the other stops nearby have shelters.
  6. Collisions and Incidents thread

    R9251 does indeed seem to be the one, according to t-comm. Last seen 15:38, northbound on the 351, never finished the block.
  7. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    Took a walk past today. S381-93 are all there, along with S1310. Not sure what the wiki says right now but I'll update it a bit later when I get home. S280 and S285 were the only GMCs I could see. Quite a few restyled Internationals, and some still in Translink livery - don't remember all the numbers but I know S420, S435, S469 and S471 were among them.
  8. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    Could they be some of the S380s from First Transit Langley? Since they're apparently getting new Girardins I assume the old shuttles have to end up somewhere
  9. Vancouver: T-Comm "E-Sightings"

    S375 seems to have returned from the dead, for now at least. Still running out of Surrey
  10. Vancouver Special Sightings

    Uh... 9239 is apparently doing a block on the 49 this morning https://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus/9239
  11. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    9281 back in service (last seen end of July)
  12. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    I'd agree with that. Especially at really busy stops where it feels like the "expressness" of skipping minor stops is diminished by the time it takes to load a couple dozen passengers through the front door
  13. 2015 Community Shuttle Order

    And 17539 today
  14. 2017 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    Looks like it wasn't actually transferred. Currently on a RTC block...