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  1. Post Delivery Inspection track, I believe. Buses that are delivered but still being tested and prepared for service.
  2. I've seen that on a whole bunch of 300s now, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's covering the RapidBus version. Seems unlikely all the signs on multiple trains would break all at once lol
  3. 19303 is out on an all-day block today
  4. Commercial-Broadway now has Rapidbus transfers on signs too
  5. I was thinking about this earlier - there's been mention of 5 high floor shuttles arriving this year in addition to the 49 low floors, that no one seems to have known about until recently. Is there a chance that the five that were originally supposed to be 17565-69 ended up getting delayed by a couple years?
  6. 12008 later replaced by 12013, which was then replaced by 12010, which was then replaced by 16102. Been a busy day for that block!
  7. When they were testing the heights for DDs on the 257, I'm pretty sure they had to go up Taylor way because it couldn't fit under the overpass at Park Royal. So unless they're planning on replacing that, doubtful of seeing any double deckers going past there.
  8. 18517 and 18518 back in service at HTC after spending the summer as on-demand shuttles on Bowen Island
  9. 143-144 also for Telus Babylon
  10. 18035 and 18036 also now at STC
  11. There's been 1 or 2 every morning since the service changes at the start of the month
  12. It never left. Seems two buses are competing to be 19031 🤔
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