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  1. Peterborough Transit

    the ghost van was sitting at the end of the line when I went by the yard Thursday. Looks like it was one of the older models.
  2. Peterborough Transit

    Apparently the driver's health and safety committee wants to do air quality tests on all of the buses, at the garage, and at the bus terminal. With all the plastics the nova's use I wouldn't be surprised if they don't like what they find. Regardless doubt the levels would be high enough to warrant any action being taken
  3. Peterborough Transit

    Finally somebody to take out the trash. I hope he doesn't end up like Gary Noakes where he just has his head stuck in the sand, believe the guy before Noakes had the same issue. Seems to be a recurring theme in Peterborough.
  4. Peterborough Transit

    Second Fleming route started running today, hopped on and it went straight up Sherbrooke to Brealey to the college, could see the intersections near elementary schools it passes as being problematic for its schedule (although the Fleming Lansdowne has a similar issue with traffic, not really the fault of the route tho). The traffic gets backed up very far, could lead to potential delays. seems it serves all the regular stops along Sherbrooke, there's no express only stops along the way which I guess is better, less confusing for people. Route maps for the College Routes and the highschool routes have also been put up on their website, http://www.peterborough.ca/Assets/City+Assets/Transit/Images/High+School+routes+and+schedules.pdf http://www.peterborough.ca/Assets/City+Assets/Transit/Images/Fleming+Lansdowne+Route.pdf
  5. Peterborough Transit

    To be honest I don't know why they don't just send the Major Bennett into Lansdowne Place inbound and outbound, minimal time/length would be added to the route, assuming it only served the food court stop, and could give it some ridership that it otherwise wouldn't have, although it could also poach riders from the Monaghan route. The Lansdowne route is already too long and far to busy to accommodate shoppers, while the Major Bennett barely has enough riders to warrant running a 40 foot bus on its route, especially during offpeak hours
  6. Peterborough Transit

    Bus schedules got thrown off by traffic on Lansdowne Street so bad today, they started running a shuttle from the terminal to Lansdowne Place. Wonder where the money for that came from, reserve fund? I assume they just used one of their on-call drivers for it, or gave somebody some overtime.
  7. Peterborough Transit

    By late fall Vassiliadis wants the transit app, community bus, and bike racks installed on some buses (restricting them to the Trent/Fleming Express), seems far fetched to me, considering previous transportation chairs have sat on their hands and done almost nothing for transit. If all three happen I'll be shocked. http://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/2017/08/22/peterborough-transit-still-waiting-for-low-floor-bus-for-new-service-for-seniors-and-people-with-disabilities
  8. Peterborough Transit

    unit 53's been having a lot of issues over the past couple months. Seems to be mostly electrical related as the stop announcement system doesn't work properly on it (it works until it gets to a certain point along all the routes then it stops announcing all together). Also needed to be started from the rear a couple times I saw it at the bus terminal. Interior lights flicker from time to time as well. Heard of people complaining about the air conditioning on the '16 Nova buses not cooling the bus down as well, although I don't think I'm surprised at this point, they seem pretty crappy all around in terms of design/build quality
  9. Peterborough Transit

    I'm surprised they're offering expanded Canada Day services, especially with current management. running everything except for the major bennett, and even a parking shuttle, and free rides on top of that. " In celebration of Canada 150, the City of Peterborough is pleased to be offering a number of enhancements to our Canada Day Transit Service. Normal Statutory Holiday Service will be provided on all 12 regular routes between 8:00 am and 7:20 pm (9:20 am start on the Major Bennett route). To provide enhanced service for the Musicfest activities at Del Crary Park, service will be extended on all regular routes from 7:20 pm until 11:20 pm, except the Major Bennett route. In place of the Major Bennett route, a parking shuttle will be provided between 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm - 11:20 pm serving the Simcoe Street parking garage, the King Street parking garage, Del Crary Park and the Memorial Centre parking lot. The shuttle bus will run every 20 minutes. Handi-van service will also run during the same hours, with 2 vans in service until 11:20 pm. Handi-van customer service staff will be on duty until 8:20 pm and will take trip requests for eligible riders up to this time. Handi-van bookings will be accepted on a first come first served basis, therefore those wishing to travel during peak times are encouraged to reserve their trips in advance. All transit service on Canada Day will be provided free of charge, to encourage residents to chose transit to attend the Canada Day festivities or at least park their car at one of the city lots or garages and ride Peterborough Transit to travel to the park. Free parking will be provided at the King Street and Simcoe Street parking garages as well as at the Memorial Centre parking lot. Councillor Don Vassiliadis, who represents Monaghan Ward and is the Chair of Transportation on City Council says, "It is important to offer enhanced transit services on Canada Day. Free bus service offers our citizens an easy and safe option to take the bus instead of a car and they will not have to worry about parking. Environmentally this means fewer emissions on Canada Day!""
  10. Peterborough Transit

    A second Fleming route is being introduced in the fall, the stops for it along Sherbrook Street have already been set up.
  11. Peterborough Transit

    Join the club. It's becoming quite large these days
  12. Peterborough Transit

    I assume most of the communications over mybeat rests solely on dispatch staff. many times messages don't even get sent out for stuff like this. They either forget to do it or don't think its significant enough to warrant a message. it was said somewhere they are planning on getting a transit app up and running this spring, and money was allocated in the budget for it, although there's been no news on that for a long time now. There also hasn't been any speak at all on the community bus route that's supposed to be starting in August, I wouldn't be surprised if riders get no input at all and staff will design the route entirely based on what they think works.
  13. Peterborough Transit

    I heard of the issue back in December, I'm not sure if it was that or something else, perhaps winter related? Although regardless the 4th gen nova's break down at a much higher rate than the 2nd or 3rd gens we have, some of the drivers don't treat em very well either on the road.
  14. Peterborough Transit

    I'm shocked they went to the effort to bag all the stops that are out of service and put up notices for the George North detour. Also seems some of the newer Nova's have some very big flaws in their design. Apparently something to do with the rear axle.
  15. Peterborough Transit

    They tried to do some of the recommendations, peak service and the community bus specifically, although community bus didn't even start because there was massive overcrowding problems on the combined Nicholls Park/Trent East Bank route. There is a notice posted on the city's website about a staff report that was supposed to go to council about a transit affordability program, and I don't think that report was ever created, let alone presented. It's been posted up on there for a good 12 months now. also they'll be doing this stuff at some point in the future with fed/province money: So that kills the Orion's and some of the older novas I guess.