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  1. I'd think the safety risks of running a train through a crossover that's even partially occupied by unmovable equipment far outweigh the benefits. What if the derailment was caused by a misaligned switch and you derail a second train through the same crossover as a result?
  2. I wouldn't bother wasting time trying to talk sense into them. You'd have a more productive conversation with an eggplant. At the very least, the eggplant wouldn't come back every few weeks with the same complaint.
  3. I am going to suggest finding a new record to play. That one's broken.
  4. Somewhat rusty and now retired STO 9414, a 1994 NovaBus Classic, seen at the Rideau Center operating on route 39 to Portage, in July 2016.
  5. You can change that rock background to something else; as the notice at the top says, there's a button at the end of the row with your username that lets you change it. The options seem to be limited, however I changed mine to the red image and I think it looks really good.
  6. What's the use in even answering questions anymore if people are going to just keep asking them over and over again anyways expecting a "better" response.
  7. Did you not like the answer you got the thousand other times you've asked the same question?
  8. Who cares? Considering the same 8620 series Novas you're complaining about are a mere two years old at most I fail to see what the big deal is.
  9. Given that the knob says Vapor on it I'm sure that design is on the door manufacturer. Is it even (still?) possible for a transit agency to specify who makes the doors on a given bus?
  10. Doesn't seem to stop them from being in business, and seemingly doing decent business at that. I repeat what has been said countless times in slightly different words: no one wanted the Orion VII EPA10. What evidence is there that suggests anyone is going to want the same design but with a New Flyer badge on the front instead?
  11. Good job derailing the whole topic. Like it or not, native English speakers or not, the vast majority of people don't read signs. And furthermore, you simply can't put up signs for each of the thousands if not millions of possible languages someone speaks.
  12. One guess would be that they're considered trucks rather than buses, which isn't too far off. Another would be just because.
  13. TTC, August 27th: 8586 dead in tow on highway 400 NB just outside of Toronto around 11:45 AM.
  14. This is an incredibly stupid argument that is going to go nowhere, especially if we're going to start blaming one's political values for their posts (which is rather juvenile, I might add, and assumes you even know them in the first place, which you don't). Let's start simple. He hates streetcars. Streetcars are a form of transit. Therefore, he hates a form of transit. Okay, but does he hate all transit? No, of course not, that'd be very silly for anyone let alone someone in power. Yes, absolutely, the title of the article is sensationalized. Sensationalized titles are used by news agenc
  15. You want words? Here are your words: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/doug-ford-subways-1.4715880 (credibility not verified, but I personally trust the CBC)
  16. Since when does a driving instructor dictate fleet plans?
  17. Not the best shot, but it's one of my personal favourites out of my (small) collection so far: Choose your mode of transit: OC Transpo bus 5135, a 2010 Orion VII NG hybrid, passes under the Rideau River rail bridge as O-Train set C8, a 2013 Alstom Coradia LINT 41 DMU, approaches overhead.
  18. OK, so you have a few ideas for improvements. As was suggested earlier, speak to GO Transit directly. Start a petition. Drum up support for your ideas in a way that matters. Posting thoughts in large, barely readable paragraphs on a transit enthusiast forum multiple times doesn't drum up meaningful support for your ideas.
  19. So because you've seen it before and no one got hurt means that it's alright? I've seen people walk in front of traffic before. No one got hurt. Does that make that alright? It's the same deal here. Whether the driver allows it or not, you shouldn't be putting the driver in that position in the first place. Perhaps they didn't say anything out of fear that booting someone off the bus for standing beyond the line would escalate into an angry phone call to customer service or a further delay? Futhermore, it's illegal per the Highway Traffic Act. So perhaps you're willing to risk your own s
  20. Right, because the first eight or nine people posting about the trackers being wrong wasn't enough to convince us that the trackers are/were wrong. Seriously. This is a retirement thread and yet this entire page worth of posts is either "X is at Y doing Z according to the tracker" (ie, an "e-sighting", valid or otherwise) or "the trackers are wrong". How about some actual retirement posts? Even some out of town folks (like me) happen to be interested in that...
  21. Neither is stalking a traffic camera and posting a low resolution screenshot in which you can't even tell what you're looking at, but I suppose that I expect too much.
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