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  1. A310s will be ending service on April 27th. This means that A300s/A310s are almost entirely extinct in the Passenger Market.
  2. You've been on a DC-8? Damn. what year?
  3. Air Canada's 3rd Party "Sunglasses " make the livery instantly bad for me. should've gone with the 80s livery to be honest.
  4. YOW -Ottawa YYZ -T3 Toronto YEG -Edmonton EWR - Newark YYC - Calgary YHZ - Halifax SFO - San Francisco TPA - Tampa CLT - Charlotte MCO - Orlando PHL - Philadelphia
  5. Air Canada Bombardier Dash 8 Q100 (CYOW-KEWR) Embraer E190 (CYOW-CYEG x2, CYEG-CYOW x2) Bombardier CRJ-200 (CYOW-CYUL (Coming soon, 2019), CYUL-CYOW (2019)) American Airlines Airbus A320 (CYOW-KCLT x2, KCLT-KTPA x2, KTPA-KCLT, KCLT-CYOW) Note : as a Cacti for US Airways United Boeing 737-800 (KTPA-KPHL) note : as Continental Embraer ERJ-145 (KPHL-CYOW) Note : Colgate Boeing 767-Unknown (KEWR-KSFO) Note : Colgate WestJet Boeing 737-700 (CYOW-CYYZ, CYEG-CYOW, CYOW-CYYC. CYYC-KSFO, KSFO-CYYC, CYYC-CYOW) Boeing 737-800 (CYYZ-CYEG) Icelandair Boeing 757-200 (CYUL-BIKF, B
  6. Dexter249


    The GE E60 suffered from the same issues of the SDP40F, since no other route runs the Talgo's it could be the same reason of the SDP40F/E60's downfall. Another possible incline was the fact that PTC was not available, however, the rails were brand new for operation, so either the infastructure corporation or AMTRAK were cutting corners. The loss of two brand new SC-44's and a full Talgo consist could have major implication's. we'll have to wait what the NTSB says. in this case the route should be run like The Hoosier State was, selling off to a freight railroad and have them run it.
  7. Saw P42DC #902 yesterday leaving Barrhaven, We should list off P42DC's that have been repainted in the Canada 150 Scheme So far #902 has yet to be repainted.
  8. Saw a 787 on approach to CYOW this morning, Traffic so tight, A Porter Q400 about two mins before, a WJ Encore Q400 a minute before the 787, Pretty sure it was a Crew Orientation flight as with one a few weeks ago, Most likely from CYYZ. It's getting way less rare to see ACA heavies other than the 763 now.
  9. A horrible Windows XP Desktop PC Windows 7 Desktop Dell Windows 7 Laptop MSI GL72 17" Windows 10 Gaming Laptop. (Current Setup.)
  10. MR63, Old and well repaired, sadly they'll be gone soon.
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