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  1. You could ignore the fare inspectors and let them chase you (they probably won't).
  2. The cycling plan I posted from the engineer's union on Urban Toronto showed that P42s get paired with HEPs and LRCs get a mix of P42s and F40s. Also, after over 200 trips taking VIA over the past 2 years, I have yet to see an F40 pulling HEP coaches aside from train 88/85 which is a 2 car train, and the bidirectional push-pull trains.
  3. Generally speaking LRCs tend to get paired with F40s, and HEP2s get paired with P42s.
  4. Used to ride that car every Wednesday, there was a service tag on one of the fridges for 2 months. I guess they didn't bother fixing it because they knew that they'd be ripping the fridge out. One of the service managers jokingly called the train it was a part of a Frankenstein train because it had 2 HEP2 club cars and a HEP1 coach at the very back. Glad to finally know where the car went.
  5. On google maps, there's a gap in the trees where the track used to be that shows remnants of a wye.
  6. I guess that's where some of the corridor coaches went... Means that I'll have to book early if I want a ticket home for the holidays.
  7. Budds are being rebuilt, so probably not. I'm noticing that the 6/7 car trains doing Toronto-London have been shortened to 5 car trains.
  8. Yeah, but aside from viewing information about a card the lack of the ability for a driver to interact with the presto devices poses a challenge when express and cross-boundary fares need to be deducted. It baffles me how the TTC didn't figure this out sooner.
  9. I thought the response was ridiculous and unbelievable and I didn't think that the TTC was that stupid. I feel bad now though, it isn't smallspy's fault.
  10. Not necessarily if it's displayed on the VISION console. If that's the case then the app that fare inspectors use to query cards is also a privacy violation.
  11. I thought you were speculating, I didn't think that was an actual confirmed answer. It would still be something that would be nice to have given that 2-hour transfers are now a thing.
  12. Hey Bus Medic, Did you ever find out the answer to my question? I think it would be a helpful feature now that 2-hour transfers have been rolled out. It would be nice to find out how much time you have left.
  13. Saw 912 hooked up to the Glenfraser at the TMC if anyone is interested.
  14. In the same way some airlines only operate one type of aircraft (less parts, less training, etc.) Also, automatic train control is used on line 1 and the TTC decided not to retrofit the T1s with it.
  15. Saw this at the TMC while on train 76.
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