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  1. MTA Bus attacked by knife wielding suspect: https://www.google.com/amp/s/newyork.cbslocal.com/2019/06/07/man-climbs-mta-bus/amp/ safe me to assume this bus will need a few repairs.
  2. 5212 is what I meant. My fingers were moving faster than my brain. Skyliner rumors are the end of August. I think we might have a clue about it before D23. New monorails have been rumored since the Monorail Red door incident. A monorail breakdown is now becoming all too common.
  3. S79 has been seeing a lot of mixing over the past three weeks. It started with some of the 2015-2016 Nova's popping up and just this week there were a few of the newest Nova buses running the route. None of the new buses I have seen circulating around SI have the SBS wrap. I'm sure there will be some coming soon. The Orion VII is getting tougher to find on any of the local routes out of Yukon. Any word on what will happen with the SBS Orion 7s? They look pretty beat up
  4. I was wrong in my prior post. The S79 limited seems to be exclusive yet on the Orion’s. None of the new nova are in select markings. 8574 and 8590 photographed on the road today leaving Yukon with a bunch more seen lined up inside the depot from the street. 8574 running the S59 and 8590 was showing not in service.
  5. Yukon now has the new Nova’s on the S79 limited. Just saw one pulling out of Yukon. First buses on SI that aren’t with the blue stripe
  6. Just got back from 1 week in Walt Disney World. Consensus seems to be between 70-80 new Gillig buses. Rumors are starting to swirl that the original batch of Nova's 4815-4832 can be phased out with this latest order. None of those buses have seen the new Disney Transport graphics and they are looking beaten down on the inside (was on 2 different buses from this generation) 5112-17 was the newest bus I saw and rode on. New system to replace the magic in motion on the buses. It was rolled out on the Fort Wilderness Campground routes for testing. It's a less clunky looking device that is all touch screen. Was unable to get any pictures of the new device sadly.
  7. The skyway is not intended to "replace" buses. It is supposed to be an alternative means of transportation. Disney will need a larger bus pool at Hollywood Studios as the park's capacity will be larger. Disney has build a new bus stop for the park as well. Disney will also need a larger bus pool as they continue to build new additions to resorts. The earliest of the Nova Buses may get retired as they seem to not be changing any of the markings on them. However, I would not expect them to all get retired. This order depending on the number would be just around the same size of the original Nova fleet.
  8. Highly doubt it. Seems like SI will just stay with the Orion VII Next Generations, Orion VII, and the Novas for now. Interesting that the 2012 X3-45s are the buses that I see the least often on SI and there are supposedly some of those around.
  9. Interested to see how the bid for the new express buses goes. There's literally just a handful of the 2002 D4500s left at Yukon on Staten Island. Always nice when I am able to catch those on the road. I think those are the last buses on SI with the flip disc destination boards.
  10. I think some are being stripped of all the older Academy logos and being placed into service in Staten Island as well for their X23 and X24 routes to NYC. I know they took over Atlantic Express for those but some of the bus numbers just don't look the same.
  11. So I answered my most recent question. Just saw 9053 on the road in Monmouth county.
  12. 7101-7118 have had their headlights replaced to match the rest of the newer D4500s. Also does anyone know where 9001-9053 ended up going? When they were brand new they ran out of the Howell NJ garage but I haven't seen any of those in years and can't imagine they are retired before all of the 2000-2003 buses.
  13. The 2018s have started... not sure if mentioned. Saw 18001 in NJ Transit colors at the Lindenwold PATCO station
  14. There are a bunch of new buses sitting at the Atlantic Detroit Diesel and allison dealer in Piscataway. The buses look like they had just come in as they only had the NJ transit text on them and none of the other transit's markings.
  15. The originally repainted NOVAs for the new scheme were repainted in silver with the red reflective stripe. The first images of Nova buses in this scheme are in silver when the new colors debuted in early 2013. I know I photographed 4841 in May 2013 which was one of the first buses to get the new colors and it was in silver. It was also the final time I photographed some RTS buses. This is right around when the 2013 Gilligs and all the articulated buses were ordered up. Those arrived in the silver with the red stripe. Over the course of 2014, Disney did not receive any new buses. During this time Disney is rumored to have noticed a few things: 1. Maintaining the silver buses was tougher than a white bus 2. Cost of repainting the buses in silver is more than the white. Along with this I have seen a few other things popping up. Disney on all 2015 and newer buses has gone with Alcoa wheels. On my most recent trip I noticed a couple of older buses riding on Alcoas as well. Highest number I saw 5211-17, highest number I was able to photograph is 5209-17.
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