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  1. https://blog.sammdot.ca/pockettrack-tracking-subway-trains-is-hard-9c8fdfb7fd3c#.a6bn3l9ns
  2. It sounds like you haven't signed up. That's weird. Can you message me (email or forum) your username? I'll look into it.
  3. Hi all, Some of the regular tracker users may have noticed that I recently changed the name of the site (and this thread!) to PocketTrack. It's been a long time coming; I only really called it 'SammDOT Tracker' because everyone else, CPTDB and elsewhere, has been calling it that (because, you know, sammdot.ca). I didn't really like that name all that much, mostly because I don't like naming things after myself, and just that it seems like a less creative name. Why PocketTrack? I originally thought of the name as a reference to pocket tracks on the subway system. I know, the tracker doesn't even do subway yet, but I'm (slowly) working on that. For now, pretend I named it that way because it's a tracker that fits in your pocket. I will be writing a series of articles on various parts of PocketTrack that I'm working on, or have at least thought of doing but haven't gotten around to coding yet. Since I went to the closure yesterday, today's article is on shuttle buses: https://blog.sammdot.ca/pockettrack-tracking-shuttle-buses-is-hard-9becf687e77
  4. Are you, by any chance, the one who sent me two emails asking for an account? Don't worry, I did read all the emails and will get around to it tonight. But please keep in mind that this is only a side project for me, and that I might not be able to respond to everything immediately, or even within the same day, since I may have other more important things (such as school) taking up my time.
  5. It's a streetcar route. Don't forget the short turns.
  6. I agree; BD is much heavier. The Yonge line closures in November could really use some though.
  7. As far as I know, no; I meant that the bot started looking for that instead of 4421.
  8. I'd consider the artic shuttles special, since we haven't had a significant number of them at all before this closure. The last closure we had any artics at all, we had only two. I recorded the following artic buses during this morning's closure shift (7:30am-5pm). 19 buses were spotted before 2pm, which is around the time they send out new batches of buses: 9065 9070 9074 9077 9079 9085 9089 9094 9101 9102 9104 9111 9118 9123 9126 9128 9129 9141 9144 17 new buses were spotted after 2pm, in addition to some of the buses from above (but I didn't keep track): 9056 9057 9104 9106 9108 9110 9116 9117 9131 9136 9138 9142 9143 9148 9150 9151 9152 So roughly half the buses this closure were artics, which made the flow of passengers a lot better than I expected it to be. This is a significant improvement from previous closures.
  9. 4421 spotted in service on the 510. Today is presumably the first day, but after the bot reported it on the 306 two days ago it started tracking 4422 so I had to enter it manually. I guess now I have to assume that the new streetcar will be on either 509 or 510.
  10. So there is no real way to automatically find out when the first service run is. Welp.
  11. 4421 is logged onto 306 for some reason. LOL
  12. Quite likely. This thread has always been about sightings of working PRESTO readers. A friend of mine said so...
  13. Wilson garage is now starting to roll out Presto readers on their buses. First off: +8171
  14. ^ I think I got lucky with 4421 because the tracking device was installed the morning after it arrived. That might not be the case for future cars. By the way, the bot did report the arrival of 4421 on the night of the 25th, but I did that manually after reading the corresponding post on this thread. Since there is no way to automatically track this, I may have to make these posts on the bot's behalf in the future.
  15. Thanks. I have updated all Queensway buses (according to the May 21 allocation list) on my spreadsheet.
  16. On this weekend's shuttles so far: + 7342 8079 8093 8094 8095
  17. I meant the train carrying the car, not the car itself. Of course, they only install the location reporting device once it gets here.
  18. There is no way to track this, is there? It would be awesome if I could make the bot track the car on its way to Toronto.
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