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  1. Hey everyone, its been a while, BUT, we have just recently made it to our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY on the 19th! Here's an announcement video just detailing everything going forward. We hope to see you guys on the channel in the future!
  2. want to watch the final day of 224B Woodbine/Victoria Park North service? watch the whole playlist here:
  3. Don't you just love when drivers don't care that you record? HOLY BALLS! WE HAVE A VIDEO FINALLY IN 4K!!!!!
  4. NEW timelapse from the Davisville map from one of our friends Eros:
  5. So, apparently I got a TR departing Islington Station... during the morning rush hour... in service.. Maybe i'm the first to have this uploaded
  6. ^Do check out our other videos while on the page! You guys are champions and thanks for all the support!
  7. Hey everyone, we have an update for the summer!
  8. iPad minis are actually pretty decent for camera quality. I do have an iPad and it takes decent photos if everything's just right.
  9. Not a regular flier, but here's what I remember... A340-300 Cathay Pacific B777-200LR Philippine Airlines B777-300ER Cathay Pacific (World City) Hopefully more to come.
  10. I'll be happy just to bring ANY camera. Relying on my phone is not a good thing
  11. Hey everyone, jg24sp34r here! Here's a new video we just released which quickly explores the TTC H6. We hope you guys enjoy this and just remember to subscribe for (minimally) weekly updates! Cheers!
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