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  1. With all of these moves is Charleston one of the last depot where the entire fleet is still all white with the blue stripe? They don't have any Cuomo I NY buses there. Actually there are a few depots left with no "new scheme" buses: Yonkers in bronx (will see new Prevosts) Casey Stengel, LGA (will see new Prevost), and Spring Creek (will see new Prevost) in Queens Charleston in Staten Island
  2. Where would Yukon store the buses? Feel like there really isn't much space in that side lot on Forrest Hill Road for that and I doubt they really want to go back to keeping buses stored at the Eltingville Transit Center up the road.
  3. Disney Transport current update: Nothing new since before COVID. 5288 listed on the wiki page is the highest in the fleet. I saw 5285/6 so seems pretty close Fleet future: Wrapping all the buses for disney characters. Older buses are being wrapped but their wraps are not nearly as artistic. (Example: Mickey or Minnie Mouse will only have the character head fitting within one window). Minimal window coverage now with the wraps. No Novas have received any wraps as of yet. In fact they were not really running the Nova's much! 5000-5009 were running and are in the white with red. Seemed
  4. Sad thing to hear. Always a treat to see those flip dot 2002s from Yukon. They kept them looking well and running up until the end. Not bad getting around 19 years out of those.
  5. saw the 2002s still running earlier this week. Was really hoping nobody at the MTA would realize the 7 units there. As old as they are, they look better on the outside than some of the 5-7 year old Prevosts
  6. That's what I thought the option was. Take over of 23/24 from Academy Bus. Meanwhile it looks like academy changed out the buses on that route. Used to be The 2002-2004 MCI D4500s but lately have been seeing the Van Hool fleet numbers in 6400s.
  7. No mention of the 7 or so remaining D4500s at Yukon. Do those get replaced by new buses on this order or are they replaced by shifting of some of the 2015/2016 from Meredith as they get new ones with the shift over of their 2011 fleet to Bus Co.?
  8. What is the reason for moving buses off of staten island to other boroughs after they hit a certain age?
  9. hmmm interesting. Pretty sure these were the old graphics (red and purple) prior to character wraps. Are they wrapping over the old graphics like Disney+ or old movie wraps were done or are they removing the old graphics and placing these wraps flat on the paint. Was supposed to have been there about 2 weeks ago but due to COVID my job has prohibited traveling.
  10. Are all the first batch of Prevost's going to the bus company or will some go to transit? If all going to bus company then they can easily take all the flip dots out. 7 flip dots are remaining in transit which are all at Yukon in SI.
  11. I thought there was talk about Academy possibly taking those 2017 MCIs.
  12. Hmm wonder how they will work the delivery... will those approximately 32 remaining 2001/2002 D4500s be the first to go? A big part of me wants some of those to be amongst the last given they are the last flip dots. The numbers seem interesting that only 50 go to NYCTA with Charleston and Yukon getting them. Castleton has 19 D4500CT (2008’s) and they were supposed to be replaced as well. There’s 7 D4500’s at Yukon (2002’s) which for sure are replaced at 18 years of service. At Charleston you have 29 D4500CLs (2007) and 17 D4500CTs (2013)... between the two depots that are getting bus
  13. https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2020/01/22/demanding-answers-subway-graffiti/
  14. Anyone know about this MCI D45 that is testing on Staten Island? Bus had a lot of extra wires on it for testing and was owned by MCI bus sales. Driver was an MCI employee. I thought the new express contract went to Prevost.
  15. Looks like we will be seeing a lot of other characters as well: Groot, Dumbo, and Rocket all spotted by Disney blogging sites. https://wdwnt.com/2019/08/photos-dumbo-groot-and-rocket-join-the-disney-transportation-fleet-as-new-bus-wraps-at-walt-disney-world/
  16. Caught today on SI: Proterra 0020 running the S56... believe that is a Charleston depot route.
  17. What about those rejected D4500CT’s that are running NJ Transit 7101-7118 running out of Howell garage? Why were they rejected and how would those have affected the fleet? There are still 30ish left from the 2001-2002 MCI batch. In total about 500 express buses are probably due for replacement. Funny thing at Yukon is those MCI’s are parked inside the building and never get placed in any of the outdoor areas the X3-45s are in. The Yukon garage looks like they transferred out the Orion’s. They quietly bowed out. S79 SBS is now run exclusively on regular Nova’s (mix between both batc
  18. Makes sense to finally see a Proterra or two make it out to SI. I kind of figured they would try to hit all five boroughs. Anyone else think it is safe to say the 2001-2002 MCI’s will make it 2020? Figure those will have to be the first replaced by the new order that is projected 2020-2021. I assume it will also take out all the 2004-2007 models as well. The 2002’s at Yukon run pretty much every day. Saw 2898 out today on a SIM1 for the morning rush.
  19. Was Castleton slated to get any of the new Nova LFs? Could have sworn I saw one today running in SI....
  20. MTA Bus attacked by knife wielding suspect: https://www.google.com/amp/s/newyork.cbslocal.com/2019/06/07/man-climbs-mta-bus/amp/ safe me to assume this bus will need a few repairs.
  21. 5212 is what I meant. My fingers were moving faster than my brain. Skyliner rumors are the end of August. I think we might have a clue about it before D23. New monorails have been rumored since the Monorail Red door incident. A monorail breakdown is now becoming all too common.
  22. S79 has been seeing a lot of mixing over the past three weeks. It started with some of the 2015-2016 Nova's popping up and just this week there were a few of the newest Nova buses running the route. None of the new buses I have seen circulating around SI have the SBS wrap. I'm sure there will be some coming soon. The Orion VII is getting tougher to find on any of the local routes out of Yukon. Any word on what will happen with the SBS Orion 7s? They look pretty beat up
  23. I was wrong in my prior post. The S79 limited seems to be exclusive yet on the Orion’s. None of the new nova are in select markings. 8574 and 8590 photographed on the road today leaving Yukon with a bunch more seen lined up inside the depot from the street. 8574 running the S59 and 8590 was showing not in service.
  24. Yukon now has the new Nova’s on the S79 limited. Just saw one pulling out of Yukon. First buses on SI that aren’t with the blue stripe
  25. Just got back from 1 week in Walt Disney World. Consensus seems to be between 70-80 new Gillig buses. Rumors are starting to swirl that the original batch of Nova's 4815-4832 can be phased out with this latest order. None of those buses have seen the new Disney Transport graphics and they are looking beaten down on the inside (was on 2 different buses from this generation) 5112-17 was the newest bus I saw and rode on. New system to replace the magic in motion on the buses. It was rolled out on the Fort Wilderness Campground routes for testing. It's a less clunky looking device tha
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