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  1. Public works hasn't even touched the old stops, I think they lack confidence that these will stay like this for a long time lmao. Why tear them down when the citys gonna flip flop in 2-3 weeks times then you have to go out in the heat and put them all back up again. Apparently the transit review will resume when convid is over and any route changes from that will be considered at that time. So they are really pushing this story that these changes currently are not permanent. I always get asked why Im at stops 10-15 minutes early, and its because they ALWAYS run early. They have GPS o
  2. 2 vehicles on the routes that span the entire city. One vehicle on routes that only go to either Trent or Fleming. Route 7 will have 2 vehicles, Route 7A and 7B will have a single vehicle, to my knowledge at least. Technology drive one bus obviously as well. So can roughly expect 15-20 vehicles out at a time, not including handivan/community bus (community bus will be one to each route, same as it is now). They've also said now that if they didn't do these route changes they would've axed the current system even further than they have already to stop it from bleeding money.
  3. I'm sure it'll become permanent, maybe with some adjustments. This is quite a big step away from the ways of old, probably will be forced down our throats just like the Nicholls Park/Trent East Bank merger debacle back in 2012. Once the politicians see their seats in jeopardy they'll probably backpedal this as hard as they can. It's quite funny on the transit route review website it still says public info center 2 is happening spring 2020, although if this is any indication I'd assume they are bypassing public opinion this time just like they did with the Trent/Nicholls Park gongshow and
  4. Just have a look at this delightful mess. And people here in Peterborough think Kingston's system is a complicated dogs breakfest... https://www.peterborough.ca/en/city-services/resources/Documents/Transit/TransitMapWeb.pdf Congrats Peterborough, you've managed to make the routes take longer to get you places, pack more people onto a single bus, and made them less frequent ALL in a single swish of your hands. None of the transfers will be timed at all, any buses going to the terminal show up pretty well whenever they wish, all of them show up at completely different times, and t
  5. From my knowledge it only runs when supervisors deem it is necessary to meet the demand, usually after drivers complain on the radio a few times that their bus is at capacity only a few minutes after leaving the terminal. It uses one of the on-call drivers they have hanging around at the garage, which limits their ability to send out another bus if one breaks down in a timely manner. There is a similar ghost route for Lansdowne Place as well, usually you can see it running around mid-day on shopping holidays such as boxing day, especially if the roads are bad and the routes are 20
  6. Appears the transit app has been delayed to the end of 2019 now.... We'll see if that timeline can stick, I don't think it will personally.
  7. They got a demonstrator model in for a few days Apparently they are crap from what I read. I wonder how it would hold up over a 15 to 20 year life with all the salt on the road in the winter. The city should hold onto the contract they have with Nova bus and the relationship that comes with it. I bet the fleet manager would freak out if he had yet another new model of bus he has to ensure is taken care of properly.
  8. I'd be willing to bet IBI Group would love to keep some of the information like income and people in your household to sell for more money down the road, assuming there's no laws to stop them from going ahead and doing so. I'll also bet a lot of stuff they write up this time will never happen, just like the last review.
  9. We have someone who is competent in the position of Transit Manager with Ward, he's trying to go forwards but Jones wants to go backwards for whatever reason, hes completely out of touch with what the transit system needs. Or there is somebody else pulling the string behind the curtain and he's just the puppet that takes the beating. 95% of the crap that was written in the operations review was never even looked at, let alone done. I think combining the East Bank express and Nicholls Park failure put an end to any of Jones's plans beyond simply increasing service on 4 base routes. To be hone
  10. The city is about to drop 500k on a plan to overhaul the transit system. It will include a complete redesign of all bus rotues and concept for a new bus terminal. They might (for some reason) recommend double decker or articulated vehicles, which I think would be an extreme long term stretch goal. The current bus barn won't take double deckers, the new one might not take them either as to my knowledge it's already been designed with single deckers in mind. I can't see articulated vehicles being able to fit down 90% of the streets in Peterborough. this is why i'd think
  11. The stops that Trent and regular routes serve have "University Service Plus" listed on the sign. The Fleming only stops are listed as Fleming Express or SSFC Express only. The regular stops that are also served by Fleming routes have no distinction at all, and this confuses some of the drivers (typically ones that don't drive it often or haven't driven it before and didn't look at the route map beforehand) and many passengers. I've seen drivers on the Fleming Lansdowne serving every single stop along Charlotte despite the fact there's only supposed to be 3 Fleming stops along that stretch of
  12. Ward's been spending money on better signage for trent and fleming express stops, they are both brown colored instead of the green that regular stops have. There was a handi-van out on the Community Bus route today, but it had an extra bit displayed that said "North Bus". I would assume they realized it was cheaper and more efficient to run a handi-van on it instead of a full fat 40 foot bus that would have trouble squeezing down narrow areas. So far no changes resulting from the 1.9 million that was spent on upgrading the technology has appeared. I would assume orders have been put in and
  13. That is assuming Ford will get in. Either way they have accounted for that so they aren't totally SoL if he manages to pull the rug out from under the NDP and Liberals . If gas tax gets cut then they will only buy one bus.
  14. The City also wants to purchase 3 new buses, as the spare ratio is 15% instead of 25, the additional runs for Fleming and Trent have strained it to the point where there were almost cancellations for the regular routes. We've gone down that path already once, and I'm sure for most people it's a time they'd prefer to forget.
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the technology is active well before March. The signal priority would be a likely one, as if a driver decides to take a bus that has it installed all the traffic lights are allegedly already hooked up and ready to go, the whole thing would just work without anyone realizing it.
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