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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if what really happened is the city ordered them with American Seating InSight instead of Vision like on all recent orders (or perhaps that the Metrolinx TPI spec had InSight and the city didn't change it), and that's why there's little padding.
  2. The folks at Carleton were handing out closure info pamphlets the last few days, so that's what I assumed they were there for. Perhaps there are different sets of staff at different times for different things; I've been using the station during the afternoon rush.
  3. 5165, route 273 Tartan, at Bayview station 17:23. 6443, route 168 Terry Fox, at Eagleson P&R 17:52. 6615, route 168 Bridlewood, at Eagleson P&R 17:52. 5133, route 61 Terry Fox, stopped with 4 ways on just after the Moodie on-ramp at 17:52. Possible accident bus, there was a (regular) tow truck behind it with lights on as well as a supervisor's vehicle, but I did not see anything else.
  4. Somewhat rusty and now retired STO 9414, a 1994 NovaBus Classic, seen at the Rideau Center operating on route 39 to Portage, in July 2016.
  5. You can change that rock background to something else; as the notice at the top says, there's a button at the end of the row with your username that lets you change it. The options seem to be limited, however I changed mine to the red image and I think it looks really good.
  6. 6413, route 161 Bridlewood, at Rothesay/Eagleson 17:39.
  7. 5175, route 95 Cambrian, at Dominion station 9:22. 5176, route 62 Terry Fox, at Tunney's Pasture station 9:26. 5018, route 257 Bridlewood, at Tunney's Pasture station 17:39. 5138, route 62 St-Laurent, at Lincoln Fields station 17:48.
  8. Look at the pot calling the kettle black. On topic, I honestly expect to see the LFRs refurbished before any new artics are purchased.
  9. 8776 was on Pinecrest by the 417 this morning around 9:00 or so. 5045, route 278 Riverside South, at Bayview station 16:37. 5001, route 252 Fernbank, at Bayview station 16:39. 4647, route 64 Morgan's Grant, at Bayview station 16:41. 5056, route 256 Bridlewood, at Bayview station 16:42.
  10. 4654 was out this morning at Hurdman, 9:32. Yellow vests behind the wheel, so not in service and maybe not even officially delivered yet.
  11. Anyways, I cannot confirm as it was too far away, but I am 90% sure I saw 4622 in service as a 63 LeBreton this afternoon.
  12. What's the use in even answering questions anymore if people are going to just keep asking them over and over again anyways expecting a "better" response. 🙄
  13. They flip up on their own as soon as the occupant gets up, or at least the one I was in did, the idea being that users of mobility devices don't have to worry about flipping up any seats.
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