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  1. I was on the 7292 yesterday (Fri, 13th) on a 341 Newton Exchange that left Guildford at 16:49.
  2. And no H in the number. I notice some of the 191XX's have H's and some don't.
  3. I saw S18206 doing the 106 in New West yesterday.
  4. First off, please forgive me if this is not posted in the correct forum. Shouldn't there be some more new buses coming? It seems that most of the old(er) buses are now in Surrey (ie: 72XX, 73XX and 74XX older than 7447. Shouldn't there be another batch of buses coming to replace these? Anyone know? Thanks.
  5. Agreed! As a user of the first morning NB 345, that is great news too. Also, agree 100% with the commnet: " I think the 329 should instead be a shuttle with the hours from that re-invested into 319 expansion."
  6. I just finished reviewing that Mayor's council meeting of Jan 24. Very, very disappointed to see that this motion passed: "Endorse the cancellation of the Fraser Highway B-Line in the Phase One Plan, and instead direct the planned resources to improving the 96 B-Line and existing services on Fraser Highway." Disappointed that the Fraser Highway B-Line appears dead. However, am pleased that those resources will be used to improve existing (ie: mostly 502) services on FH.
  7. Forgive me if this is in the wrong topic: there are still a couple of 72XX, and of course some 73XX and 74XX in Surrey. Given their age, they will undoubtedly be coming up for retirement in the not too distant future. What will they be replaced with? Does anyone know? Thanks.
  8. Really disappointing. All this hype over the last 12 or 18 months about how the Mayor's Council has approved the plan and how service will be increasing. When? Very little over the last little while from what I can see and from what I can feel first hand as a regular user of some of Surrey's buses - including the 502! Very disappointing and very discouraging.
  9. Really very disappointing how little there is in this round of service changes. With a growing system - and many pass-ups on many routes (502 of course) and no increase in service. Bloody disappointing.
  10. Not impressed at all about the cancellation of the Fraser Hwy B-Line. The 502 is so over-loaded now. Why could they not proceed with B-Line as planned starting in Sept 2019 - its going to be at least 5 years (likely more) before Skytrain is functional?
  11. Not impressed at ALL about the cancellation of the Fraser Hwy B-Line. The pass-ups are horrid as it is today. And Skytrain will not be here til 2025 - at best.
  12. I could not agree more. I even wrote to Translink a couple of years ago about these 2 routes. Hopefully they are on someone's radar - especially with the likes of the 502 - and likely others - displaying the "Sorry, Bus Full" sign with increasing regularity. Speaking of which, I have not seen any info an possible service increases coming for Surrey in January. Fingers crossed.
  13. Pretty sure I saw 18147 yesterday. It was definitely one in the 140's. They are rolling these into service at a pretty good clip - which is great!
  14. Still nothing for the 502. Or another early 345 from White Rock or an earlier departure of the 341 Guildford from Newton. Sheesh!
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