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  1. When they were testing the heights for DDs on the 257, I'm pretty sure they had to go up Taylor way because it couldn't fit under the overpass at Park Royal. So unless they're planning on replacing that, doubtful of seeing any double deckers going past there.
  2. 18517 and 18518 back in service at HTC after spending the summer as on-demand shuttles on Bowen Island
  3. 143-144 also for Telus Babylon
  4. 18035 and 18036 also now at STC
  5. There's been 1 or 2 every morning since the service changes at the start of the month
  6. It never left. Seems two buses are competing to be 19031 🤔
  7. DDR is Dedicated Disaster Response vehicle I believe. Basically in the event of an emergency buses may be used for shelter/transport to help people in need. Sometimes the code to display that message is entered by mistake, I've seen it around before and I know numerous other people have too.
  8. 18005 is not at HTC. Was presumably in maintenance when the transfers were done, back in service today still at BTC
  9. Waterfront as well, with the Canada Line connection to the 95/R5
  10. Well it was in service this morning, so not retired again quite yet
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