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  1. austin_medic

    Peterborough Transit

    The City also wants to purchase 3 new buses, as the spare ratio is 15% instead of 25, the additional runs for Fleming and Trent have strained it to the point where there were almost cancellations for the regular routes. We've gone down that path already once, and I'm sure for most people it's a time they'd prefer to forget.
  2. austin_medic

    Peterborough Transit

    I wouldn't be surprised if some of the technology is active well before March. The signal priority would be a likely one, as if a driver decides to take a bus that has it installed all the traffic lights are allegedly already hooked up and ready to go, the whole thing would just work without anyone realizing it.
  3. austin_medic

    Peterborough Transit

    I think one of our oldest Nova's blew its transmission out at Fleming a couple weeks ago, unit 25 or unit 26 I think. Bright red fluid was all over the ground underneath the bus. Some of the newer Nova's have had some problems too, although I'm not sure what the problem is exactly. Also it would appear that 66 had the TOBI system ripped out. Unsure if it was sent back to Strategic Mapping or if its going to end up in the landfill.
  4. austin_medic

    Peterborough Transit

    I'm interested in helping out. Peterborough Transit currently doesn't have any gtfs data, although they have rewarded an RFP for a CAD/AVL system intended to fulfill that purpose as of April 30th. Although with current management I wouldn't be surprised if they drag their feet all the way, but if they see an outside party putting all of their information on the internet for them then that might give them a kick in the butt to move along and drag this transit system out of the 1970's and into 2018. Anyhow, we should move this into PM's