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  1. From my knowledge it only runs when supervisors deem it is necessary to meet the demand, usually after drivers complain on the radio a few times that their bus is at capacity only a few minutes after leaving the terminal. It uses one of the on-call drivers they have hanging around at the garage, which limits their ability to send out another bus if one breaks down in a timely manner. There is a similar ghost route for Lansdowne Place as well, usually you can see it running around mid-day on shopping holidays such as boxing day, especially if the roads are bad and the routes are 20-30 minutes late. Transit's PR on social media has been sub par for pretty much its entire existence on Twitter, occasionally they get somebody on there who will reply to people, but most of the time they don't bother posting about things like this. If there is delays it can take anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour for them to get around to posting about it.
  2. Appears the transit app has been delayed to the end of 2019 now.... We'll see if that timeline can stick, I don't think it will personally.
  3. They got a demonstrator model in for a few days Apparently they are crap from what I read. I wonder how it would hold up over a 15 to 20 year life with all the salt on the road in the winter. The city should hold onto the contract they have with Nova bus and the relationship that comes with it. I bet the fleet manager would freak out if he had yet another new model of bus he has to ensure is taken care of properly.
  4. I'd be willing to bet IBI Group would love to keep some of the information like income and people in your household to sell for more money down the road, assuming there's no laws to stop them from going ahead and doing so. I'll also bet a lot of stuff they write up this time will never happen, just like the last review.
  5. We have someone who is competent in the position of Transit Manager with Ward, he's trying to go forwards but Jones wants to go backwards for whatever reason, hes completely out of touch with what the transit system needs. Or there is somebody else pulling the string behind the curtain and he's just the puppet that takes the beating. 95% of the crap that was written in the operations review was never even looked at, let alone done. I think combining the East Bank express and Nicholls Park failure put an end to any of Jones's plans beyond simply increasing service on 4 base routes. To be honest I don't know how Jones was thinking he'd be able to magically cut 5 buses down to just 2 and expect a good result. I have to wonder if he ever asked for more vehicles and staff so he could fulfill more of the plans he had written up as a consultant and got told hell no by Bennett and his cronies.
  6. The city is about to drop 500k on a plan to overhaul the transit system. It will include a complete redesign of all bus rotues and concept for a new bus terminal. They might (for some reason) recommend double decker or articulated vehicles, which I think would be an extreme long term stretch goal. The current bus barn won't take double deckers, the new one might not take them either as to my knowledge it's already been designed with single deckers in mind. I can't see articulated vehicles being able to fit down 90% of the streets in Peterborough. this is why i'd think these would be a long term goal instead of short term. It would be most likely to happen after a new bus terminal is built with 60 footers, or double deckers in mind. In the case of double deckers it would require the city to acquire vehicles from a company other than Nova Bus, and the fleet manager was dead set against that idea in the past, the one exception is the community bus and I'm sure he's not too happy about that either. I've heard their articulated buses suck in the snow and get stuck constantly as well. The city would probably incur some training expenses on having everyone learn how to drive these bigger vehicles. The city already does tree trimming so GO Transit's double deckers don't get smashed by huge branches sticking out over the road, so i'd see those as more viable than artics in the shorter term, provided they were limited to Fleming and Trent Express services, although they would need to be parked outside until a new barn is built with them in mind. Personally I think it would be better to simply increase the service frequency across the board and the problem would be solved for the regular routes, I'd say the same for the Trent and Fleming Express. The overcrowding is a penny pinching problem more than anything else. Smaller vehicles might be considered for less busy routes. There will be a long term strategy to go with this plan that will probably outline most of the things I mentioned above. https://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/news-story/8843596-new-study-would-map-out-peterborough-transit-system-for-next-30-years/
  7. The stops that Trent and regular routes serve have "University Service Plus" listed on the sign. The Fleming only stops are listed as Fleming Express or SSFC Express only. The regular stops that are also served by Fleming routes have no distinction at all, and this confuses some of the drivers (typically ones that don't drive it often or haven't driven it before and didn't look at the route map beforehand) and many passengers. I've seen drivers on the Fleming Lansdowne serving every single stop along Charlotte despite the fact there's only supposed to be 3 Fleming stops along that stretch of road. They sometimes also pick people up/drop off at every stop on Goodfellow, even though the only stops for the Fleming bus on it is supposed to be the shelter beside Talwood Drive and further down at the intersection where it turns onto Clonsilla. None of the 'new' signs have been installed on these particular stops. The two stops that were moved from Traill College and McDonnel and Reid onto Stewart Street were replaced with brown 'Trent Express' signs, and the other Trent only/both stops have remained with the old signs.
  8. Ward's been spending money on better signage for trent and fleming express stops, they are both brown colored instead of the green that regular stops have. There was a handi-van out on the Community Bus route today, but it had an extra bit displayed that said "North Bus". I would assume they realized it was cheaper and more efficient to run a handi-van on it instead of a full fat 40 foot bus that would have trouble squeezing down narrow areas. So far no changes resulting from the 1.9 million that was spent on upgrading the technology has appeared. I would assume orders have been put in and the equipment will arrive later in the year and that is when things will start to change.
  9. That is assuming Ford will get in. Either way they have accounted for that so they aren't totally SoL if he manages to pull the rug out from under the NDP and Liberals . If gas tax gets cut then they will only buy one bus.
  10. The City also wants to purchase 3 new buses, as the spare ratio is 15% instead of 25, the additional runs for Fleming and Trent have strained it to the point where there were almost cancellations for the regular routes. We've gone down that path already once, and I'm sure for most people it's a time they'd prefer to forget.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the technology is active well before March. The signal priority would be a likely one, as if a driver decides to take a bus that has it installed all the traffic lights are allegedly already hooked up and ready to go, the whole thing would just work without anyone realizing it.
  12. I think one of our oldest Nova's blew its transmission out at Fleming a couple weeks ago, unit 25 or unit 26 I think. Bright red fluid was all over the ground underneath the bus. Some of the newer Nova's have had some problems too, although I'm not sure what the problem is exactly. Also it would appear that 66 had the TOBI system ripped out. Unsure if it was sent back to Strategic Mapping or if its going to end up in the landfill.
  13. I'm interested in helping out. Peterborough Transit currently doesn't have any gtfs data, although they have rewarded an RFP for a CAD/AVL system intended to fulfill that purpose as of April 30th. Although with current management I wouldn't be surprised if they drag their feet all the way, but if they see an outside party putting all of their information on the internet for them then that might give them a kick in the butt to move along and drag this transit system out of the 1970's and into 2018. Anyhow, we should move this into PM's
  14. City must be tired of motorists taking off the driver side mirrors on the buses, I've noticed more of them getting orange sticks mounted on the rear, supposedly to get drivers to move over or to use as proof the bus driver wasn't at fault
  15. Looks like the handi-van booking system decided to quit today and it screwed everyone who had a ride booked. The community bus got extra riders, 106 rides in the first week. Also an RFP has been sent out to acquire a CAD/AVL system for Peterborough Transit.
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