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  1. Noticed a Gervais tow truck at Pinecrest Garage around 16:00 March 12th with what appeared to be a dead hybrid (off, with the front door open) attached, moving around. Couldn't get a number, nor could I really tell if it even still had decals applied. Perhaps they're taking them away after having them sit there for the last few months?
  2. I'd think the safety risks of running a train through a crossover that's even partially occupied by unmovable equipment far outweigh the benefits. What if the derailment was caused by a misaligned switch and you derail a second train through the same crossover as a result?
  3. 5134, route 257 Bridlewood, boarded at Tunney's Pasture 15:15.
  4. Don't read too much into this, but this past Saturday evening (December 21st) I noticed that a few (three or four, maybe more) Orion VII hybrids were parked in front of Pinecrest garage in the area formerly used to store retired Inveros. They were covered in snow but decals appeared to still be intact, wasn't able to get any numbers though.
  5. I wouldn't bother wasting time trying to talk sense into them. You'd have a more productive conversation with an eggplant. At the very least, the eggplant wouldn't come back every few weeks with the same complaint. 🙄
  6. 4277, route 28 Blackburn Hamlet, at Blair station 10:40.
  7. 5066, route 95 Cambrian, at Tunney's Pasture station some time around 17:15.
  8. Someone shooting video of an approaching train at Bayview station on the eastbound platform, sometime around 5 PM this evening.
  9. I am going to suggest finding a new record to play. That one's broken.
  10. 5046, route 97 South Keys, at LeBreton station 16:49. 5027, route 94 Millennium, on Scott street 16:54.
  11. 8044, route 168 Bridlewood, on Eagleson road 18:54.
  12. 4603 was indeed on the R2 for a few trips this morning; boarded at Bayview station on the 9:15 trip.
  13. 5165, route 273 Tartan, at Bayview station 17:23. 6443, route 168 Terry Fox, at Eagleson P&R 17:52. 6615, route 168 Bridlewood, at Eagleson P&R 17:52. 5133, route 61 Terry Fox, stopped with 4 ways on just after the Moodie on-ramp at 17:52. Possible accident bus, there was a (regular) tow truck behind it with lights on as well as a supervisor's vehicle, but I did not see anything else.
  14. Somewhat rusty and now retired STO 9414, a 1994 NovaBus Classic, seen at the Rideau Center operating on route 39 to Portage, in July 2016.
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