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  1. Anyone know why the last batch of D4500s that went to Academy (212xx) were not solid grey? They are white with the chrome panels and look as if they were originally supposed to go to someone else.
  2. Sorry its 2660; it's a 2014-2016 Prevost X3-45
  3. Good to hear 8714 went somewhere for repairs and is not being scrapped. As of Friday night (Christmas Eve) the two Orion’s and Prevost from Castleton were still in the same spots they had been in for the past month plus over at Yukon. 7054, 7065, 2260 and 2645 are the buses there.
  4. Leaving Staten Island. Believe this was on Wednesday morning
  5. Anyone know what’s up with 8714? Know it was an Ida damaged bus. Saw it on the back of an MTA wrecker heading to the Verrazano Bridge
  6. Just drove Yukon right now. Castleton buses seen: Nova: 8244 on the hook of a tow truck behind the depot Orion: 7054 and 7065 (haven’t moved in a month from that side lot) Prevost: 2660 (been parked with 7054 and 7065 for a month) and now joining them 2645
  7. Interesting about 7054... It was sitting at Yukon with 7065 and a Castleton Prevost on the side lot for a bit as recently as two weeks ago (have been off from work for 2 weeks). Prior reports were 7047 was a write off. What about the rest of the Nova's and express busses out of Castleton?
  8. Quick update from a week in the world of magic... Academy Nova's fleet numbers are like 2160s doing the College Program shuttle for sure. Did see one of them with a destination sign "Disney World" pulling into the MK bus stops so not sure what that one was doing Disney Transport Bus Fleet: 4815, the oldest in the fleet is still alive being a 21 year old Nova LFS. Spotted it doing some training. Very few 2000-2002 LFSs were seen out on the property. Some of the 2002s were out on guest routes but didn't really see much of the 2000s or 2001s. Doesn't look like the fleet has grown anymore since the 2019 Gillig order that took the fleet to supposedly 5288. I personally saw the highest 5280. Disney Transport fleet still being supplemented but third party chartered coaches. Multiple different companies being used. Personally I am anticipating this to increase now through the end of the year as the busiest season has arrived and the need is there. Disney did seem to be working on training up a lot of drivers as I did see a lot of "earning my ears" or "refilling my pixie dust" on destination signs which were all training buses with the trainer standing at the line and trainee behind the wheel. Monorails: all have lighting under them. 9 out at a time. Appears that it leaves at least 1 likely 2 spares and the twelfth train is in overhaul (thinking yellow is currently the monorail in for a big refurbishment). Current set up is: 4 on MK resort line, 3 on MK express line, 2 on EPCOT line. Seems like 2 on EPCOT line has been the big thing since the accident many years ago. They could definitely run a third monorail on that line for the service intervals. Boat Fleets: New cruiser tradewinds is out on the MK resorts basically everyday which is definitely a welcomed addition to that area. All three MK ferry boats are operating during peak time (opening few hours and then from fireworks to 1 hour after park closing) with two operating the rest of the time. Friendship fleet is still working with their 8 boats that have seen better days. Really could use a new fleet or major overhaul project on those. WDW railroad at the MK: fleet is definitely being cared for. They do pull the trains out backstage from the monorail barn and they have been receiving overhauls as well. Can't wait to see those running on the track again. Still a long ways away as the track can't be put down until all the major work around the new TRON ride is complete.
  9. According to reports 8703 is back and running out of Castleton. Still have a bunch left to hopefully return. Would definitely like to at least hear 8702 and 8714 return as those were among the newest at the garage. 7054, 7065, and 2660 are still sitting in the side lot off Forrest Hill Road at Yukon.
  10. 3000s are seeing work on SI. They still are still saying MTA Bus vs New York City Bus which is what SI is part of. Only change is Charleston depot decal on the bus.
  11. This will be fun to watch. Surprised the MTA is scrapping 2200 CTs that are 2008s and the 4300 CLs that are 2007s yet are bringing in the 3000 CLs that are 2005s. Is this a mileage thing with the buses?
  12. No clue on status but it’s joined by 7065 and a castleton X3-45. There’s also a Mack plow truck there. How many older D4500s is this the Charleston now… think around 12. Sure this isn’t stocking up the yard for an eventual takeover of SIM23/24?
  13. 7054 is out by Yukon. Currently sitting in the side lot on Forrest Hill Road.
  14. 8951/8952 are the oldest I have seen that are Academy Bus operated NJ Transit owned. They are 2011s and the last of the Academy fleet to wear the older colors.
  15. How much slack does SI really have with spare buses? 18 local buses were on the Ida list; 7001 and 8245 are back with 13 buses moved to CAS to try and fillin the gap. This is not good at all...
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