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  1. Broadway SkyTrain Extension

    Better late than never ... I guess ... part of me really wishes they had built the Lougheed-UBC LRT in the 90s ... but 28 years late is better than nothing ...
  2. BC Ferries

    Queen of Burnaby sold at auction. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/bids-ahoy-queen-of-burnaby-auction-fetches-653k-for-53-year-old-ferry-1.4476055
  3. Amtrak

    NTSB issues initial findings ... data recorder indicates train was travelling approx. 80 mph on 30 mph track. https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/cars-of-amtrak-train-that-was-traveling-50-mph-over-speed-limit-when-it-derailed-are-being-removed-from-i-5/
  4. Amtrak

    Correct. Train 501 is one of two new Cascades services from Portland to Seattle that started today. Bringing service up to 7x per day, from 5x. CBC is now reporting "multiple fatalities." According to CBC, it looks like 79 mph.
  5. Amtrak

    Train 501 derailed on its way to Seattle this morning. Unknown injuries at this time. http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/amtrak-derailment-washington-state-1.4454266
  6. Amtrak

    Saw two of the new Siemens Charger locomotives in Cascades paint on Amtrak on Train 516 heading into Vancouver this morning. Will try to get some pics over the next couple of days (assuming they continue to come north of the border).
  7. Collisions and Incidents thread

    "Bitter cold?" Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and assume you've never lived anywhere where it actually gets cold ... lol Did they ever announce what the actual problem was?
  8. 2016 Skytrain Expansion

    Indeed. Both trains I saw were WB on the original section of Millennium Line, with "Train to VCC-Clark" displays at the stations. Not sure what they did when they got to VCC-Clarke or where they originated from.
  9. 2016 Skytrain Expansion

    For lack of a better thread to post this ... I saw 2 6-car Mk1 trains in service on the Millennium Line tonight. Definitely seemed odd. Anyone seen this before or was it likely a one off?
  10. 2018 SkyTrain Procurement

    Retirement of rolling stock has more to do with condition of the frame, body, heavy mechanical components. Refurbished or not, the original car bodies are still several (8-9?) years older than the second batch that are unrefurbished. Honestly I don't think the MkIs are going anywhere, at least not for another 10+ years.
  11. Given the ferry is only running on weekends, I think it would be hard to call this a second SeaBus service.
  12. Random Photos - Vancouver and area

    Now there's some memories. I used to ride the 110 all the time when I grew up. Random shot from yesterday morning. Mark 3 pulling into Sapperton.
  13. Surrey Rapid Transit / Surrey Light rail

    People seem to think this thing is going to be wrecking with cars left, right and centre ... will collisions occur? Of course they will: That is inevitable. However I have trouble with the carnage that STFS et al are predicting. I'd be curious to know, how many service interruptions the C-Train had last year due to Vehicle-LRT collisions and what the average duration of the interruption was.
  14. Surrey Rapid Transit / Surrey Light rail

    I wonder if Surrey will include an Emergency Vehicle Preemption system at the major intersections when they're integrating LRT with traffic signals. The medians along KGB make it difficult as it is for emergency vehicles to use the opposing lanes ... once there are tracks down the middle, it will likely be almost impossible.