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  1. As a driver, how do you feel about this?
  2. I have found a couple of songs that might work. Warning, they are both rap and the second one is explicit. I like the first one, it has many relatable lyrics such as "bus is much better than a train". Satellite High - The Bus is Late Lemon Demon - My Trains
  3. I guess it's totally dependant on how far you go. If you take it into Tsawwassen like you do, it's be nice, but for me I get off at highway 17a so yeah. Same reason why I wouldn't want Orions on the 701. It benefits the mission commuters but is disconvenience to me because I get off at oxford.
  4. Excited about conventionals on 601. Now it will be much less awkward when I alight at the first stop.
  5. I made this painting while incarcerated at Burnaby Youth Custody Services. I also sewed this hat there. It's reversible and is a train pattern. Says things like "to the trains".
  6. 173 gets full with WCE people. 171 also gets good ridership. Wonder when they will get conventionals like the 188. 173 needs it for all trips connecting with afternoon WCE. Also, why were they kicking people off?
  7. I wish that wasn't sarcastic I think a thread would be pretty handy.
  8. I'm sorry it came off that way. I attend as many events as I can, but I've been away for the past six months. I'm a bit of an extrovert, and there may well be others on this forum.
  9. Sorry I missed it >_< What was it?
  10. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that I'm outside HTC now waiting for the 410 back to 22nd st Stn. Maybe another time?
  11. How can I meet up with some of you guys? I'm at Coquitlam central right now waiting for 169, then Skytrain to 22nd st Stn, then 410 to Aberdeen mall.
  12. Why don't you post anymore? :(

    1. Dr. BusFreak

      Dr. BusFreak

      He got banned due to bad behaviour.

    2. Renee


      Thanks for the explanation.  I thought he was banned before but got unbanned and then I guess banned again.  Ah well.

  13. That's good to hear, thanks. I would definitely miss the XN40s if they went to HTC.
  14. What does PCTC's fleet look like? I guess I'll find out tomorrow but I'm really curious about whether the Xcelsiors went to HTC. That's the last thing I remember from September. I also remember hearing that Novas would come to PCTC.
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