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  1. I take the 502 every morning and have done so for years. It still goes from KG Station along KGB, left on 104 then left on City Parkway - at least my bus does.
  2. How can I see other routes? This link is just for the 301. I tried changing the "301" part in this link, but did not work.
  3. Transit in Vancouver: Questions and Answers

    That is correct. Kensington & Sprott. Kitty corner from the CG Brown Swimming Pool.
  4. 2014(-2017) Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    Are any of these new units coming to STC?
  5. June Service Changes

    Does anyone have any insight yet on what the June Service Changes will be? When will Translink be starting to roll out the 85 changes they sought input on several months ago? I know some of them were not received well and were sent back to the drawing board, but by the same token most were approved for implementation, I believe. Will any of these be coming in June? If not, how about September? Does anyone have any knowledge about this yet? Thanks.
  6. It may be a tad early, but wondering if anyone has any insight on the April 2016 Service Changes - if any.