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  1. I guess the power sharing agreement with VIA must no longer be in place ... also explains why a WCE locomotive was sitting at the SRY Trapp shop this week.
  2. The official messaging from UP has been that they are keeping 3985 on the roster and it's rebuild will take place after upcoming work on the 844 is complete. They did get a bunch of running gear parts made for 3985 when they were overhauling 4014. But honestly it wouldn't actually surprise me if 3985 was retired from excursion service. I think it would be hard to justify the cost of maintaining 2 articulated steam locomotives after all the money and effort that went into the Big Boy project. This is all pure speculation obviously, I can't claim any secret or mysterious sources of UP insider information ... lol
  3. I agree with smallspy that this look like an edited photo (as a nitpicker's point, Photoshop didn't hit the market until 1987, so in 1980, this was probably done by hand, not on a computer).
  4. cprted

    Canada Line

    Bombardier does offer the Innovia vehicles with either LIM or traction motor propulsion systems. Is it possible to refit a Bombardier Innovia from the E/M lines to operate on the C line? Sure. Anything is possible if you're willing to throw enough money at it. But why would you want to? It's not as if the E/M lines have a surplus of rolling stock that isn't being used. Might it have made for a better system overall if all three lines used the same vehicles? Yes. But that boat sailed so so long ago.
  5. Would be phenomenal to see the old girl run again ... dare to dream.
  6. The southbound trains stop to clear customs at the Peace Arch, about 200M north of the Blaine depot. Northbound trains clear Canadian Customs at Pacific Central Station and don't stop at the border. According to local organizers, it would take approx $600K for a complete overhaul of the station building and reconstruction of platforms to make it useable for Amtrak. As you say, adding a 2-3 min station stop won't derail the schedule.
  7. Would be something worth writing to your local politicians and the BC Premier and Minister of Transportation to get some momentum north of the 49th for this initiative. For people in greater Vancouver who live south of the Fraser, Blaine is much closer than travelling all the way into Vancouver to board at Pacific Central Station. The former GN Depot in Blaine is walking distance from the Peace Arch border crossing and was last served by Amtrak in 1981. https://www.railpictures.net/photo/703973/
  8. They're relatively new (formed in 2014), small, and I believe only operate in Toronto and Montreal. My understanding is their activities are focused on investigations and intelligence gathering as opposed to a "street level," visible police presence. Think of them as corporate security with peace officer powers. This is what the shoulder flash looks like.
  9. Do you one better Sadly my work schedule can't accommodate a trip to Cheyenne this week. Will have to catch up with the 4014 later this summer.
  10. I wouldn't plan any connections within 24 hours of your scheduled arrival.
  11. Interesting ideas about increasing WCE service in the future ... https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/west-coast-express-expansion-opinion-2019
  12. The cars that were loaded onto flatcars have now been removed. At this point I haven’t heard where they have gone too. Still a few pieces of equipment left on the siding, but well out of clear view.
  13. Popped by there this afternoon. All the coaches and a VIA exCN steam generator car have had their tarps removed. 4 coaches (3 6-axel coaches and a 4-axel ex VIA coach) have been loaded onto flat cars. The locomotive was previously stored inside so I can't confirm if it is even present.
  14. The locomotive and cars are stored beside the Amazon warehouse not far from my house. The equipment was moved around and some of the tarps were removed a few weeks back, but otherwise not much seems to be happening. That being said I don’t believe they are safe by any means. If memory serves there is also an open air coach that used to be used on the Royal Hudson Train and a exCPR Fast Mail car in the mix there. Would be a shame if they ended up being scrapped.
  15. While the impact certainly appeared dramatic, the damage was superficial. Fiberglass bodywork, new window, replace poles, that's about it.
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