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  1. So this went into service this today. BCAS 63600, Chev/Crestline Hybrid ambulance.
  2. cprted

    VIA Rail Canada

    Rocky's gripes with VIA haven't been given much traction in the past. VIA launched Prestige Service over Rocky's objections with a Conservative government in power (RMR has pretty solid ties to the CPC), so if it didn't make a difference then, I have no idea why anyone would think Rocky's objection would matter now. Not only is Rocky an infrequent, tourist targeted trip which does not make any stops along it's route: It is also seasonal. The thing runs May-Sept only. But as I've said in every post about this idea--while I'd love it to be reality--there is essentially a <1% change of the Cariboo Dayliner service being reactivated. So it's really just a hopes/dreams discussion as opposed to something that's actually on the table.
  3. cprted

    VIA Rail Canada

    RMR came out of VIA's short lived tourist-based service in the Rocky Mountains (the name of which is currently eluding me). I'm not sure what that has to do with their operations 18 years later or the possibility of activating passenger service on the former BC Rail (which is pretty unrealistic). It would be hard for RMR to to whine about competition from a train running with RDCs or something similar ... lol
  4. cprted

    VIA Rail Canada

    Then they should probably stop running the Vancouver-Jasper-Edmonton route ... lol ... and if Rocky wants to make a beef about a VIA dayliner service "competing" with them, they'd need to operate that route more than 3 times/month ... The only plausible beef Rocky can have with VIA is over the "Prestige Class" service, which is a direct play at their market.
  5. cprted

    VIA Rail Canada

    Total pipe dream, but I would love it if the BC government subsidized VIA to increase service on 5/6 from Prince George to Prince Rupert (maybe up to 5 or 6/week, leaving PG to Jasper at 3x) and made a move to restore 3/week service on the former BC Rail from Prince George to Vancouver. As for the Canadian, the new schedule will actually be of use, given that Kamloops-Vancouver in both directions will now happen during the day. Even better if the trains start running something close to on time with the extra hours inserted into the timetable.
  6. cprted

    Transit in Vancouver: Questions and Answers

    I'm not sure specifically where, but @Express691 is correct. The shuttle bus stays on Bowen as the first trips in the morning meet the first ferry departure from Snug Cove.
  7. cprted

    VIA Rail Canada

    The port is only ice-free for about 3-4 months/year.
  8. cprted

    VIA Rail Canada

    If adding hours on the total trip help VIA 1 and 2 run something even remotely close to on time, then it is a win. No one picks VIA for the trip across the country due to speed, but having the train show up on time to the points in between will increase ridership. Just the other day I had car trouble and needed to book tickets on VIA 2, to get me to Kamloops where a rental car was waiting ... the ticket agent on the phone laughed out loud when the topic of what time the train would be there came up. So if VIA employees are laughing to customers about the on-time reliability of Train 1 and 2, we have a pretty big problem. Thankfully in my case, the train was only 40 mins behind schedule (good enough for me), but VIA 1 was running 9 hours behind, so it hit Kamloops just before we got there, meaning our train had to sit on the siding for an extra 25 mins waiting for Train 1 to take on fuel and clear the station.
  9. cprted

    TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    The issue I have with the SRY right of way is the meandering route it takes through the valley without hitting many of the current centres. The line was built to connect the population centres as they existed before WW2 and as many farmers as possible. Since passenger service ended in the 50s and highways have been build, the population has grown up in places the where the former BCER isn't. Following the SRY, Chilliwack to Scott Road Station is 103km, whereas if some new interurban service were to follow Hwy 1, Chilliwack to a station in Guildford would be 70km. So here's my version of a new Interurban: Waterfront station into the Grandview Cut with a platform at Commercial-BWay Stn, along the BNSF line to Braid Stn, then onto it's own RoW along Hwy 1 with stops in Guildford, 200th/Carvoth Exchange, 264th, Mt Lehman Rd, Sumas Way, and eventually back onto the CN RoW into downtown Chilliwack. The Guildford stop could easily have a connection to the Surrey LRT, with bus loops and Park and Ride at the other stations through the valley.
  10. cprted

    TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    The LG Bridge is 80 years old ...
  11. Public consultations on the Broadway extension of the M Line and Surrey LRT projects coming up this month. Broadway Extension Surrey LRT