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  1. Spotted 4203 on the 171 this morning. Missing a front faring under the driver’s window.
  2. Saw 4372 on the 80, but most interestingly, 4203 on the 171, with one of the Hybrids also on the 171. 4203 is missing a faring below the driver’s window, any previous sightings with this?
  3. A310s will be ending service on April 27th. This means that A300s/A310s are almost entirely extinct in the Passenger Market.
  4. Saw a Orion VII NG this morning on the 171, Couldn’t identify the number due to the fact that this thing has not been washed in months. Seriously, it was one dirty bus.
  5. Air Canada's 3rd Party "Sunglasses " make the livery instantly bad for me. should've gone with the 80s livery to be honest.
  6. YOW -Ottawa YYZ -T3 Toronto YEG -Edmonton EWR - Newark YYC - Calgary YHZ - Halifax SFO - San Francisco TPA - Tampa CLT - Charlotte MCO - Orlando PHL - Philadelphia
  7. Air Canada Bombardier Dash 8 Q100 (CYOW-KEWR) Embraer E190 (CYOW-CYEG x2, CYEG-CYOW x2) Bombardier CRJ-200 (CYOW-CYUL (Coming soon, 2019), CYUL-CYOW (2019)) American Airlines Airbus A320 (CYOW-KCLT x2, KCLT-KTPA x2, KTPA-KCLT, KCLT-CYOW) Note : as a Cacti for US Airways United Boeing 737-800 (KTPA-KPHL) note : as Continental Embraer ERJ-145 (KPHL-CYOW) Note : Colgate Boeing 767-Unknown (KEWR-KSFO) Note : Colgate WestJet Boeing 737-700 (CYOW-CYYZ, CYEG-CYOW, CYOW-CYYC. CYYC-KSFO, KSFO-CYYC, CYYC-CYOW) Boeing 737-800 (CYYZ-CYEG) Icelandair Boeing 757-200 (CYUL-BIKF, BIKF-EGKK or EGPF, BIKF-CYUL) all in 2019 Boeing 767-300 (EGKK-BIKF)
  8. they got it out then, I saw it clear as day (we passed it at an intersection)
  9. Saw 6666 on the #94 in Barrhaven this morning.
  10. My List : OC Transpo Montreal Metro Edmonton Transit System SF Streetcars (1800's) Walt Disney World Monorail (if this even counts)
  11. New Flyer D40i "Infernos" Simply stating they are from the depths of hell for catching fire (literally) and looking so ugly it makes the D40LFR and Orion 7 "Next Junk" and 3g look good. Orion 7 "Next Junk", as with much things it is not a true "Bus" can't handle bumps, and is literally the least environmentally friendly Hybrid on the planet, only getting beaten by the Tahoe Hybrid. ALSTOM Coradia LINT-41's, German DMU's, just looks ugly. MR63's, I love the MR63 as it is old, but that does not say that when it's days were numbered, it was one of the worst things to ride on, I rode on it in 2010 and 2011. Alexander Dennis Enviro 500's, do I really need to explain? 2 words, F40PH Killer.
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