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    I'm going to need to go out for a smoke after watching that ... All joking aside, I'm loving the new livery on those charges and really love the "Day 1" anniversary version.
  2. I think if the withdrawal of intercity bus service was ever going to be a catalyst for improving passenger rail service in Canada, we would have seen it a few years ago when Greyhound Canada folded ... restoration of Vancouver-PG service over the former BCR, improved Skeena service levels, the return of Calgary-Edmonton trains could have all been good solutions to connect towns reliant on bus services ... but aside from a few op eds in local papers, there is no evidence that the powers that be even considered it as a solution. While I'm completely in favour of restoring passenger service on Vancouver Island ... heck, lets go from broke and push for the line to be extended to Campbell River and run a twice daily service up and down the corridor ... but as cool as all that would be, it is a complete pipedream in the most favourable of economic climates ... which is not our present reality.
  3. The question then becomes, but for how long? I have to believe that CN is downgrading the track maintenance regime along with the suspension of freight service. Only paying for the least amount of trackwork possible to keep the line technically in service.
  4. The Skeena normally runs with a Park car, but I don't know if they have been this fall. With no Prestige service and the Skyline cars not accessible to passengers, I suspect the Skyline and Park cars won't be in The Canadian's consist ... it'll be super weird seeing it with no domes.
  5. The Canadian is resuming a weekly service from Vancouver to Winnipeg starting Dec 11. https://media.viarail.ca/en/press-releases/2020/rail-announces-gradual-service-resumption-western-canada
  6. Started at Kamloops Jct, then to Kamloops and onto CP line heading east out of Kamloops to Campbell Creek where the CN Okanagan Sub started.
  7. That's a great photo! Even though transcontinental trains stopped servicing the downtown CN station by the early 50s, the Kamloops-Vernon-Kelowna train stopped there until it was discontinued in 1963. The only bus service advertised in my 1957 CN timetable in the area has a twice daily Kelowna to Penticton run, but nothing out of Kamloops at that time (at least nothing advertised in the timetable). I'd certainly be interested to know what this bus service was, local within Kamloops or if it connected to elsewhere.
  8. One of the other interesting (at least to me) features of CN passenger service in Kamloops is the interchange between the transcontinental service and train 192/193 (Kamloops-Vernon-Kelowna). Train 3 and 4 each had a sleeper designated for Kelowna and when the train arrived in Kamloops, the sleeper would be cut off the train and left at Kamloops Jct. to be picked up by the southbound #192, thus avoiding having to wakeup and detrain sleeper passengers bound for Kelowna in the wee hours of the morning.
  9. The Kamloops CPR station is located on the CPR mainline. I think you might be thinking of the old CN station that is currently used by RMR and KHR. It is a little odd as CN had 2 Kamloops stations, "Kamloops" (the old station downtown) and "Kamloops Junction" (near where Kamloops North currently is).
  10. 3/4 used the current Kamloops North on the CN route while 1/2 used the CP station off 3rd Ave.
  11. While there are lots of things we can criticize translink for, one thing they do reasonably well is future-proofing new infrastructure. Technically there is no PoCo extension on the books, but it's not inconceivable to see that another eastward Skytrain expansion could become a priority after the Broadway and Surrey/Langley extensions are built. They did similar future-proofing for a Tri-Cities expansion when Lougheed Station was built.
  12. Given there is no funding currently committed to a Skytrain extension beyond Arbutus, the idea of trains running out to UBC within 5 years seems improbable ... to put it lightly ...
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