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  1. I guess it's totally dependant on how far you go. If you take it into Tsawwassen like you do, it's be nice, but for me I get off at highway 17a so yeah. Same reason why I wouldn't want Orions on the 701. It benefits the mission commuters but is disconvenience to me because I get off at oxford.
  2. Excited about conventionals on 601. Now it will be much less awkward when I alight at the first stop.
  3. 173 gets full with WCE people. 171 also gets good ridership. Wonder when they will get conventionals like the 188. 173 needs it for all trips connecting with afternoon WCE. Also, why were they kicking people off?
  4. I wish that wasn't sarcastic I think a thread would be pretty handy.
  5. I'm sorry it came off that way. I attend as many events as I can, but I've been away for the past six months. I'm a bit of an extrovert, and there may well be others on this forum.
  6. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that I'm outside HTC now waiting for the 410 back to 22nd st Stn. Maybe another time?
  7. How can I meet up with some of you guys? I'm at Coquitlam central right now waiting for 169, then Skytrain to 22nd st Stn, then 410 to Aberdeen mall.
  8. Why don't you post anymore? :(

    1. Dr. BusFreak

      Dr. BusFreak

      He got banned due to bad behaviour.

    2. Renee


      Thanks for the explanation.  I thought he was banned before but got unbanned and then I guess banned again.  Ah well.

  9. That's good to hear, thanks. I would definitely miss the XN40s if they went to HTC.
  10. What does PCTC's fleet look like? I guess I'll find out tomorrow but I'm really curious about whether the Xcelsiors went to HTC. That's the last thing I remember from September. I also remember hearing that Novas would come to PCTC.
  11. Does the 171 ever run as conventional? It's a busy corridor but it only comes every 30 minutes so I doubt it would get enough ridership... Still, very interesting route. I've been online for less than 12 hours in six months so this is all new to me. I like the 173. It means I can go from my house to Coquitlam Central without a transfer. Wish it would run as conventional but obviously that won't happen. Still, I won't mind the 20 minute ride.
  12. What have I missed in the last six months? I'm going to look through everything as soon as I have a decent computer, but if someone could provide a brief update, or link to some relevant buzzer blog posts, that'd be much appreciated. Saw 9446 with her sign malfunctioning on Wednesday.
  13. Check out the map for the N20. The southern terminus is probably an error. But I'm so happy to see the extended hours. This is really what needs to happen with all night bus service. Between 3 and 5 is basically impossible to go anywhere. In fact, just yesterday I was thinking about how 2:16 NB and 3:09 SB are really early for the final N20 trips, and now they come out with this.
  14. Cringe. Having one line with two termini seems like a huge blunder. I'm sure it's done in other places, but it can't possibly be the best solution. I wonder if this was always the plan or if it's a last-minute change. I also wonder how it will affect frequency.
  15. They're already rebranding some of the Millennium stations as Expo. There will be equally many confused when not all Expo trains go to Surrey. People are used to looking for Expo on the destination sign and knowing it goes there (unless it's going out of service at Edmonds). Pick your poison, basically.
  16. 3349 getting towed on lougheed highway and schoolhouse Edit: Meant to post this in general sightings
  17. Thanks for catching that! I was on the bus home at the time and forgot to check. I don't have school on the 23rd, but it is a schoolday in Vancouver, so the tripper should run that day. I hope I can check it out!
  18. Wait, that exists? Holy s***. I went to school on Willow & 33rd last year and walked to Cambie every day for the Canada Line or 41/43. I had no idea an artic would come to the Willow stop at 3:30. I imagine the other students don't know either. I would tell them, but I don't go to that school anymore. I will have to get that trip sometime though. Is it every weekday? Approx how long has it existed?
  19. I got a look inside the farebox today because a transit sup came on our bus to fix it. It's basically exactly what you'd imagine. I saw 7208 on the 100 Marpole while I was on 9425 on the 100 22nd St Stn. I also rode 9402 twice today on the 100, first westbound and then eastbound. The notable part about this is that the driver actually recognized me the second time and said hey. Unfortunately, I alighted this bus from the rear just seconds after I boarded, because a friend had been on it and I followed him off. The rear doors actually closed and were deactivated before I could get off, but the driver saw what was going on and reactivated them! So this was an awesome driver on the 9402. He also had waited for me at 22nd St Stn because I was running from the train at 12:07 to get the 12:08 100. Then after that, something bad occurred and someone called 911 on me to "report suspicious activity" (not related to buses), so I ran up to a bus stop for the 100 and just as I got there, a 100 was arriving! It was amazing timing, it was basically a getaway car. That was 9425 so that driver was awesome too. Normally this does not all happen to me in one day. I also couldn't find a better thread to put this and I was going to post here anyway.
  20. Until the 70s it was called the 100/800 Midway Connector and ran from PoCo along the routing of the 169 New West Stn, I believe. There were also shorter runs from New West, and I think that's what the different numbering was supposed to signify, but there is not much information available. And that was to the airport terminal until it was split into the 424 when Airport Station opened.
  21. http://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/block/1506045
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